LG Connect 4G Will Be Metro’s Next LTE Phone, Could be Headed for Sprint and Verizon


Our friends at PocketNow have uncovered another unannounced phone. It’s said to be named the LG Connect 4G and is headed to regional carrier MetroPCS’s LTE network. It’s a shame that their network isn’t everywhere because we’re sure more than a few people wouldn’t mind having a powerful 4G phone for a cheap monthly cost.

PocketNow describes it as mid-range but we’re not so sure that’s the case. It’ll supposedly be boasting 1GB of RAM, a dual-core processor, a 4 inch WVGA Nova display, 4GB of internal storage, a 5 megapixel rear camera, a front-facing camera and more. they speculate it could be headed for both Sprint and Verizon, though we’re not sure where their estimation comes from.

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  1. Now Milton Bradley will be suing LG cause we will all be thinking of the Connect 4 game when this phone is mentioned..

  2. Now a days if it doesn’t have an HD screen it is mid range

    1. that and the 4gb internal storage

      1. HTC only does 2Gb……… (internal anyway), at least they include a larger microsd.

        1. Oh really, I thought the rezound had like 8 or done crap. Guess I was wrong

  3. That wouldn’t be a bad phone, especially if it came to Verizon for 149.99 or 99.99 with contract, or Sprint

  4. Hope the processor isnt a crappy Snapdragon, but probably is to keep it cheap.

  5. Could this be the rumored Intel powered smartphone ?

  6. Another phone from LG means another phone already released that will be avoided.

  7. too bad metros lte network maxes out a 3mbps. come on metro you have lte if tou actually use it you could get alot more costumers.

    1. Like anything, it will get better……hopefully.

    2. I get 2mbps – 5mpbs on MetroPCS LTE.  Here’s proof, screenshot the last time I was doing speed tests: 

      For $50 per month, total including all taxes and fees, that is a great deal.

      1. then you are lucky because metro clams on their website a peak of 3 but an average of 1

        1. they must have upgraded or something the site now says 22.7mbps so i guess they are improving  

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