Steam for Android App Isn’t Official, But Still a Good Companion for Steam Users


Some folks that go by the name IBF Programs named “Steam for Android,” and while the name makes it sound as if the application is official, it isn’t. It’s a third party companion app that helps users keep up to date with their friends’ activity on the go, the daily specials Steam tends to offer and a lot more.

If ever there needed to be an official Steam app for Android, we’d implore the PC games repository company to contract IBF as they have really done a nice job on the user interface here. You swipe left and right to access the different tabs including Friends, Specials, Groups, Summary, Games and Favorites.

Those of you on Android 4.0 will especially appreciate that they’ve built their Android application using the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK making for a seamless-looking and feeling experience compared to other ICS apps. The polish here is extremely good in both looks and animation. Aside from aesthetics, though, it’s just a really useful application for those who frequent Steam.

Unfortunately since this is a third party app that parses its data from the web you won’t get features like being able to purchase games within the app, message friends or add/remove friends. Still, until Steam decides to get on over to mobile this is the best app you can have to help you keep up with things on the go. Find the free download in the Android market here. [Thanks Ashley!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The app is really done well.  I could even do without purchasing programs through it.  My big thing for it would be able to use the messenger capabilities of steam through it.

  2. ya all i want is the messenger capabilities. pitty steam wont let people make an app for them.

    1. Look up Steam Droid. I just bought it yesterday, and it is great. This is the only guy to attempt to make steam chat work on our phones, and it works very well on my Evo 4G.

  3. i only use steam to play CSS and that’s it. 

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  7. I’ve been using Staticon, which is pretty good, but I’ll definitely try this one out too!

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