Does Your Galaxy Nexus Produce a Constant Faint Clicking Noise? [Forum Talk]


It seems users are experiencing another bug with the Galaxy Nexus. According to reports at AndroidForums.com, when making a key-press with the “Touch Sounds” option enabled, users hear the same sound 2-3 seconds after any given key-press. A quick fix for it is to turn the option off but that’s about it until Google hopefully ends up accepting this issue on Google Code. I personally don’t hear the noise outside of its intended use but with so many people reporting the issue I can’t say I don’t believe them. Leave your thoughts in the AndroidForums thread here and be sure to star and comment on the issue at Google Code here. Anyone else experiencing this?

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  1. I have the issue on my Day one G-Nex, My wife got one last night that does not have the issue. I am debating on exchanging my device if it were not for the hassle it involves.

  2. I hear it when unlocking and locking my phone it doesnt bother me

    1. You’re probably mistaking this with the lock sound. There’s an option in sound settings that lets you enable or disable a locking sound upon pressing the power button to lock the phone. You won’t hear it if you’re turning it off while on the lock screen but you will hear it if you turn it off coming from the homescreen and any apps.

  3. I hear it only when music is playing on stock rom but not something I’ve been able to replicate. Haven’t heard it on custom roms.

  4. Yeah but I just turned off touch sounds as you said.

    So when you have touch sound turned on, what happens? nothing happens for me apart from the random faint “click”.

  5. I just got really annoyed with this last night. So odd that it shows up here on Phandroid. I thought I was the only one. I have a stock rooted 4.0.2 LTE GNex.

  6. that and contacts getting mixed up in text messaging…..so much fun to flirt with wife and text going to boss instead

  7. Power button us my big culprit with this. Phone us already off then the sound comes in.

    1. You’re probably mistaking this with the lock sound. There’s an option in sound settings that lets you enable or disable a locking sound upon pressing the power button to lock the phone. You won’t hear it if you’re turning it off while on the lock screen but you will hear it if you turn it off coming from the homescreen and any apps.

      1. Thanks i didnt know but like i said it doesnt bother me

  8. I had this issue on a Day One Nexus as well. What is happening is that ALL speakers produce some type of noise or hiss when electric current either starts or stops passing through them, however, I believe some speakers produce this more audibly than others. No two speakers are alike, but for whatever reason, some Galaxy Nexus units display this more prominently than others. On my first unit, I could hear a very loud pop about 2-3 seconds after any sound stops passing through the rear speaker. It was annoying me because I could hear it half way across a room! So I went and did an exchange, and my new unit produces NO audible popping/clicking/hiss.

    This is likely a hardware issue that could potentially be remedied with a software patch, but I would suggest that if you have a very audible clicking/popping noise, as in you can hear it across the room, exchange the device. I did and I couldn’t be happier.  

    1. This is exactly what it is.  I don’t have the sounds turned on, but when I played the sound (/system/media/audio/ui/Effect_Tick.ogg) on my phone I hear a very faint click after the sound finishes and it sounds exactly like I’d expect a speaker to sound when it’s being “turned off” (or more accurately, when the circuit that operates the speaker goes back into power save mode and removes the slight residual voltage that goes to the speaker even when it’s not making any sound)

      It’s purely a hardware issue, and I doubt a software patch will ever be released because it’s likely that the only way to fix it would be to leave the speaker controller powered up constantly, which would cause extra battery drain.  And I’m sure more people would notice that than the little tick when it turns off the speaker controller.

    2. Ah, Samsung quality control. As much as I love the idea of the official Google Android 4.0 phone, I just can’t get over how much better most other companies build quality is, especially Motorola and HTC.

      1. Horsecrap. All manufacturers have a certain percentage of faulty units. I haven’t seen anything that shows Samsung is any worse than the others.

  9. Only noticed clicking in Pandora, and only then @ low quality.

    Of course, I noticed it @ low quality on my Fascinate as well… 

  10. 4.0.3 rom fixes the consistency of it at least for me 

  11. I didn’t notice it, but I turned off those stupid click noises on my phone anyway. It reminded me of the stupid clicking sounds that Apple put on the iPod after they moved from the actual wheel to the touch “wheel.”

  12. I turned on touch sounds, then typed this response. Volume up, quiet room. NO delayed clicking sounds.

  13. I have had the touch sound turned off — until I read this.  I turned it on and listened — It does make a sound about 3 seconds after the initial click.  The second click is far less pronouned (or loud) but its definitely there. 

    I just turned the sound off – problem solved for me.

    BUT — this; among many other issues should be addressed. This is a premium phone isnt it?  After being so excited for this device — have to admit, im a bit disappointed (esp with the grainy screen in low settings) —

  14. You should state in the article this is actually not a first click being doubled exactly, but the second one is different and only noticeable in quiet environment. The speaker turning itself off makes this noise.

  15. I have this problem. I listened more closely to it and it sounds like the click audio (and unlock/lock click audio) have some sort of white background noise.  The click sound file sounds like it’s about 2-3 seconds long with white noise and when it ends the sound file, it makes a clicking noise.  I feel like this could be a simple fix on the audio files, but maybe I’m completely mistaken.

    1. Nope, the sound file is pretty short. The click comes from the phone turning off the speaker controller. once it determines that there’s no more sound that’s going to play soon.

  16. I’ve noticed my EVO 3D doing this as well. It’s not as constant, but just as annoying.

  17. Yep, I getting the faint feedback noise as well on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I only hear it at night when it is very quite, so not a large enough deal breaker to return the phone.

  18. My first Nexus got returned because of a bad screen. The second had PERFECT hardware but got returned because it was on Verizon.

    Yes, it did make a faint clicking noise, though.

    1. Wait! So let us all get this straight, you had not one but two gnex…..on Verizon….and then got rid of them because you remembered you hated Verizon? Go troll somewhere else….douce.

      1. First, you spelled douche wrong. Second, I’m no troll. I had the OG Droid on Verizon the day it came out. When the Galaxy Nexus came out, I was the first person in my city to own one.

        I don’t care which carrier it is on, I just want a consistent connection. I lost connection completely on more than one occasion, and -93 dBm was the highest I ever saw the thing get.

        I’m back on my Thunderbolt right now, also on Verizon.

        I resent the trolling remark, as you’ll find nobody more pro-Android then I am. But I do think that Verizon is deserving of every bad remark they are getting these days.

        1. So I missed a h…what are you the spelling police? I am typing on a tablet so it isn’t the greatest. Never said anything about android so don’t know what you are getting at. Samsung radios suck, everyone knows that if you have been on these sites. And so you lost a connection 3 times in one month that lasted for about a day total. Big deal. Go to another carrier and get no connection or a slow connection all the time.

          1. Wasn’t about a day total. In fact, when I returned the phone on Wednesday, I had been without ANY data since Monday morning.

            My coworker, in a different state, had similar issues both at home, in Florida, and on a business trip, in California. He was stuck on 1X the entire time he was there.

            During the two weeks I had the Nexus, I’d say I was without data AT ALL a total of about six days.

            Then, when I returned it, they were unable to activate my Thunderbolt again for an additional 24 hours.

  19. Really??? This is the stuff people are complaining and talking about?  How bout these issue?

    1.  HORRENDOUS SPEAKER OUTPUT!  Who the hell tested/used this phone and thought the speaker volume levels were even close to enough.

    2.  Notification volume levels.  Again kinda goes back to speaker but I know the files can be programmed with stronger volume levels despite the speaker.

    3.  THE BIG ONE!!! Reception BLOWS ASS on this phone.  I was sitting with my sister at dinner last night and she had 5 full bars of 3G on her iphone 4 (Verizon).  I couldn’t get single bar of 3G and forget about 4G.  Unless you’re under the tower that shit is practically worthless. 

  20. This, is a off subject…but what I would like to know is, how are people liking cloud memory?

  21. And this is what all you people get for rushing the Gnex to Verizon. Maybe if you ppL would have just let them work out the kinks, this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen. And don’t say, “they had all the time in the world”, because they have more things to worry about, lyk Samsung doesn’t just sell phones and Google has all those patents enemies.

    I bet had this phone came out next year, it would have been perfect WITH an Exynos processor AND Super AmoLED screen. Justa thought.

    And I’m glad this came to Verizon lyk this. This means, when this phone comes to other carriers, wii won’t have all these problems. LoL!! So Verizon is taking the heat for us.

    And ppL, I had an Evo 3D with 4/6(67%) bars at my house, and my Epic 4G Touch had 2/5(40%) bars, but the Evo 3D had -110 and the Epic 4G Touch had -95 dBm. So the Evo 3D bars was lying to me. Why don’t y’all go to settings and check your dBm. You might actually HAVE signal, and the bars are just lying. LoL!!

    1. You do know why Google chose IMAP over the Exynos right?


      Also, it already has a Super Amoled Screen. It just doesn’t have Super Amoled PLUS (with the RGB pixel matrix.)You just sound butthurt that other people have a better phone than what you have. I have signal on my GNex everywhere I go, and yes the bars are lower than other phones. However, the signal strength is actually the same in this phone compared to other 4G phones.


      Overall, there really is no glaring huge issue with the Galaxy Nexus. Everything is pretty good for me.

    2. And this is what all you people get for rushing the Gnex to Verizon.”

      Yea because Verizon rushed out the phone after they saw internet users demanding them to hurry up.

  22. Just got my GNex the other day and no noise for me. All I have issues with are battery life and signal, other than that it’s a perfect phone for me. Love ICS and if I have to go to a diff phone because those issues can’t be fixed I will miss it and the wonderful screen.

  23. No noise bug. Quite a few reboots and other bugs though.

  24. Same problem here. I noticed it the first day I had it.

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