Jan 9th, 2012

We’ve heard so much about the GameTel but it’s still relatively new. It’s so new, in fact, that it came out in the United Kingdom this past December and hasn’t even seen a US release yet (though GameTel says they’re still planning on that one).

The device is a Bluetooth gaming controller which allows you to play any games that support custom input options. Various games from the Android market are already compatible and there are some off-market emulators swirling around that are sure to support custom inputs. Since the device uses input APIs directly built-in to Android compatibility with existing and future games is a non-issue.

From what I could see the device can fit most devices on the market, though anything bigger than 4.7 inches will be trouble – the rep laughingly tells me that you might as be on a tablet for gaming at that point. And yes, it does work beautifully with tablets.

Since it’s Blluetooth no physical connection is required so you could be halfway across the room and still able to use it. A great use case for this is if your device has video out and you hook the device up to your television – you pretty much get a pocketable gaming console that.

It’s priced at around 50 British pounds but there’s no way to tell how they’ll be pricing it for the US market. We’re eager to get our hands on it once it does make its way across the pond but the video above should feed your appetite until then.