What Are Your 2012 Android Resolutions?


So 2012 is finally upon us and, according to some calendar by some ancient civilization, the world (as we know it) is supposed to end. Well, that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your Android phones and run for the stores to stock up on water and tissue. Assuming this year does, in fact, go as planned, what will be your 2012 Android resolutions?

For me, I need to stop flashing so many custom ROMs. I have missed tons of calls and text messages this way and it’s a main reason why I now use Google Voice almost exclusively for messaging and sometimes voice calls. And, well, having a Nexus sort of subsides my urge to flash ROMs as I think Ice Cream Sandwich has nearly everything I want.

I do still have a ROM – Android Revolution HD –  and plan to keep it updated, but I won’t be switching back and forth between 15-20 different developers’ wares like I was back when I had my G1, EVO 4G, Epic 4G and Epic 4G Touch. The backup and restore processes alone are excruciating even if it is all automatic.

I also need to stop buying so many phones. Within the past 4 months I’ve had about 5 different phones. To date, since the G1 was released, I’ve owned about 12 different Android phones between Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. I don’t even want to get into my old Windows Mobile days.

Twice I have broken contract to get a certain phone on a certain carrier, and since I’m on a family plan and often break contract early it costs me a LOT of dough. That definitely needs to stop. With my Galaxy Nexus I don’t think I’ll need another phone for a long time anyway

What about everyone else? Will you be doing some storage cleaning? Getting rid of some apps or games you don’t use, perhaps? Will you be doing any of the things I mentioned above? Let’s hear what you vow to do in relation to Android this upcoming year in the comments below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. less procrastination more discipline

    oh.. android resolution… probably get some Galaxy S3 Quad Core LOVE

    1. Galaxy S3 will again raise the bar high like SGS2 did last year. It’s the phone to watch this year.

  2. My resolution is to get a Galaxy Nexus. I had been saving up to get one since it was announced as the Nexus Prime, and when it finally comes out and I’m ready to get one, life gets in the way, eating up my money with expenses. So I guess I have to start over from rock bottom, and hopefully by the time I get enough money it won’t be outdated :(

  3. Less HTC, more ICS

  4. I will keep Galaxy Nexus for long time and minimize the number of apps syncing in background for better battery life. Since ICS browser is so nice, I don’t need separate facebook, google+ apps. Galaxy Nexus will be cutting edge enough until SGS3 hits US.

  5. “TRY” to stick with one for more than 6 months lol

  6. Pick up a new Android phone before I go away to college, develop an app of some sort, and convince a few friends to try out our favorite OS. 

  7. Get a new phone. I have a Og Dinc…

  8. Im just now getting into the android game. So my resolution i guess is to learn as much as possible about this newfangled device

  9. Galaxy S III.

  10. Finally finish the app I’ve been working on for way too long. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to programming.

  11. Try to pick up a quad core htc device in the spring

  12. 960×540 ;D ok ok puns aside, I’m going to stop buying as many phones out of contact. I think 1 a year is plenty since ics released.

  13. In 2012 I intend to replace my HTC Incredible as my primary phone, but I resolve not to purchase any phone that cannot be rooted and run Cyanogen Mod.

    1. Copy cat =)

      Same plan for me

  14. Here’s my android new years resolution. If Samsung/Verizon don’t fix the reception issues and speaker issues in the Galaxy Nexus I will officially be sick of being dissapointed and let down by android. If these problems aren’t fixed fast I will officially be trying out iPhone come their next release.

    1. My Galaxy Nexus has no problems working on Tmobile.  I actually have better reception and data than I did on my Nexus S. 

  15. Would be a deciding years for me. More and more I realize I need a more complete music and media experience. Have been waiting for a while but google music just have not done that for me. Google, focus more and perfect all your services, don’t make me switch to the boring generic iphone because it works.
    Oh and of course, i wish there would be less skin and more vanilla, a nexus motorola phone would be cool.

  16. Google turns moto into a stock android cell maker.

    Google does major changes in android so it runs smoother. WP7 smooth 

  17. Don’t buy one.

  18. 1280 by 720 & 1280 by 800

  19. To get even more people to switch to a Nexus.

    1. Please don’t…..
      The Forums are full of morons already…

      1. Good point

  20. my new years resolution is to not wait another year for a good android tablet,if there isnt a good one out,or about to be out,and i mean really good,not just better,by the time ipad 3 comes out,im going to have to get an ipad.

    i’ve waited patiently for google to have a quality tablet,and they have disappointing me so far,ICS is my last hope

  21. My resolution is to stop coming to this site as much (especially during work).

  22. keeping my galaxy s captivate until rom developers just completely give up. and i vow to buy the transformer prime

  23. 480 x 854
    1280 x 800

  24. I think if is stop dropping my xperia so much it might last me till 2013,
    heres hoping! ..although this festive period has been a butterfinger sesh.. especially singing at new year… sorta flew out my hand a bit.

  25. 1. Get a job this summer so I can buy myself an Asus Transformer Prime + keyboard dock
    2. Replace my Droid Incredible in October when my contract ends. I’m sure there will be plenty of ICS yumminess by then :)

  26. My resolution, to leave sprints sorry ass behind and get on verizon.

  27. 2 words: Galaxy Nexus.

  28. To never purchase a Samsung phone (Infuse 4g). Poor signal quality and slow updates. Heading back to HTC by the end of 2012 or early 2013.

    1. Alot of people rip on htc, but I prefer them as well. To me, just the overall experience is better. Just my preference, tho.

    2. Don’t buy trash in the first place then.

  29. Wait… In case of natural disaster, we should stock up on water and… tissue? 0_o

  30. ICS is fantastic, but anyone who thinks that they won’t want to start flashing new roms again, well, come talk to me in a couple of months. :-)

  31. For These smartphones to work on battery life for once instead of stupid Gimmicks like 3D!!!!!

  32. Did you guys asked Ilker Yoldas permission to use his art on this site? =P

  33. If possible, save up to finally upgrade my phone.

  34. Dump this stupid a$$ g2x. Never again LG never again. Back to HTC or Sammy they know how to make quality phones.

  35. To buy a Samoled tablet :)


  36. Taste some Ice Cream Sandwich

  37. dont buy a motorola phone
    they abandon there phones after only a few months
    im doubtful my atrix is getting ICS

  38. I plan to try and stop lusting over every new high-end phone that’s announced.  I should last until CES.

  39. Get a new phone! I’m still rocking my HTC Hero… lol

    1. Good grief, man! You need to get onboard with the new times!

  40. Convince Google to give me the next nexus/nexus prototype to test for free. :] not win, convince. Also make them kick the specs up a notch and not be controlled by carriers like verizon -_-

  41. I got the same thing with my SGS2, after switching everytime I stopped at this one. Now sitting out my contract up until the SGS3.

  42. Lose 30 pounds. Also, move back in with Motorola, because they make more solid and durable phones, compared to Samsung.

  43. Get at least ONE app on the market! I will be doing it with a friend that learned Java over the past fall. He’ll develop it. I’m a graphic designer (well soon to be), so I’ll be designing the UI. 

    Oh and short-term, I would like to hold off for 7 days until CES before jumping the gun on a Galaxy Nexus.

  44. Xenon flash on a Android phone please.

  45. I plan to buy MORE phones and flash MORE roms than last year!

  46. Buy a new phone. Fianlly retire my EVO 4G. Hoping for a Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE or Galaxy III LTE by Q2. If there’s no good prospects from Sprint at CES, just might grab the white Epic 4G Touch. 

  47. Priority #1… We should all make sure ATM_Guy is never allowed to post here again.

  48. My resolution is to pray that the Nexus comes to Sprint at some point in 2012 and that it will have Sprint LTE capabilities. I also intend to get a TFP once the initial kinks have been worked out.

  49. My resolution? 1.  Never buy samsung again.   And 2,  get something to replace my war horse nexus one, which unfortunately won’t be a galaxy nexus because resolution one was not to buy a samsung.

  50. NYCHitman1: You probably know more about this than I do. But can’t you unlock the Nexus to work on Sprint? VZ and Sprint are both CDMA. Right?

    Again, most people know more about this sort of thing than I do. Perhaps I’m missing something here…

  51. For Android its the other way round
    (especially on ICS) – on tablets I find it mediocre but love it on phones.
    Have yet to see a flagship ICS tablet when my opinion might change.

    . Claw Digital


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