Gameloft Weekend Sale Starts NOW – All Games Only 99 Cents


Gameloft’s weekend sale is in full effect dropping the price of every single one of their paid titles in the Android Market to a mere 99 cents. If you’re first instinct is to jump on their newly released Modern Combat 3 (you’re not alone), Gameloft did mention that although currently excluded form the promotion, the title will also drop it’s $7 price tag but will only be available for 24 hours at $1.

No word on exactly which day that will occur so you can either check the Market everyday or like/follow them on Facebook/Twitter for updates. In the meantime, you can drool over the trailer below.

Must resist…. buying every…… game…

[Gameloft Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Gameloft can expect to be getting at least $5 from me. :)

  2. I just bought 8.  Shoulda waited cause I paid full price for MC3 a few weeks ago.  Oh well still hell of a deal. 

  3. Don’t support these people. All of these copyright infringement lawsuits for BS reasons and meanwhile the stuff it SHOULD protect (like Gameloft software) is completely ignored. Deplorable.

    1. link pls?

  4. Too bad they don’t have any games I actually want to play.

    1. Did you see the list??? Not even….. one? O_o

      1. or “none that are compatible with the htc rezound”, either.

    2. What’s the ….
      And also 5 friends who liked it…

  5. I can’t even find mc3 in the market galaxy sii

  6. ehh gameloft has no good games.   The NFL 2012 game which is free would be good if it didn’t have the stupid credit system thing.  I would totally just pay to play that one.

  7. Too bad none of their decent titles are available for my devices, good deal if they work for ya though.

  8. Gameloft sucks, wtb support for my galaxy tab 8.9

  9. Of course MC3 is still $6.99 for me in the market…

    1. I went to the game. Apparently one day over the weekend the game will drop to $1. So you have to be on the look out.

  10. I’ve got the LG Nitro HD and none of their ‘HD’ game versions show up on the Market…They show up fine on their own site, but not the Android Market.

    Calling Gameloft’s support number, they said it’s an issue of the Android Market needing to update their compatibility list and that I should submit a support ticket through their help system. Which I did.

    They damned well better have this fixed BEFORE Modern Combat 3 goes for $0.99!!

    1. I went to the game. Apparently one day over the weekend, the game will drop to $1. So you have to be on the look out.

  11. Suduko and Uno are all I get on my Asus Transformer. Thanks for supporting the #1 Android tablet, Gameloft. not

  12. All the good HD games arent capatable with Galaxy S 2.. what a joke, your only encouraging me to download a cracked apk

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