Nielsen: Samsung, Motorola and HTC Top Five in Recent Smartphone Market Share


Nielsen’s ringing in with their end-of-the-year lists of top brands, companies and web destinations. One that caught our eye, of course, was the smartphone manufacturer chart.

They pulled data from the months of August 2011 through October 2011. This isn’t overall OEM market share but gives an idea of the trends that were developing leading into the holiday season.

At the top of the chart was Apple taking up 29% of the sales throughout this period, but HTC is not far behind with 21%. RIM, surprisingly, is sitting at 17%, ahead of Samsung and Motorola who both have 11% each.

It would be nice to get an idea of how these numbers stacked up through Christmas but those numbers will make their way to the forefront soon enough. To see more figures (such as top web brands and top destinations for watching online video) visit Nielsen’s site here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Good to see Apple where they are supposed to be. LEADING THE PACK!!!

    1. WOW! Do you trolls really have nothing better to do than sit on fan websites of competing products and spew BS? Get a life…

      1. What are you talking about? I am a fan of Android. Why would I have this site bookmarked and visit it if I weren’t? I am just about to pull the trigger on a GNex too. But I am a bigger fan of Apple… so yes… I am glad to see them on top.

        1. considering HTC (21%), samsung (11%) and motorola (11% total 43%) are all android…yeah who`s actually on top? (in more consumer hands).

          1. Compare Apples to Apples. (No pun intended) Android is an operating system. The Nielsen report is about smartphone share. Apple sells more smartphones than any of those guys. Your argument is like saying, Sony, LG and Sharp sell more TV’s than Samsung when you add up their numbers… well DUH.

            But… hell… I’ll venture a bit into your Android vs iOS point. Android may be available on more phones than iOS, but iOS STILL destroys Android in revenue. iOS users are more likely to spend money on apps. The developers know it… that is why iOS has more apps, gets multi platform apps FIRST, and has an overall high quality/polish to it’s apps. I’d rather be in Apple’s position.

            Oh and in anticipation of your next comment…

            Why do I (as a consumer) care about Appstore/Market revenue? I don’t really… but the reason we are all here having this discussion is because of an article about sales/marketshare numbers.

          2. I could care less about how much apple or google makes. im just happy android is number one in all categories so that developers can continue making apps for my spoiled ass consumption :) a couple years ago android was NO WHERE. now, since android is so cool and everybody obviously loves it…its EVERYWHERE! and thats all that matter frankly. that we continue to be adopted at the pace we are. continue to show apple and ios how its done! continue to kill kill kill ios! that is all :)

          3. Android is spread about many more devices than IOS so Apple selling more of their iPHones isn’t very significant especially when HTC is so close. I see that as not very good news for Apple.

            Also, Android leading the pack as an operating system is more important than any one single phone. Every time the figures come in IOS’s overall market share is either stagnant or inching up slower than before. How is that ever a good thing?  For the short term, yes, Apple is making more profit but for the long term it doesn’t spell good news.  In years to come, in order to compete more effectively, they are going to have to lower prices and what will that do to their profit?

            Also their products are lagging behind in certain features that are becoming more important to consumers – namely larger screens, higher res screens. They are eventually going to have to use them which means means increased cost for their products which means less profit. How long do you think the average user is going to buy the same regurgitated crap with a few gimmicky features added in here and there? 

            And please, the tablet market is going to eventually lean in favor of Android, just like the smartphone market so you can save the iPad praise.

          4. Seriously why are you on this website. Get a life.

          5. *yawn

            People who argue pro Apple facts/opinions on a dedicated Android site need to move along.  Generic sites like Tech Crunch, fair enough.  Most of us go to multiple sites and have heard it before, we don’t need it here.

          6. Cant compare Apples to Apples since Android is on so many devices. So to see Apple sitting on top against RIM is one thing. Against Android? Its more amazing the HTC is so close.

          7. I’m a little surprised by this, because if you look at the media and accessories, it makes Apple/iOS look so absolutely dominant that they can ignore the existence of Android smartphones.

            Android is the Windows of smarphones and tablets: freer (as in freedom not monetarily), more open, greater variety of devices. In the end, I expect the smartphone market to look like the PC market, where Apple has a strong following, but a very minority position in the marketplace. I give it two years.

        2. Oh yeah? You Discus profile activity sure looks like that of an iPhone-loving Apple troll to me. This particular comment from another thread screams liar to me: “Or you are a smart consumer who passes on Android as a whole and chooses a  white iPhone 4[s]. You know…. the one that will be worth the most at resale… you know… the one that will still be worth $500 when the iPhone 5 is released. You know… not $100 like any Android phone a year later.” Yep, sounds like an Android fan to me.

          1. Note “a smart consumer… passes on Android as a whole”. Still want to claim you’re an Android fan? 

          2. LOL @ the person who goes as far as to search through my discus profile… and you are calling me the troll

          3. yall postin in a troll thread.

    2. Unfortunately for Apple, this doesn’t increase their market share much as most of those sales are from people upgrading from the iPhone 4 to the 4S.

    3. Just wait for non-us-only stats and you will be supprised, people in de EU are  smarter and buy less iPhones…

  2. Not surprising, wasn’t the ip4S released during that window?

    It would be great to know how many of this was repeat customers. If I owned a Samsung product and replaced it with another Samsung product, their market share didn’t change based upon my sale, it just means they sold a new phone.

  3. Considering they’re counting all of RIM’s phones together, that figure does not look good for them at all. And It’s not like they have a couple phones either. 

  4. Lol, I work at radioshack and people who get iPhones there are usually older people who don’t know how to even use a damn phone. I have to set everything up for them and all they do is answer calls. No apps, nothing. Where am I going with this? Well, I was just gonna say that apple products are chosen more often because of marketing and people who have no idea about phones just hear that iPhone is good because it was 4 years ago. And since its cheap (cheaper than some androids phones that we have) they might as well get it, not knowing what they’re really getting. But since for iPhone it’s good commission for an iPhone I don’t worry too much:) let apple be happy:)

    1. Yeah… that’s all of the people buying iPhones. Old people who don’t download apps. That’s why Apple owns the app market in terms of available apps and sales.

      1. # of available apps doesn’t equate to downloaded apps. anyways im pretty sure by now Android has already passed apple in those terms anyways 

      2. yeah 13 year old girls (who download 30 apps a week) and old people… pretty much covers the demographic I sell iphones to. Oh and the middle aged men who “think” they know about technology. (I always make it a point to mention their brand new shiny 4s is running 3g when it leaves my store unlike the 10+ andorids I sell running 4g or three running 4glte (speed tests are minimum 17 mbps tops 40 mbos)

      3. go play with you ifruit with your boyfriend ok…

  5. No cares about ios vs android here. It has been discussed in many other site. People don’t like to see this shit.

  6. Im surprised rim is in the top 5 for market share and more than samsung at that but android is doing good considering 90% of all of the sales are mainly android. 

  7. blackberry playbook has the android market. Apple… where is your god now?

    1. Spending his or her time in awe of Apple’s growth.

      1. eve was an apple girl and look what shit that started….

        1. Eve didn’t exist. She’s a myth. So what real world conclusion are you trying to get at?

          1. pffft next your gonna tell me snow white wasn’t real…. typical iPhone user, won’t accept reality….

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