Motorola’s CES Focus is to “Stay Unplugged” [Video]


Motorola’s sure to have a decent showing at CES but we haven’t been given much of a clue as to what we’ll be seeing. They’ve posted a teaser for the event with the simple message of “Stay Unplugged.” We’re expecting to see a couple of different things from them in that regard.

For one, Motorola’s putting a lot more focus on the multimedia aspect of the devices they come out with. ZumoCast/MotoCast is their DLNA service that users can use to stream their music, video and photos.

They could do a few things here such as tapping into the streaming content market where services like Netflix, Pandora and others are striving. They’ve also been talking about their visions for connected homes for quite some time so we expect to see a lot of their ambitions in, at the very least, a working concept.

A full-blown product for marketing is also likely though we won’t get ahead of ourselves. There are too many potential things that could happen so I’ll just leave it there but I will say that you can be sure we’ll be there covering it live. Take a look at the teaser above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Well… the video above shows a wall charger crying. So… I am thinking wireless charging of some sort. There have been different ideas out there in the past few years about how to do it.

  2. And now that they have google funding them they have the money for a ton of R&D now which I see as a good thing.

  3. Hey Quentyn, how did you get suckered into weekend duty?

    1. are you kidding?  QK lives for this shit!

    2. Yeah, what John said.

  4. More wireless inductive charging for phones? It’s still inefficient, generates heat, and requires “largish” coils inside the device. Wired docking pins (ala GNex) makes more sense.

    1. The PowerMat replacement battery cover I’m using on my BlackBerry 9650 is almost the exact same size as the stock one.  The one I was using on my Droid X was about the same size as well however it had to plug in into the USB port of the phone which made a little nub on the size.

  5. i say wireless charging. everything on my phone is wireless now. i get music from the cloud, and tether over wifi. at this point the only thing i plug my phone in for is to charge.

  6. i think they are refering more to better battery life then anything else. especially with the battery they use in the RAZR, that thing is THIN but still preforms well, if we could adopt that tech to all phones and normal battery sizes, we would see much better battery life

  7. oh yeah! Wireless charging baby! The way of the future

  8. hoping this means wireless charging or something to do with better battery life or not having to plug my phone in ever.

  9. I’d love a highly efficient battery powered by a solar cell in the screen.

  10. The easiest way to stay in plugged is to have a spare battery on a charger to swap in as necessary.

    Unfortunately this is not possible in the direction Moto went with the RAZAR.

    Give us swap-able batteries and unlocked boot loaders Motor!

  11. Yes damn right I’ll be staying well away from your locked bootloadered sockets moto.

  12. New battery technology. Anything less is going to underwhelm me.

  13. charging with wireless. I can see bright future :)

  14. Actually, everything is going on to cloud now and users are accessing music, files etc from cloud hence wireless charging is not a surprise as giants are working in this direction for a long time..

  15. OK, Moto will shoot laser beam all over your house to get their devices charged. That’s the plan !!!!

  16. Maybe they’re taking a hint from that commercial and allowing us to run our phone on gasoline. No more charging, aww yeahhh

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