LG Spectrum User Guide Now Available for Download and Hungry Eyes


While we still may be a bit of ways away from the LG Spectrum we’re learning more and more about the device every day. Just a few days ago it was revealed that the Spectrum would be Verizon’s version of the LG Optimus LTE. Today, we’ve gotten a downloadable user guide for the device.

Seeing one of these usually means we’re close to a launch but with the heavy lineup Verizon introduced in the last quarter of 2011 we wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing come out as late as February. As with any user guide you might not find many useful things here but it’s nice to get a peek anyway. Download here. [Droid-Life via VZBuzz]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Won’t get updated Verizon had too many fucking phones plus it’s an LG

  2. LG comes out with some nice hardware specs. If they just provide updates then I think more people would buy their phones. They don’t seem to get that.

  3. thank

  4. I had an lg nitro which is basically the same phone. It’s a nice phone if your not into flashing roms on it. I can honestly say that the lg hd screen is nicer than the screen on my galaxy nexus.

  5. I like the bigger screen size. If it ships with 4.0 im sold

  6. Big size of screen excellent…

  7. I have the nitro and I love it. It just needs some ICS love.

  8. Long before smartphones, LG was putting out some of the best feature phones available mostly on Verizon. I have always liked their hardware(quality wise). If they can overhaul their UI a little bit and get on point with the updates then Samsung could possibly(I said possibly) have some competition.

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  9. I think with its 3 button combo this thing is primed for an ics update when it’s ready. I can see them remapping the menu button to be used as the multi task button like on the galaxy nexus. And like I said in my other comment, the screen is beautiful on it. Not a sign of pixelation at all unlike my galaxy nexus which at low lighting it seems you can see pixels on it. I may be wrong it might be the pentile tech causing it.

  10. I like the bigger screen size. If it ships with 4.0 im sold

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