ESCORT Live Socializes Speed Trap Avoidance with App + Radar Accessory


We’ve seen plenty of applications that attempt to crowd source the reporting of speed traps, red light cameras, accidents, and other want-to-avoid circumstances while on the road, so at first ESCORT Live may seem like nothing new. That’s exactly what it does. But unlike other apps, ESCORT Live comes with two accessories – a smartcord dock and an actual radar detector – that detect speed traps via radar, relay the detection to your phone via bluetooth, and make reporting of speed traps easier and more accurate for its users.

Having the actual accessories is a huge advantage to competitors such as Trapster and Waze. Because the success of the product hinges on accurate and voluminous user participation, anything that assists users in contributing to the “social network” by suggesting data points in real-time will provide much needed continuous momentum. That is, assuming enough people have and use ESCORT Live itself.

With a price of  $79.95 for the SmartCord Live PowerCord and 1-year subscription to the Android app (or iPhone App), many users may find it too pricey for a still unproven network. Only the deluxe package, which ranges in price form $340 to $540, includes the actual radar detector which works with ESCORT Live. This clearly isn’t for the deal monger, but the ESCORT Live app does have a sense of premium quality that should give it a decent shot at becoming the industry favorite for the on-the-road-watch-out-for-XYZ detection.

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  1. I already have an Escort 9500iX so all I need is the app!

    1. and the Smart Cord

      1. and the yearly subscription fee! If it was affordable it would Definately be worth it. They should start it out subsidized so people adopt quickly, then charge in the future.

  2. you forgot the disclaimer about “this article does not mean we authorize speeding. Use at your own risk”  (^_^)

  3. that is awesome.

  4. So, let me get this straight. I’m going to be providing them wirh data that will only make their service more useful for others, and i get to pay $79.95 for it!

  5. In which countries is this legal?

  6. No thanks. I’d rather spend 80 bucks on a radar detector for myself once. Then 400 for the radar detector and 80 a year to help them with their info. I already pay 50 a year for my Directed SmartStart app.

    1. As someone who’s had used multiple rader detectors I have to say your kidding yourself if you think an $80 radar detector is going to help you as much as a quality radar detector, my old cobra detector only did one thing, kill any chances of getting out of a ticket once the cop saw it, my hidden escort however, points out cops well ahead any cheapo radar detector, and cops don’t see it, which is a HUGE plus. Is the app worth $80 probably not though, considering the data is crowd sourced and they need users to make it valuable it should be free with the radar detector.

  7. For the price I think I’ll stick with Waze and my already paid for radar detector.

  8. Wow! That sounds amazing! I think I’ll apply for this rather than reply to the email I got this morning from a Nigerian Government official who needs to transfer £1,000,000 in to my account.

  9. I have an amazing technique for avoiding speed traps and it’s been successful for the last 10 years I’ve been using it. It’s free and 100% effective. I just drive within the speed limit and take care with my driving.

    1. Sheep!  (j/k obv) (kinda)

  10. This is pretty funny…  ESCORT used to be made by a company Cincinnati Microwave back in the hay-day of radar detectors.  The made 2 radar detectors – Escort and the Passport.  They had a huge R&D and manufacturing facility in a northern suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.  They could charge a high-price for a radar detector and actually get it because they were the best.  That build has since been sold and torn down and rebuilt into a Home Depot and ESCORT occupies a much smaller office complex which, I’m sure, outsources the manufacturing of their products (can’t confirm) to China.  And, best of all – they never got the memo about lowering their price!!  

  11. Didn’t Cobra announce the same thing last year? Oh yea they did:

    I don’t think anyone ever bought into it and I doubt anybody is going to buy into this setup either. Now if they set up a partnership with Waze or Trapster or any of the other crowdsourced driving apps then this could come into consideration. Otherwise this is just a stillborn product. 

  12. i always check for app’s updates at they have some cool stuff there

  13. I think i’d rather just do a open gps tracker setup. A DIY kit that can do the same thing as this and not have to deal with the monthly fees.

  14. What trapster needs to do use the microphone to listen for known detector sounds and it can work the same way with no special cord needed.

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