Though Unlisted, HTC Rezound Unlockable via HTCDev Tools


You won’t find it listed among the likes of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G and HTC View 4G, but the tools available via HTCDev.com are apparently capable of unlocking the bootloader of the HTC Rezound as well. It’s as easy as heading over to the site and following the same instructions that unlock any other listed HTC device.

Since there has been no official mention of the Rezound chances are HTC did not intentionally provide these capabilities. In the event that the manufacturer decides to remove support for the Beats Audio handset, those wishing to forego the bootloader by official means should act quickly.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. knowing my luck it’ll be disabled by the time I get home

  2. I am shocked that it worked and was that easy…

  3. My guess is that HTC doesn’t care if you unlock the bootloader for the Rezound but doesn’t advertise it because Verizon cares.

  4. Does this mean permanent root with s-off? If so my dinc might just get retired:)

      1. thank you

        1. My bad on the s-off – it’s still s-on, but that won’t hinder you.

  5. now if only there be a gsm version of this phone…

  6. HTC Vivid bootloader can also be unlocked now. 

  7. “Forego” … You use this word… I do not think it means what you think it means.

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