Motorola DROID Xyboard Gets a $50 Price Reduction


The Motorola DROID Xyboard hasn’t been out long and it’s already getting a price cut. It’s not a huge one – $50 – but it’s a good step forward to making this device attractive enough for rapid consumer interest. The 10.1 inch Xyboard is now $480 after debuting at $530.

These prices are on two-year contracts, of course, but they do include fast 4G LTE radios inside for those who need data connectivity on the go without needing to use a MiFi unit. You can probably figure out the rest of the math with simple subtraction so just get over to Verizon’s site to get started if you’re interested. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m guessing they have sold about 3 of these nationwide.

    1. They kinda suck right?

      1. Not at all.  They’re very nice devices, just a bit pricey.  Very solid reviews.  If they came out with an 8″ model WiFi only I’d be all over one.  

        1. Actually the 8in model that I saw reviews on is pretty laggy , not very impressive to me, and the price that they’re selling these “premium” tabs are laughable #pass

  2. I dont think they suck at all.. but the combo of last years specs and ridiculous price ON contract made them unappealing.

    ASUS Prime is $499 and kicks serious ass

  3. Kinda like the Samsung tabs more.

    Also, I wonder if this is the RAZR

  4. My goodness! When is Motorola going to learn most people don’t buy tablets on contract and that $800 is a way too high a retail price? (Not that the on contract prices are too appealing)

  5. I bought my wife a CM7 Touchpad for Christmas. 32gb for $200. I have no idea how anybody justifies more than twice that amount for a tablet.

  6. I paid $400 for my Asus Transformer, without a contract.  The prices being listed on this should also be without a contract, it’s still too far out of reality for sales to take off.  Kinda sad, it does look like a great tablet.

  7. Why doesn’t Verizon subsidize tablet prices like they do for phones? Having a tablet with LTE would be great because for $30 you get 2GB of data that you can share via wireless hot spot. Additional data is $10 per GB. Compare this to a MiFi, where the cheapest plan is $50 for 5 GB. If you’re not a huge data user, and the reason you have a MiFi is for a tablet, this will save you money on your monthly bill. That said, these have no external storage, unlike my Acer A500, which has a microSD slot and a full size USB port. These Xyboard tablets are way overpriced, but with subsidies from Verizon, they could be made more attractive.

  8. Really? $480 for a 16GB tablet?! Still overpriced by about $180.

  9. Especially overpriced considering the major issues with 4g data connectivity.

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