Casio’s New G-SHOCK Watch Will Connect to Smartphones Using Bluetooth LE to Show Incoming Calls, Texts and Emails


Casio is planning to launch new G-SHOCK watches that aims to challenge the smart watch market that is apparently starting to boom. The new G-SHOCK (model GB-6900) uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with other compatible Bluetooth 4.0 devices using Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit data without having to worry about battery life on both ends.

The watch is a bit more simple in that regard than, say, the MOTOACTV or the Sony Ericsson Live View but it’s still pretty cool. You’ll be notified of incoming calls, texts and emails on the watch (it wasn’t clear if you’d be able to read those texts and emails) and it will also synchronize the time between itself and the phone.

Pretty neat stuff, though as it always tends to be the case with G-SHOCK watches this one will probably be a relatively expensive model.  For now it will only be compatible with NEC’s Medias LTE N-04D (Android) as well as the waterproof Medias PP N-01D. We hope it’ll make its way out of Japan before too long. [via TechCrunch]

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  1. I’m happy with my inPulse watch. These could be nice, too. Although, the screen looks too small to read any icoming messages.

  2. I imagine that the battery would have to be replaced more often than a normal g-shock no? Bluetooth would be a problem for a cell battery

    1. You’re right that you can’t do more without some extra energy drain.  But Bluetooth 4 (aka Bluetooth low energy) is designed to enable this kind of low rate data exchange for 1-2 years off of a coin cell battery.  We’ll see if the first product lives up to expectations.

  3. Its probably just a notification icon instead of actually reading anything

  4. There are three things that a man must not have cheap: a tie, shoes, and a watch. I wouldn’t wear this watch even with my PJs.

    1. Tie’s need to go away.  I hate those damn things and will never tie a noose around my own neck.

  5. g-shocks are dope as is. and now with this… I want one!

  6. Just look at your damn phone to see who is calling. This is stupid. It’s not like my phone is ever far away from my person. In the time it takes to see who is calling if you wanted to pick up the call, now you have missed it. Unless you work in an environment where there is a lot of water or you don’t want to expose your phone to the elements, this is useless.

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