Verizon Wireless To Begin Charging “$2 Convenience Fee” For Online and Phone Payments


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but before I begin, I just want to say — please, keep it civil in the comments, folks. Starting January 15th, Verizon Wireless will be charging their customers an additional $2 “convenience fee” for paying their cellphone bill whether online and/or through the phone. Verizon already has a reputation as the most expensive carrier in the US and this just further adds to the nickel and diming customers have to pay for “premium” wireless services. You can see all the leaked documentation down below.

Of course, you can always avoid this fee by enrolling in “auto pay” (an option I have to take with my car insurance to avoid higher fees) but I’m still curious. How are all you Verizon Wireless customers going to take this news? Is $2 a month — $24 a year — a small price to pay for amazing coverage and 4G LTE (when it’s working). Or will this be the final straw sending you to more affordable carriers with possibly less coverage? I’m sure Republic Wireless is sounding better every day…


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  1. Yea, its only 24 dollars but when you are paying for a premium product or service you don’t really expect to deal with nickel and dimming B.S… Unless you bought an Audi, in which case you at least have a few years of free maintenance ;-) It’s not even that its uncommon practice but VZW the timing could have been a little better ehh?

  2. Isn’t this against terms of contract and grounds for getting out of Contract? 

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure… You’re not required to pay the 2 dollars unless you use their app from your phone or pay via a computer….

    2. haven’t read the contract.  maybe, but doubtful.  First, they likely have a clause allowing them to charge a “reasonable” administration fee. Second, even if not this is an extra fee for “convenience,” which is unrelated to the wireless service they provide, which is what your contract covers.  Third, you could send in a check, or set up automatic payments.  I agree its stupid and irritating beyond belief.  But its doubtful you’ll be able to use this to get out of any contract.

    3. No, because you are not required to pay via those methods. There are still free methods to make a payment for your plan, therefore they are not opting you out of the contract.

  3. That’s beyond dumb! How can you charge some one for “paying a bill”?! I just switched to Verizon. They come up with anything just to take another dollar. I can promise you it’ll hunt them later on in the future. There is no logical reason behind this. Even if it is just $2, you don’t make anyone pay for paying an initial bill. So now money cost money.

    1. The joke of this is that they’re charging you to make things more convenient for THEM! Yeah, processing electronic payments is so much harder than opening an envelope, and paying some entry level labor to do the data entry.

      1. This. LOL gotta agree its such a horse shit that they charge you to pay your bills, but
        its pretty common practice now a days to take a convenience fee. And people are too lazy and
        unmotivated to care and will continue to take it up their asses anyway, so I don’t see
        why Verizon can’t do it either.

        I’ll just keep mailing my phone bill like I always have done. And let them
        deal with waiting for payment and processing. Whatever. Yeah I do use online payments sometimes when its free, but when its not I can take 10
        sec of my time to write a check and mail it.

      2. You think its conversconvenient for them?
        This is probably as a result
        Of people not paying their bill on time.
        Pay your bill with auto pay…problem solved.

        1. You know… sometimes I read phandroid comments *just* to see your troll-ish posts, Mister TeaParty, Atlas Shrugging, Corporate Defender.

          You’ve taken “Yarrell Ray”‘s crown. :)

        2. @theatlguy. Short reply: bitch please. Longer reply: bitch mother effing please

        3. I actually have to agree with ATLGuy.  They’re probably using this as an incentive to get more people to pay their bill on time with autopay.  It’s still fucked up, though, and it makes me more glad that I’m on T-Mobile.

        4. Is this how you usually act when big corporations go deep on you? You or anyone else just accepting this will make it bad for everyone when other carriers try this. Plus, the fee itself sounds like bullshit. They’re still processing the payment electronically…

          What sucks is that when you enroll in auto pay they just take the money from good luck getting some of it back when you contest charges.

        5. Earlier this year Verizon instituted a $5 late fee. So, no, the late fee was to prevent people from paying late, this fee is to prevent people from using convenient ways [for the customer] to pay their bill.

      3. they maybe just be trying to offset fees they have to pay for the other payments, or they’re trying to entice more people to use autopay.  i highly doubt they’re risking bad pr and customer losses just for the hell of it.

        1. …except for the fact that they outright call it a “Convenience Fee”

          1. Exactly. It’s been conveniently free all 8 years of my time at Verizon.

          2. Not sure what to make of this comment… are you in favor of a $2 fee for nothing other than perceived value? or just showing me your V-peen?

    2. It’s like Ticket Master charging you an extra fee to print off tickets from your own computer. I admit I haven’t used Ticket Master in a long time so I have no idea if they still tack on this fee, but I remember it being around $5.00 per ticket to print out on my own computer. 

    3. I was considering changing from AT&T to get the new Galaxy. Now?  Fugheddabouddit!

  4. I guess we now know why they insisted the Galaxy Nexus come preloaded with the My Verizon app

  5. That’s it, f ’em, I’m done. Seriously in the summer I’m switching to buying unlocked phones and I’m going to cricket. They use sprints network which isn’t as good as verizons, but for the places I go to, it’ll be good enough for me.

    1. Sounds great. Let me lower my coverage and hope I can make calls and get on the internet and get emails when I want to so that I can save that $2 a month. That will teach them!

      1. actually i’d be saving about $70 a month you dipsh*t

  6. This is really stupid of them honestly.

  7. News*

  8. This fee doesn’t bother me. Most companies charge a fee to pay by phone or online. Even when I renewed my plates with dmv online I had to pay a convenience fee. So this is no different. Plus I’m already enrolled in auto pay.

  9. I feel like Verizon could justify extra cost if I was talking to a rep to take a payment but charging me $2 a month to pay online is absolutely ridiculous. Verizon is lucky they offer the superb coverage that they do. I’d take a hard look at Sprint otherwise.  

    1. and this was what, the 3rd 4g outage of the month? i dont even have 4g and im complaining. such bs that they nickel and dime you and they cant even get there network running consistently. blah blah blah “4g is still new tech” blah blah blah. if vzw is charging us such premium prices for a premium product i expect better results.

      1. I understand what you are saying Jason, but why would you complain over a 4G service you are not even using. The outages wouldn’t even effect you. No one, including VZW is blaming “4G is still a new tech”. Dumb.

  10. Even though they’re using legal speak to try and differentiate, this is against Visa/Mastercard policy.  This is discrimination based on payment type, since they are not charging the fee for ACH through the same means (online or over the phone).

    Visa/Mastercard regulations state that a convenience fee “can only be charged for a bona fide convenience of using an alternate payment channel outside of the merchant’s normal business practice”.  As far as I can tell verizon has been taking payments online and over the phone for at least 5 years, if not more.  How is that outside their normal business practice?

    The fact is that Verizon is trying to recoup the costs of rising credit card processing fees, and they’re doing it by passing the bill to us consumers, which is completely against Visa/MasterCard regulations.

    Someone should create a petition…

    1. Umm, ya, the problem is Verizon is not a credit card company.  And the fact that they used to provide the convenience for free is irrelevant to whether there is a bona fide convenience provided.

      Not saying I like it. But there is nothing illegal about it.

      1. What does that have to do with anything? Visa/Mastercard regulations apply to all merchants who accept said cards as a form of payment.  It applies to Verizon, 7-11, and the mom & pop store down the street from you.

        And you’re wrong about there being a bona fide convenience. It’s determined on what is considered outside their normal business practice. Verizon’s normal business practice has been to accept payments over the phone, through mail, and online for at least 5 years, but i’d wager around 10 years now. This would be considered normal business practice, and would not fall outside the scope for it to qualify for a convenience.

        I never said it was illegal, I said it is against Visa/Mastercard regulations. If found in violation of said regulation, they would lose the ability to process credit card transactions from Visa & Mastercard cards.

        It is in violation of said policy, first because it doesn’t fall under the scope that Visa/Mastercard allows for convenience fees, and second because it’s payment type discrimination. It’s against said policy to accept multiple forms of payments via the same juncture, and charge a fee only for the credit card payments. Though it is against policy, it’s a common practice from merchants because the general populous is uneducated in the matter. I myself am not though, as I’ve been working in the credit card processing industry for 6 years now.

        1. I thought you were talking about something else (the new debit card/credit card federal regulations). 

          I’m not familiar with the credit card regulations you’re talking about. First you mentioned they are a “policy” and then a “regulation.” Do you have a source/link?  I’m an attorney and wouldn’t mind taking a look. 

          1. yes they are Visa/Mastercard regulation.  As in a regulation/policy set forth by Visa & Mastercard that all merchants have to agree to before they are allowed to process said card types.  Give me one sec, I’ll find the exact policy/reg and link you.

            Ok here’s a little blurb on it

            When pulling up the actual Card acceptance guidelines on visa’s site, it says for a merchant to contact their processor for the specifics (I work with a major US processor, that’s how I know them).

            Here’s a link to the actual card acceptance guidelines off of visa’s website

            Oh, and here’s a blurb about payment type discrimination: “Surcharging customers for paying with a credit card is considered discrimination based on payment type. A convenience fee is a charge for offering customers another payment option that is separate and in addition to standard payment methods.

            For example, a retail store that takes credit cards, cash and checks as payment can’t charge a convenience fee on credit card transactions. This would be considered payment method discrimination because credit card payments are not offered as a bona fide convenience and the fee isn’t applied to all methods of payment.”

          2. Well, that’s a private company policy, not a regulation.  There isn’t anything illegal about it.  My guess is visa/mastercard have negotiated some small cut of it and have allowed them to deviate from it. 

            You mentioned regulation, that’s why I mentioned it not being illegal.  Regulation has very specific meaning in the law.  Bona fide does as well.  I’m also not convinced I’m wrong with respect to the “bona fide” langauge until I see the actual contractual language.  Plus, who knows what Verizon was able to get Visa/Mastercard to agree with.  They’re one of the few players that have leverage to redefine terms with the CC companies.

            I believe what you’re saying in a general sense.  But sweetheart deals get etched out all of the time. 

          3. Ok.  Took a look at them.  Those are relatively “soft” terms and there are numerous footholds for any decent attorney to work around.  And the Verizon attorneys I’m sure looked at this and considered it thoroughly. 

          4. ROFL for some reason it won’t let me reply to your post below me.

            I never said it was illegal.  I said it’s against Visa/Mastercard policy/regulation.  

            You state it’s not a regulation, but I think you’re being narrow minded of the word.  Regulation doesn’t just mean government/state mandated.   A regulation, at the base of the word, is something that is used to regulate an action or entity.  The policy set forth by V/MC is a regulation, as it’s used to regulate what can/cannot be done by merchants who wish to accept V/MC credit cards.  If they do not follow said policy, their ability to accept said payments can be revoked.  That to me sounds like they are regulating what can and cannot be done, hence I used the term regulation.

            And regardless of them being considered “soft” or not, they can/will be enforced. I have seen many merchants lose their ability to process because they did not follow the policy/procedures I spoke of.

          5. I’m not being narrow minded. I’m an attorney.  When someone says regulation, that means the government.  And that means the government may enforce that regulation against the given company.  Visa/Mastercard are not an authority wielding body. 

            So when you mentioned “regulation” relating to credit card companies my immediate response is related to actual regulation relating to credit card companies.  But that’s not what you’re talking about.  You can say I’m being narrow minded but I can say words have meaning and they certainly have large meaning here.

            The policy you mention is not a regulation.  Visa/Mastercard and Verizon are contractual partners, nothing more, nothing less.  That means that all of those terms can be negotiated. 

            I understand what you normally see.  But the idea that Verizon would blindly violate a term of the agreement without knowledge or support is a little naive.  They either 1) know Visa/Mastercard don’t have a strong case; or 2) negotiated new terms with Visa/Mastercard.

            And there is no simple blanket enforcement.  At the end of the day this would be litigated and potentially end up in front of the Court.  Verizon isn’t a mom and pop store. They won’t simply acquiesce because they get a nasty letter from Visa/Mastercard.  Besids that, I’ll almost guarantee this has already been handled between the two companies.

          6. I don’t know why you (Matthew) are looking at this from a legal prospective. This is looks to me like a clear cut case, Verizon can’t sue or even stop mastercard/visa from revoking their processing rights because they have terms that let them. They wouldn’t get a nasty letter from Visa/mastercard. They would probably get a letter informing them that they will no longer process any Verizon transaction until they change the policy. Nothing they can do about that. Maybe they did negotiate different terms, but plenty of companies straight out ignore terms. I don’t believe its very rare. Also, I get that he used regulation wrong, but you understood what he was saying right?

  11. I don’t know whats worse. This stupid fee, or the stupid ads that are popping up every time I visit Phandroid

    1. Chrome+AdBlock=Happiness

      1. yeap i never see any ads adblock ftw

    2. Which one charges you money? O_o

      1. time is money, and the ads are wasting my time

        1. Feel free to get your Android news somewhere else then, web hosting doesn’t pay for itself.

        2. I’m sure the pop ups are holding you from performing life saving surgeries

    3. I agree it’s hard to figure which sucks more, the best is when you use your phone to read this site and an ad pop’s up right in your way.

    4. /agreed.  Pop-up ads suck, especially on tablets and phones… :(

    5. Phandroid has pop-up ads? Gah! Thank heavens for ad-blockers.

  12. In terms of contract law, the $2 fee arrangement will be interpreted as a separate agreement.  Meaning you agree to pay $2 for the “convenience” of paying via phone or online. These terms, at least I don’ t think, are addressed in the original contract. As such parties are free to come into a second agreement with respect to the “convenience” terms. Moreover, as you note, the fact that they don’t completely cut off other payment options (mail, autopayment, echeck) also saves them. So there is little you can likely do….but remember this when you renew…I will.

  13. Is this a drive you get people to sign up for auto pay? I really hope someone gets fired for this one because it’s just idiotic to charge people more for what the HAVE TO DO to keep the service running. Verizon is going to get a lot of negative feed back and take a hit in stock prices.  Way to go.

    1. doubt it.

  14. There’s no sugarcoating it, if my Canadian carrier, Telus, instituted this policy I would  drop them. No questions asked. However, I did work customer service for AT&T and they charged a $5.00 fee to pay your home phone/internet/TV bill through IVR or a rep, so at least it’s not as bad as it could be. That being said, I feel for Verizon customers, especially recently.

  15. If they want to play this game, I will just use my bill pay from my bank to pay them every month.  My bank will cut them a paper check and mail it to them and it costs me nothing, not even for the stamp.  However, they have to pay someone to open the envelope and process the payment.

    Problem solved.  Problem staying solved.  Rangers lead the way.

    1. I think this is how I have my payment actually. It is automatic, whether it is through my bank or Verizon, I don’t know, so no worries here :)

      1. You’re still enabling them to f*ck over everyone else. At least speak out on behalf of those who disagree with the charge.

    2. You know when you pay a large company via online banking they don’t send an actual check right? Your bank has an account number for Verizon that they basically wire the money through to make your payment. I know there’s more to it than that but it’s not an actual check. That would be a huge waste of money for a bank.

  16. I’ll just pay with my checking account…problem solved.

  17. More reason to stay with Sprint.

    1. You guys ARE aware Sprint has been doing something very similar for over a year now, right? Except with Sprint, they charge you even more…$5/mo if you don’t have any automatic payment methods on file. Just google “sprint $5 fee” and it will bring up lots of articles about this.

      1. The $4.99 fee is only if you have an account spending limit.

  18. heh…this comes to light as 4G LTE is down AGAIN

  19. The terms are a little misleading. It says online payments are charged the fee but ACH is ok. How can you do an ACH transfer if not online?

    1. phone?

  20. Why don’t they just build that cost into the price of service?

  21. I dont think the $2 processing fee is bad… considering at my job we charge $12.50 or $20 to do a check pymnt! Go to the store and make your pymnt, send it through your bill pay or do the check over the phone for free. Problem solved no big deal.

  22. Well, I guess I will go back to paper bills and send them a check. If everyone does this I bet they will get rid of the fee.

  23. Between Sprint pulling the rug away from all the perks and becoming the slowest national carrier, T-Mobile’s crappy selection of phones, and Verizon luxurious status symbol pricing, AT&T is actually starting to look pleasant.

    After AT&T added M2aM calling to their unlimited text earlier this year, their 450 minute plan with 2GB of data is only ($85) $5 more than Sprint’s comparable M2aM plan. For that $5 extra dollars, you get better coverage, building penetration, faster data, a great selection of phones, a carrier that uses the GSM standard (import European phones if you wish to), and minutes that roll over. How ironic…

  24. More nickel and diming. I can’t believe u Verizon customers praise them cuz of there superior coverage and LTE network.

    1. praising them because of their superior coverage and LTE network does not correlate to their nickel and diming….

  25. Think i will just go down to the brick an mortar store an start paying my bill in damn penny rolls, see how they like that for convience

    1. dont roll them. bags of pennies are much better.

      1. They’ll make you roll them. We do!

    2. To be honest, that’s not fair to the in-store employees. I’m sure it is not their idea to have to start taking a lot more customers paying bills and such; they’d probably be just as happy with you paying your bill online so they can focus on sales. This is the same corporate BS they’ve been dishing us for a while now – and most of the time, the little guys (ie, the store employees) get to deal with it.

      Personally, it just gives me one more reason to look at other carriers when my contract expires.

  26. Loll another reason I’m going with Sprint as soon as I get off of my Verizon family plan with my parents

  27. they charge me extra for their v-cast crap, vz navigator, and extra just for visual voicemail… all of which are free on Sprint…. now they’re charging me extra just to pay the monthly bill. when will it stop verizon? This is getting ridiculous. As soon as Sprint’s Network Vision is up and running next summer… I’m going back to Sprint.

    1. why would you ever use v-cast,  google maps has nav, and google voice has visual voicemail.  you can just do the auto pay and there is no fee.  though  if you didnt pay the monthly visual voicemail fee and switched to Google Voice’s voicemail, that would offset the “convenience fee” if you can’t handle autopay.

      1. Yes, I realize there are other options to some of these features, but its simply the principle my friend. (Although Sprint allowing their users to watch ESPN via SprintTV for free is very nice). Like I said, its about the principle, Especially when other carriers allow you to use every feature of the phone at the stated price… without additional fees.  The nickel-and-diming at Verizon is getting very old.

  28. Verizon doesn’t nickel and dime people as much as AT&T. AT&T charges you to pay your bill in store, upgrade your line, block numbers, charges you $16 a month to use their Microcell. Verizon people have it good 

  29. Good evening folks,

    I work for Verizon corporate office , I here your concerns regarding our proposed fee. We will be reevaluating this as needed. We strive to provide the best service possible to our great customers and apologize about the current outages happening and appreciate your continued patience and support. As a courtesy too our customers we are considering creating a platinum plan for our most loyal customers and this possibly could include unlimited data, early upgrade discounts, discounts on accessories. This is by no means final at all it is just one thing were trying to get out there.

    1. I hope you speak the truth, Bob, I really do.  I’ve been a big fan of Verizon for years now, and recommended them to everyone, and been quite happy with LTE.  But first unlimited goes away for those that don’t already have it, then LTE starts to have its issues, and now this?  I’ll be charged for paying my bill on my phone, which may not work anyway since apparently I no longer have a reliable data connection?  I want to keep a positive opinion of VZW, but its really difficult recently, and this is making it worse.  

      Tell your associates that Verizon will lose the confidence of THOUSANDS of people like myself if this goes through, and the network issues continue.  That is, informed customers who also know a thing or two about tech, and serve as a source of recommendations and knowledge for our non tech-savvy friends.  So our influence goes a bit beyond ourselves, and if we can no longer in good conscience recommend Verizon, the impact will certainly be felt.  

      I look forward to Verizon’s response to our input, and hope they make the right decision.

    2. He is lying. Verizon Wireless will not and do not respond directly in these forums and will not lay down “possible” promises due to unhappy customers and their complaints. Not to mention the moron can’t even spell. But I guess that makes even more believable. =/

  30. After reading it, you don’t get charged for electronic checks. You can pay online with your bank account and routing number without the fee.

  31. Sheesh, guys, it’s not really that bad. They are waving the fee for those who enroll in autopay using any payment method or who use electronic debit (through a bank account) to make incidental payments. It’s only to recoup the cost they’re being charged to process incidental credit card payments made on an irregular basis. It really probably won’t affect that many people — or if it does, it might get them to finally do the sensible thing and enroll in autopay. Verizon does some stupid things, but this isn’t one of them. Chillax.

    1. I used auto pay with Verizon until about 6 years ago. When I switched plans, an error on their end ended up charging my cell minutes for each minute I was logged on a data connection (pretty much all month). I got a bill for $7000 which was auto-deducted from my checkbook causing my house payment to bounce.

      No more auto-pay with Verizon for me…

    2. How about contesting charges when it’s already been deducted from your account? They want you in auto pay so you don’t see the little bullshit charges they can tack on.

  32. I hope so bob. Loyal customers deserve as much. We should not have fees like these. Maybe people that make late payments. Still I think we pay enough.

  33. Meh. I make all my payments via online banking.

  34. This is yet another example of where there needs to be a class action lawsuit. How can you charge me a fee to pay my bill for a service that I am paying for you to provide.

    FUCK you vzw

  35. Ok Verizon subscribers, what are you going to do? They actually want to charge us to pay our bills. I say Inundate them will complaints. Have their customer service answer calls from irate customers all day. I think if you call from you Verizon phone it still free for us. Make pissed off youtube videos and send them viral, hit them in their marketing.  Nah, we’ll just take it. At least I have loads of forever stamps that I can send in my payments and include all the junk “we care,” and” here’s a great offer for our special customers” crap.

  36. “Convenience fee”. Beyond the obvious BS behind this, companies who actually charge you for “convenience” (there are many) should actually CREDIT you $2 for a “green credit” for cutting down on paper use. Seriously.

    1. Just for spite, maybe I’ll start paying my bills the old fashioned way, and they can deal with the paperwork and the expenses involved (obviously, my $2/month is nothing, but it would be great if hundreds of thousands, or millions of people did it (yes, I know, I’m dreaming), if anything just to see how Verizon reacts.
       I’m hardly worried about the $2, it’s the principle of the matter.


    I worked for a credit card company.  We used to charge fees like this, but Obama took this ability away with his new credit card act.  It says that rush payment fees/convenience fees cannot be charged unless there is a human interaction with a customer service agent, via a phone call or chat session.  So, we implemented a chat system that allows the customer to interact with customer service, prior to making a payment… only then can a fee be charged.

    In addition to this… it costs us a FRACTION of a penny to process any payment, including a rush payment. This is PURE PROFIT for Verizon. This is ridiculous.

    1.  occupy verizon!!! 

  38. If you want to f them over go back to getting paper bills and pay by check via snail mail.

  39. Greedy pigs, not surprisingl

  40. I’ve been paying a “convenience pay” to make payments online to Geico for 2 years now.. 

  41. For all of us vzn, customers this voids our contract. Call and cancel your account. I am!!!!!!

  42. Hey, I’m just effing glad I have access to Mobil Data today. 

  43. Maybe they should work towards fixing data outages and not charge people to pay their bill anywhere other then the store?

    1. Didn’t you know? They need this revenue to keep the network up.

  44. Hey Chris, your article is VERY MISLEADING. This only applies to CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS made over the phone or online. People who pay with electronic check ARE NOT AFFECTED. Your statements make it sound like a blanket policy for all payments, which it is not. PLEASE CORRECT YOUR ARTICLE.

  45. Thank God they aren’t adding it to auto bill pay. I have all my bills now done through auto billpay and if they charged me extra to ensure I was paying ON time every month I’d be uber annoyed,

  46. I’m going to start making my payments in the store……with a giant bag of pennies! You make it inconvenient for me and I will make it inconvenient for you!

  47. The fee only applies to credit card payment,  If one wants to avoid the fee just make sure that the payment is transferred by electronic check…it only involves entering the bank’s routing number and the account number.  I can understand that Verizon would want to avoid the fee that they have to pay to the credit card companies.  Lots of companies do the same thing.

  48. I wouldn’t mind their “convenience” fee so much if we received an inconvenience rebate every time their network went down

    1. THIS!!!

    2. DING!!!!!

  49. That’s fine, I’ll just write them a check and they will have to pay the fee to process that and then pay someone to take care of it.

  50. WTF!!! So I elect to get my bill electronically to help save waste and VZW money through paper, postage, and processing yet they STILL want more money for the convenience of letting me pay online.

    You know what? FU Verizon. I will elect to get my bill in the mail and use my online bill pay through my bank. Have fun with the extra cost and man hours.

  51. Sucks to be on Verizon now does it? Glad Im on AT&T

  52. I love when they make things more convenient for me. I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this $2…

  53. So that’s how Verizon is going to pay for the maintenance on their 4g network.

  54. Is this really a breach of contract?  

  55. If they were trying to encourage customers to use payment methods that don’t involve a live person on Verizon’s end, I could understand it; live people add to the cost of processing the payment, and passing that cost onto customers who pay via a live person makes sense – why should the rest of us have to pay for it?  But this doesn’t appear to be what they’re doing; you can avoid the fee by paying in store via a representative.

    If they’re doing this to recoup additional bank fees incurred for some payment methods, I think they’re using their clout in the wrong place.  Verizon’s a big company; they should use their clout to negotiate lower bank fees, not to push additional fees onto their customers.

  56. Yeah, this is total BS.  it should be the other way around, right?  Paying online should make is easier for them, hence free, as opposed to someone opening an envelope, logging payment, depositing said checks into a bank acct. etc.  I just switched to V for the GNex, drat!!

  57. Let’s see, in the last 12 mos they have:
    -Eliminated the 1 year contract option
    -Gone to tiered data plans
    -Over charged for LTE phones (look at AT&T’s…)
    -Started charging people to make payments
    -Multiple 4G outage’s (growing pains… understandable)


  58. Its really not a big deal. First of all, lots of companies are doing it these days. Second of all if you are paying by phone or online you have a credit or debit card so just set up autopay. Otherwise mail a check. Its not that bad.

  59. Yes, folks that’s right! Verizon is now charging you for giving them money!

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