Verizon Confirms $2 Fee for Paying Online and on the Phone


Late yesterday it was revealed in a leak that Verizon would begin charging consumers $2 for each single bill they pay on the phone and online. Users who pay in store or pay online via electronic check or autopay would not be affected.

Verizon confirmed the news today and said that it is indeed to help offset the costs of them having to accept those types of payments. “The fee will help allow us to continue to support these single bill payment options in these channels,” said Verizon.

So there you have it. It’s set to go down on January 15th. We know many of you are wondering about contract options and we’re sure Verizon has thought this one out carefully. Since you can avoid the charge in one way or another it probably doesn’t breach contract.

It’s only two dollars but we can’t imagine many of you hare particularly happy with the change. Electronic checks are quick and easy ways to pay your bill without incurring this charge if you need control over when you actually pay your bill.

Others have suggested that using your bank’s bill pay options will help you bypass the charge since your payment would be mailed off, though there’s not much difference between that and autopay from Verizon. What action will you be taking?

I personally like paying my bills with my credit cards (more convenient to pay one big bill at the end of each month for me) but this change would encourage me to switch it up. Let’s hear it in the comments below!

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  1. Money hungry Fucking Assholes!!!

  2. I can understand where they are coming from. With an average of 2% transaction fee per transaction charged by Visa/MC, that can add up quick. I mean we are talking 100s of millions in fees. 

    1. nice try, verizon PR guy.

      1. he got a point, there are fees. 

      2. Actually I kinda agree with him.. Not sure why people would pay their bill with credit card anyways, unless it’s an emergency (forgot to make a payment)..Although there may be people doing this for cash back promos on their card I suppose.. There are others, like gas stations, who charge more for credit purchases so this is not really out of line as long as you know about it and change the way you pay.. All my bills are done with my banks bill pay automatically and are overpaid by a few bucks of what the average was when I set it up. Every bill has a credit applied from the previous month. There are a couple that have almost reached the point of covering a month without a payment. That may be crazy to some, but I don’t ever worry that a bill will be late and my bills are a fixed amount I pay and just don’t have to bother thinking about it.. Credit ?.. I have it, I do occasionally use it but I keep it paid off.

        1. debit cards. 

        2. bottom line: credit card rewards….

    2. And how much does verizon make off of us?  100’s of Billions.  Fair trade.

  3. Verizon customers better lube up that ass for some more inches going in deeper

  4. I’ve only had Verizon for a month but I’m already tired of their fucking greedy asses. They have a lot of fucking nerve to charge me for the “convenience” of taking my money. If they wanna do something they can fix their network so that I don’t have to deal with a nationwide outage every fucking week.

  5. Would such a fee be considered grounds for breaking a contract without ETF?

  6. I would complain but I pay at the store I go pass one every day after work so no biggie.

  7. I have some lotion for verizon customers… only 1.99$

  8. This should void our contracts

  9. Deal! How about Verizon in return pays us 1.99 everytime their LTE network falls, it happens at least twice a month.

  10. There are plenty of companies that charge fees like this that being said it is a pain but easily bypassed via autopay how many people use the options affected?

    1. OMG.  Autopsy will allow you to bypass most anything……

      Damn You Autocorrect…….

  11. What a load of BS. The prices they charge now have already taken the 2% credit card fee into account. Besides the larger the volume the lower the fee. I doubt Verizon is getting socked with that large a fee. $299 for every new phone, massive data package fee for those not lucky enough to have an unlimited plan, fee for tethering, fee for detailed billing, fee for using VZ navigator even though your phone probably already has GPS and Google maps, fee for everything. F-you Verizon, you greedy POS !

  12. I’m convinced that all cell phone carriers (and any other comapny that offers a service) do this stuff and hope that nobody notices the change on their bill. That’s why I always hated doing any kind of change to my Sprint plan back when I was on it because my account would just blow up with random “oh by the way” charges that should have never been there. I’d be willing to guess that they’re gonna be pretty hush hush about this to their customers and it’ll be worth it overall to deal with the few that notice (or read android blogs).

    1. More ranting. I’m not sure if Verizon does this, but on Sprint they charge you a fee to pay the tax that Sprint is forced to pay, and then charge you a tax that applies to the customer.

      1. that is why i am on Virgin Mobile. Just have to pay sales tax. ONLY!

  13. Its harder to steal a million dollars from one person than to steal one dollar from a million people ….everytime I see a raise in fees no matter how tiny ….I always think of that …which in turn makes me mad….

  14. Bulshit.  We are doing them a favor by paying online so they dont have to hire people to answer the phone and take payments and do data entry.  Now they are charging for that?  I understand the system to do online payments cost money but cmon, thats the price of doing business. Their network is not that much better than Sprints or ATT’s, each day that gap closes more and more.

    Money grubbing whores

  15. A lot of businesses are starting to charge us consumers extra nowwadys to pay by credit card. I thought it was originally against Visa/ Mastercard terms for retailers to charge a fee for the convenience of using credit cards but I guess this is all changing.

  16. This is starting to make Republic Wireless with Truly Unlimited only $19 sound more favorable, even with a smaller selection of phones..

  17. Greedy pigs, not surprising

  18. Can you feel me now?  (deeper)


  19. What are you doing here…making
    a Wall Street / Gordon Gekko reference…?

    As long as we seem to be
    overstating the obvious….for you morons who don’t know, VZ doesn’t give a crap
    about you…they are solely beholden to the Stock Holders, their dividend, and in
    turn their executive bonuses.  And in
    order to do that they have to show revenue growth.  Besides beating up their salaried works, they
    can show that by adding fees.  They know
    most of their customers are idiots and with a talented marketing team, they can
    train us to believe they are the “most reliable” network….they’ve already
    trained us to now pay $299 for a premium phone this year and probably $350
    nest, and now to pay a convenience fee.  Even
    if half their 1,000,000+ customers pay that fee it comes to $1.2 Billion a

    They also know that
    unlike Bank Americas debit card fee fiasco, that most cell phone customers only
    have 2 or 3 other options which makes it so much easier to get away with stuff
    like this.

    Keep it up VZ….you’re
    doing a great job….your stock seems to be hitting new highs every week…now let’s
    get that dividend back above 6 percent.  

    1. I must be hurting them then, 10 dollar unlimited data for life, 22% discount on my plan, refuse to buy a phone directly from Verizon, don’t pay with credit cards so the surcharge doesn’t effect me. I like having the largest network (would say most reliable, but the last few weeks beg to differ xD) while paying less than people do for ATnT

  20. So, wait, in order to pay Verizon money I first have to pay them money?

    The big news story of 2012? Verizon to start charging fees to pay fees.

  21. For all who do not this need shut up becase u r still going to pay and stay with them

  22. This is all due to new legislation which increased the fee retailers must pay to accept credit card payments. Everyone will pass the extra cost on to the consumer. It was supposed to help consumers, but of course, will have zero effect there.

  23. This is BS! They are already one of the highest priced cell services in the US…

  24. Everyone deliver their payments in Pennies to the store.  They will enjoy that.

  25. This fee is illegal if you use a Mastercard. It is ok if you use a Visa.

    Mastercard regulations: A Merchant must not directly or indirectly require any Cardholder to pay
    a surcharge or any part of any Merchant discount or any contemporaneous
    finance charge in connection with a Transaction. A Merchant may provide
    a discount to its customers for cash payments. A Merchant is permitted
    to charge a fee (such as a bona fide commission, postage, expedited
    service or convenience fees, and the like) if the fee is imposed on all
    like transactions regardless of the form of payment used, or as the
    Corporation has expressly permitted in writing.

  26. +1 Jason. Also, I know that many people cannot do this, but ill literally go into the store and just pay like a year at once. Boom, no more finance charges or bills to worry about for a while.

  27. And people wonder why I refused to buy the Google Nexus because it was a Verizon exclusive…

  28. B.S.!  same goes bank of america, bank of ” FEES “

  29. Maybe every single customer on Verizon’s network should refuse for pay their bill until Verizon removes the fee.  I would love to see VZ executives calling an emergency board meeting over this.  “What do you mean every single customer didn’t pay their  bill”? LMAO!

  30. Go back to paper billing and the badtards a check. That’s what I’m going to do from now on.

  31. As great a commenting for the sake of complaining is we could always just do something about it.

    1. all of you Verizon customer now pretend like this is all new, when in fact they been fucking you for so long, is just this time they doing it without any grease, i never understood why you at&t and Verizon customer do not see what your beloved carrier have been doing to you all this time.

  32. whatever,its $2. i would still rather pay that than put up with att (who was much better when it was cingular),and the constant dropped calls i get with tmobile and sprint

  33. This only affects the lazy people who cant take 2 minutes to setup an auto electronic payment.  Who is calling verizon on the phone to pay with a credit card except in emergencies?  This is evolution at its finest.  Fee is fine with me.

    1. No genius, you are wrong. What ahppens when you are on auto pay and expect a 90.00 bill and Verizon make an error and charges a higher amount? Many people don’t trust auto pay and Verizon will soon see like BOA did that petty fees will turn people against them like nothing else will. Want more evidence, check Netflix stock price and customer base since they pulled their dumb ass move. They all count on sheep like you to go along.

      1. Since when does electronic payment mean ignore the billing amount?  I would much rather verizon apply this 2.00 “tax” on a few slackers who need the service than to generally raise everyone’s bills to pay for people who cant manage their finances.

        1. Why is a person who pays their bill on time a slacker in your mind? Verizon is trying to generate fee income just like the banks. If they feel it’s justified, so be it, but in todays economic climate they need look no further than BOA and Netflix to see what happens when companies squeeze too hard, no matter how small the fee is. 

  34. Here’s what I’ll say. This isn’t a big issue (like others have said) if you set yourself up to be prepared for it. Autopay, use electronic checks. If you’re complaining, then change services. If you are complaining and aren’t willing to change services? Then please shut up. You’re polluting my air. 

    Verizon has treated me well since I first signed up almost six years ago. If they need to charge a bit more because they’re being charged a bit more? So be it. I’ll bite the bullet for a service that I rarely have outages, I rarely have dropped calls, and that have worked with me through any sort of financial difficulties I’ve had.

    So, moral of the story. Complain about it if you’re doing something to change your circumstances. If you refuse to change your circumstances (ie, your carrier), then take it like a man. Nobody is impressed by empty threats and you’re not hurting Verizon either way.

  35. Verizon need $2 more to fix 4G LTE problem… lmao!!! Move to T mobile!!!

  36. I think ill bring in 200$ in penny rolls that’s more convenient. Ill see if my friends want to pay with pennies at the same time as me.

  37. It’s bullshit.  Plain and simple.

  38. Kind of sounds like Netflix…can you hear me now?

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