New Higher-end ASUS Transformer Prime (TF700T) with Full 1080p HD Display Revealed


If you’re currently the happy owner of the ASUS Transformer Prime, the device is about to lose a little bit of its luster. A newer, more super-fantabulous higher-end TF700T model was just revealed by ASUS — this time, featuring a full HD 1920x1o80 resolution display (1080p for you regular folk). This new T-Prime wont phase out the older TF201 model and is only a higher end option for those that like to attach another “premium” status to and an already premium device.

This time around, the TF700T model will actually ship with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed (no need to wait around for an update) and is 100% compatible with the current Transformer Prime keyboard dock. Apparently, it will also use a new back panel design that should enhance performance for WiFi, Bluetooth and — wait for it — GPS (woot!).

The Transformer Prime HD will arrive Q2 of this year with a $600 and $700 price tag for the 32GB and 6GB versions, respectively. The new ASUS most likely received word of Acer’s upcoming 1080p’d Iconia Tab A700 and wasn’t about to be 1-uped by their rival. Since both devices will largely feature the same specs, the only think left is versatility and pricing. Which do you think you will choose?

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  1. *1920 x 1080.  And yes, I would be upset if I were a Prime owner right now.

    1. Will higher resolution impact the performance? I don’t see any benefit in having higher resolution in 10inch display.

      1. Thats quite a few extra pixel to push. Should be noticeably slower in games, unless the GPU is higher clocked in the Tegra 3 chip.

        I think Tegra 3 is a good match for the current screen, would think something more potent would be good for the 1080 screen.

        I am a TFP owner, and I will keep it as I think it is sufficient for the moment.

        1. will also decrease batterylife a lot. and look at that ugly back to the tablet. I’ll keep my gps issues thatyou

      2. May slow down games a small amount, but now you can watch HD movies in full HD instead of 720p (not that you can really tell the difference on a screen that small)

        1. at the distance you usually view a tablet screen you will notice the difference.
          although the screen is much smaller than a TV screen, you hold it so close it will appear just as big as (if not bigger than) a 42″ TV would at a normal TV distance.
          even at a normal laptop distance this tablet would look about as big as a 32″ TV would at a normal TV distance.

          approx distances i take as normal:
          TV: 2m
          laptop: 50cm
          tablet: 25cm

          1. its not super amoled hd so the picture quality is still not that good!

  2. *64GB, not 6GB. I’d definitely go with the 1080p HD screen and better wireless connectivity.

  3. I’d tend to side with ASUS, altough I’d have to see the price of both devices. Anyone has exeprience with Acer and how fast their updates are released? I know ASUS has been lightning-fast with those.

  4. I’m glad they cleared that up…didn’t know what that 1920 x 180 meant…1080p.

  5. Well, here’s to hoping this mean the OG Transformer’s price drops. 

    1. I bet they end up pricing it in between the hd and the original Transformer.  I’m liking the idea of them upping the quality of it and giving us this option to buy high end.  3 levels would be nice.  I need high end for what I do and I am willing to pay the extra 100

  6. Hopefully when Google decides to build their own *nexus* tablet, they go with Asus!

    1. they will but i dont think the specs are going to be good….its to compete witht he kindle fire

      1. So says a phandroid rumor article…….

  7. Movie of the TF700T new Prime. Better take those original Primes back for a refund and wait I guess!

    1. so they made the back ugly and decreased battery life significantly. ill keep mine.

  8. Asus knew they messed up, so now people can wait for the fixed version.

  9. Also, I hope Asus gives us more info on the Padfone.

  10. im still waiting for google to come out with their own tablet,and hope that they dont mess it up….but if they do,this is an option for me

  11. damn 600 and 700! Now they are crossing the line for sure into laptop area so this thing wont sell. 

    1. Agreed. I could get an almost decent laptop for 700, and a really nice one for just 2 or 3 hundred more

      1. Completely different products. Tablets are generally much more portable, and with the keyboard dock, this thing should hit 14 to 16 hours of battery life on a single charge.

        Not to mention a completely different OS. True, a laptop is more useful, but this is meant for a different market, but with similar, if limited, functionality to a laptop with it’s keyboard dock.

    2. i have to disagree, while I hate apple, the Ipad sells millions at that price point…….

  12. 1080 on that small of a screen is worthless, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if it was 720, and if you can it would be very small. Your paying extra money for something that isn’t going to make a difference.

    1. :p its far from 300ppi in this display so you are not true. 

    2. With a  resolution of 1920×1200 in a 10.1″ screen you get 224ppi, so this HD version could be improved and you would be able to tell the difference as it is below 300ppi where approximately human eyes can’t distinguish (or that’s what we have been told…)
      The original Transformer Prime is 1280×800, same screen size. That is 149ppi and you could tell the difference too with no hesitation.

  13. Need… cell… connection!

  14. sucks to be early adopters

    1. Not really…….thanks for assuming though!

    2. too late for school. origonal prime shall suffice

  15. wouldn’t it need to be 1920 x 1200 because they are in 16:10 for the status bar at the bottom?

    1. It actually is 1920×1200. It seems that people are mistaking the 1080p display to mean 1920×1080.

  16. I think its overkill for a screen this small. There is a reason you don’t see many 1080p 32″ and under HDTVs… Your brain isn’t going to see all those pixels packed into that tiny space. Just my opinion…. I thought $500 was pricey.. $600 is definitely too pricey for the benefit, if any.

    You may see a difference, I just dont think it’s enough to get upset about if youre like me and already have a Prime. If they discontinued the Standard Transformer Prime (STP) and replaced with this new one for same price a month after the STP was released then I would be upset.

    1. well duh your brain isn’t going to see it, you’re eyes are going to be the deciding factor, not the limitation of your brain. But this is why you have the Retina display on the iPhone, you have the phone withing 3 feet of your face most of the time so you can have a higher resolution screen and have it make a difference. There are 19″ monitors that are 2560×1900 because you sit closer to that than you would a TV. The 1080p will indeed make a difference with a 10″ screen.

      1. the biggest difference will be taking 5-8 hours off your battery life lol look at the galaxy nexus. that 720p screen is a battery hog

  17. I would rather have the “original” prime over this.
    It is available right now and it doesn’t have that awful black bar around the top. That bar remembers me of the xoom…
    They also seemed to have dumped the circle pattern.

    1. that black bar most likely gives you increased wifi and gps connectivity

  18. i will be waiting for the nexus tablet…..

    1. isnt it supposed to compete with kindle fire?

  19. A 10.6667:1 ratio? COOL!

  20. I’ll be keeping my original tfp considering I have had no issues with GPS or WiFi so im happy with mines!

    1. same.. plus the batterylife for a 1080p screen is gonna be a huge sucker

  21. I’ll be keeping my original considering I have zero issues with WiFi and gps.

    1. Same here

  22. I just wish they’d make good on the existing errors rather than brush it under the carpet with the promise of a new model. External antenna for GPS ? discount ? With so many Primes on back order you’d have thought they’d have been a bit more sensistive. GPS issues, WiFi issues ?!?! – How the hell can you design a Wi-Fi only product with Wi-Fi issues ?!?! – I’m soo p*ssed off about this – cant believe they screwed this up so bad on a product with so much going for it  

    1. they fixed all issues but gps… because it cant be fixed

      1. many would disagree Brian. There’s been a desperate attempt to make it (wifi) “acceptable” which for this high end tablet should be deemed unacceptable. Like I say how could they go through the stages of design, manufacture, production & testing and mess this up so bad ?!?! Metallic spun finish WTF!!! – “HAVE YOUR FUNCTIONALITY FCUKED UP IN EITHER AMETHYST GREY OR CHAMPAGNE GOLD !!!”  I really wanted to buy this 

        1. You’re complaining about a product you don’t even own…chill. It’s not like you payed through the nose and are finding out you didn’t get your money’s worth.

  23. Has anyone been able to find the keyboard dock for the Prime?

  24. Could you for once seriously proof read your article?

  25. Meh I guess I’m waiting longer might as well I’ve been waiting for the transformer prime. I’ll just wait for this.

  26. This is in response CES in general, there are many products touted at CES that never hit retail shelves, its called vaporware. I am not saying this tab wont happen just that I dont think that it should be a deciding factor on whether or not to go with the TF201.

    1. no CES products from startups are vapourware

      1. Not sure what this means, can you explain please….

    2. Not vaporware but a subtle variation thereof…this tab will happen but as a fix to the existing design errors. There’s definitely “vapor” but it smells like sh*t to early adopters.

  27. I’ll take two plz.  

  28. With the greatest respect guys even although you may like yours – IF it were only about the HD screen resolution then surely Asus would make a much bigger deal over this ? Instead they decided shout from the highest hill the fact that the GPS, WiFi and bluetooth are fixed on this new model. I’ve yet to hear a definitive statement that there was never anything wrong with them;- if the GPS (despite the apparent high end chip) was not professional GPS, and if wifi issues were only related to 1st batch then why the product delay and why the major statement relating to these issues being addressed? Plus the fact that the sales pitch for the prime continues to cite metallic spun finish design as a KSP when at the same time it’s being rolled out as the reasoning behind the poor functionality. It’s the continual lies by Asus that are really getting to me here…come to think of it, if these “issues” only came to their attention so recently how come they managed to get a demo “fix” together so quickly?  They must have been aware of these issues weeks ago 

  29. 1080p on a tablet is worthless. Geez, most people have avi’s of the net. That’s perfectly fine and more then you need on a small tablet. I think I’ll just get the original transformer. Crappy wifi = no point for me to buy.

  30. Personally I’m more excited about the MeMo 370T. Tegra 3 in a 7 inch screen.  Lightening fast and less screen to drive means it’ll be a powerhouse.  And you can’t go wrong with the price point…if the rumors hold true.

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