Appgravity Aims to Take the Guesswork Out of Android Market Searches


Though the Android Market’s web portal has come a long way, most users would agree that the ease of searching for new apps isn’t its strongest suit. Leave it to another group — and not the company that built it’s fortune off of the world’s most popular search engine — to create a better way to find Android apps. Appgravity is a front-end portal for the Android Market that allows for a more refined search using keywords, publisher, or app name. Results can be further refined and sorted by category. The info is pulled directly from Google’s market and that is where users are sent to download newly discovered software. It still isn’t the sort of advanced search we’d like to see eventually implemented into the Android Market, but it provides another option for locating an app when you don’t know the specific title you are searching for.

[Appgravity via Lifehacker]

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  1. AppBrain is better. Appbrain also automatically hides the spam crapps.

    1. appbrain is the yahoo list service model and appgravity is the google just search model…I can’t here myself think when using the official market or the other psuedo markets…but some people still love yahoo, so use whatever turns you on

      1. I see you work for AppGravity.

        I just gave your search engine a try and it failed to return the expected google-esque results:
        “blackjack” == Live Holdem’ NOT in top10.
        “scrabble” == Wordfeud, WordsWithFriends, etc, NOT in top10.
        “ninja” == Fruit Ninja NOT in top10 (“paid and free”)

  2. It’s obvious that you’re spamming your own app when your nickname is in the link itself:

    Your app must be pretty bad if you don’t know how to spam it without revealing you’re the actual developer. So stop pretending your “found” this app.

  3. I make apps too. But I don’t come here advertising them. Nobody reads
    the comments to get apps anyway. If anybody wanted to see my apps, they could just look in my profile. Plus, if you did want to make a comment with your own app in it. Post it on a article that is relevant to your app.

    This was a response to feztheforeigner

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