Dec 30th, 2011

Motorola Atrix 2 and Motorola DROID Bionic users can now download fastboot files for their devices as XDA has made them available for you guys, just as they did for the DROID RAZR. Fasstboot files are basically like the SBF files of yesteryear, allowing users to bring their devices back from the brink of death should they happen to brick their device in the process of flashing new ROMs, radios, kernels and more. Developers and users like will appreciate this as it gives everyone a safety net of sorts – as long as you don’t do anything to break your hardware then anything can be fixed. Find the files for the Atrix  2here and the files for the DROID Bionic here, both courtesy of XDA. [via Android Police, thanks Open1Your1Eyes0!]

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