Motorola Preparing to Test XOOM WiFi ICS Upgrade?


Looks like emails have gone out to users of Motorola’s Google Experience XOOM devices (the XOOM WiFi available in America, pretty much) alerting them to tests that will begin soon for the device. Of course, one question immediately comes to mind: is this a common bug fixer or something more?

Well, considering that Motorola has singled out the only Google Experience XOOM, it could lend credence to the belief that they’ll be testing Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s hard to get excited, of course, considering there are no other details whatsoever but one can only dream. And it’d make sense, really.

Test ICS on the only version of the device which gets its updates straight from Google and see how it goes. If everything goes well in testing, get the update ready for other versions of the XOOM (including Verizon’s 4G LTE-enabled version which we imagine will need a bit more testing than the WiFi version).

For now, the XOOM is still running a nice tablet OS so don’t get too worked up if this doesn’t turn out to be Ice Cream Sandwich. And if it doesn’t, we’re sure it’ll be on its way before too long. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. Anyone have the link to sign up? I wasn’t registered when the email went out, apparently.

  2. Not sure how to take this.  Remember Moto put out a “Family” addition to.  Could be their way to seperate the builds with calling this a Google device .  I can see how the Wifi version is getting the release so they don’t have to test 3g/4g radios.  Look at everyone that is having some issues building ICS roms for the XOOM. No data.

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