iBolt Shows Off Streamer XL — HD Video Output for Phones without HDMI


Want to share your screen with an HDTV but your smartphone is lacking an HDMI output? Here comes iBolt with the Streamer XL. It’s a simple accessory in concept, but it provides plenty of features. Convert the microUSB output of your phone to HDMI, it doesn’t get much easier. As you can see in the video, the cable acts in a plug-and-play fashion with no setup required. It will even charge your phone while it’s at it. The Streamer XL retails for about $50.


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  1. And exactly how is this different from what MHL already does? Does this enable HDMI output for phones that don’t have it? Because if it doesn’t, then just stick with MHL because it’s a UNIVERSAL STANDARD!!!!!

    1. Yes: It enables HDMI output for phones that don’t have it…

      1. I think they’re mincing their words for stupid people. Technically a GS2 does not have HDMI, but it is MHL compatible, which is all this is. It is an MHL adapter. Try using this on a non-MHL capable phone and I’ll believe it. Otherwise, I’m calling BS.

  2. Looks like an MHL cable!

  3. I noticed the poster in the background of the video has the model number for the device and it says MHL-232xxxx or something rather. So it appears this is just a simple MHL connector that you can get for about $12 (I know because I just bought one for my EVO View 4g) that this company is trying to sell as “magic” for $50. Come on Phandroid, call out the crap when you see it. 

  4. Looks like a breakthrough for HDMI/MHL lacking phones but why the excitement over the GS2 support?  

  5. Lol @ Phandroid editor who is surprised that his MHL-capable GS2 works with an MHL connector. 

  6. We are getting close to not needing consoles! these innovations, phones with quad processors, add on controllers and touch and seriously gonna take over the casual gaming market imo

    1. I bought a Micro HDMI and subscribed to OnLive’s gaming. I haven’t touched my PS3 in over 3 months! Onlive + Android Tablet + HDMI Out = Gaming system!

      And I can take it wherever I Want!

  7. Yeah I have a hard time believing this will work on phones without MHL support. I was excited untill I saw the adapter……. :-(

  8. The website says that it only works on mhl enabled devices so this is not really news just an over priced product.

  9. You know what is funny is that this is actually VERY possible to pull off over the debug terminal as long as ur OK with a 15/fps max. 

    This is just MHL. 

  10. Kevin Krause, meet MHL.  MHL, meet Kevin Krause.

    Also, this is the same as Monster trying to sell you a ‘special’ HDMI cable for $200.

  11. Where can I get the from? I would so buy it.

  12. From manufacturer’s website:—streamer-xl-solutions-

    “With an iBOLT StreamerXL kit the screen content from
    your MHL compatible Android phone is seen on your HD TV. Watch content
    in 1080 dpi, with 60 fps, and listen to the sound with Dolby sorround
    sound support!”

    So, yes…the manufacturer’s website confirms that it’s ONLY compatible
    with MHL phones. It WILL NOT work with just any micro-USB Android phone
    lacking HDMI / MHL.

    The author should probably change the (intentionally?) deceptive headline IMO.

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