Verizon’s 4G Network Down Again?


This is getting a bit ridiculous. After two major 4G outages in as many weeks, there are reports that Verizon’s LTE network is once again down for the count. I can’t confirm the outage personally, as 4G LTE is working fine on my Galaxy Nexus here in Baltimore, but we have received several tips indicating a loss of connectivity and several other sources are reporting this to be the case. Verizon has not confirmed the outage and there is no telling how widespread it is, but it sounds like a good number of customers are currently operating without 4G. What’s that status for you, dear readers?


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  1. Seems to be out in Nashville, TN.

  2. I opened this up to say I wasn’t having problems but I just looked at my phone and it was down to 3G and now I have no network connectivity at all. Lame.

  3. Both 4g and 3g (3g has been coming on and off, but it’s down now) are down in and around Boston, MA.

  4. No data at all today in Phoenix, AZ. This is getting stupid…

  5. Lake mary, Florida. Both 3g and the LTE network are down

  6. “This is getting a bit ridiculous.”

    Overreact much?! O_o

    1. How is it overreacting? This is getting a bit ridiculous. 

      No connectivity here in Houston. 

      1. A few hours of downtime and you all lose your freaking minds. Move on, get over it, it happens. I pay good money too but I’m realistic in knowing that 100% uptime is never going to happen. And by my estimate, all the outages combined lasted less than 10 hours!

    2. I don’t think it is overreacting. Customers pay their hard earned dollars for service. You certainly don’t expect there to be outages. Much less two within a few weeks of eachother.

      1. While I expect an out on occasion-just the nature of the beast-the amount of outages in the past few months IS ridiculous. 

      2. I actually like how someone put it during the last outage.  You pay $30/month (assuming you have a grandfathered unlimited plan or the standard 2/4GB plan), that equals to approximately $0.96 in a 31 day month.  if the outage last 6 hours (like it did last time) that is $0.24… You still have Voice Service, so essential/emergency services are still good and since you are posting here, you obviously have internet access from somewhere…. 

        1. While you may be right, that doesn’t really change the fact that people pay for their services to work. To expect there to be no hiccups would be silly, but to have this many issues in such a short period of time – it’s ridiculous.

      3. I do expect there to be outages. Technology fails, deal with it!

    3. Definitely NOT over reacting. We all pay good money for 24/7 service. Whereas some outages are expected, this just seems to be bad planning/implementation.

      1. How is it bad planning/implementation? Do you know what caused the outage? If not you have no idea. Get your panties out of a bunch and relax!

    4. lmao…

      Got your flame-proof suit on, man?  Yer gonna need it…

    5. It wouldn’t be ridiculous if this wasn’t a consistent issue with VZWs data network. The past month has had days of network outages. An outage or two during the course of a calendar year is to be expected but when the same issue crops up in a short time frame something else is going on and it’s not good.

      1. con·sist·ent   [kuhn-sis-tuhnt]
        1. agreeing or accordant; compatible; not self-contradictory: His views and actions are consistent.
        2. constantly adhering to the same principles, course, form, etc.: a consistent opponent.
        3. holding firmly together; cohering.
        4. Archaic . fixed; firm.

        I’m afraid you’ve suffered a word usage fail!

  7. Down in Milwaukee and New Berlin, WI

  8. A OK here in metro Detroit

    1. Mine isn’t working in Southfield.  I was in the verizon store about an hour ago and the confirmed the network is down.

  9. 4g working in East Hanover NJ.. 22 down 16 up…

  10. Out here in Santa Barbara, CA 10:50am PST  3g and 4g…

  11. Can you hear me now???????????

    1. Actually, yes, since phone calls and text messages are not affected by this outage.  I can hear you loud and clear.

      1. Can you hear me now???????????

        1. Can we wish we didn’t?

          1. My 4g is down hommie I can’t hear you.

          2. What?

          3. QUE!!???!? watapitusberry?

          4. Let me walk around and see if I can get a signal.

      2. My texts aren’t working either. and calls were out for a while too. It’s bad this time.

  12. No 4g or 3g in Denver

    1. From Twitter:

      ruffeoTim Dennis

      Just got off the phone with @vzsupport the 3G and 4G network crashed again #verizon

      1. I am waiting on the supervisor for a credit on my account.  I rely on my data for my living.  We all deserve this month of data for half at least.  Third outage in a month!

        1. Agreed.  A credit for whatever data plan you have on this months bill would be very effective in making VZW look like they actually gave a shit.

          1. haha, When did you get the Idea that VZ actually cares about their customers?

          2. They are rated #1 in customer service last I checked and in-store they have always been top-notch.

            So… That’s where I got that idea… :-)

    2. I can’t even make an outgoing call… (I’m in Lone Tree, CO)

      Just kidding… calling just started to work… but no 3/4g

    3. Who cares if you have no data in Denver… As long as you can see tebow, there is NO MAJOR problem

  13. 3g/4G out in Boise,ID

    1. Same for me in Boise, 3 bars, no 3G or 4G.  Unfortunately switching to CDMA Only isn’t fixing it for me like it did last time.   The weird thing is that the guy two cubicles over from me has 1 bar of 4G….  We are both running GNexs

      1. I’m in the same exact boat as you. Albany NY

  14. Totally down in Charlottesville, VA

  15. So at what point do we start a class action suit and demand a month of free service as compensation?

    1. First lets let them have an opportunity to fix it without getting lawyers involved.  I would love to see Verizon issue an apology and credit the data plans for this month.  There’s still a chance this could happen.  Let’s not threaten legal action *quite* yet…

  16. No data service available.  Charlotte, NC

  17. Lost all mobile data here in San Diego (Poway to be exact) about 10 minutes ago. I thought it was just me!

  18. Out in Baltimore, MD (I’m north of Baltimore City in Towson but close enough)

    How does the OP seem to have it??

  19. No 3G or 4G in beautiful Duluth, MN

  20. same in north florida…I disabled 4g altogether and 3g has been down as well.  #FAIL

  21. I have 3g in DC. No Problems so far!

  22. No 3G or 4G in Cherry Hill, NJ

  23. Winston-Salem, NC 4g is down…. 3g is sporadic….

  24. totally down in Baltimore County 

    1. Yeah I’m  in Baltimore County too (Towson)

  25. No data here in Chicagoabouts.

  26. no 3g or 4g in san diego.. not even connecting to 1x

  27. Out here in Belmont, NC

  28. 3g and 4g down in Richmond, VA

  29. No 4G here in Seattle

  30. No 3g/ 4g in Allentown PA

  31. No 4G here in Portland, OR. 3G wasn’t working a while ago, but it seems to be working now. 

  32. no 4g or 3G data in San Francisco here. damn outages. How many more will there be? Switching back to AT&T? I might be forced to even though I love my Droid RAZR

  33. I don’t use Verizon but I don’t see at all how saying this is getting ridiculous is an overreaction. I know I’d be mad if I was losing data I was paying for.

  34. down in LA… better be up in time for my commute home!

  35. 4G LTE and 3G down in Pittsburgh

  36. No 3G or 4G on my Nexus in Asheboro, NC

  37. No data at all in Indianapolis area.

  38. No Data service at all in the Southern VA area. From the posts I see on the Verizon Community forums it seems that the whole country is down data wise. I can make calls and send text messages, just no internet at all.

  39. No data in Champaign, IL

  40. yeah… how will billing work, first 4G phone G-Nex… we get a rebate, refund or what…?

  41. Kevin,

    No 3g or 4g on my Nexus in Baltimore (well Timonium to be exact).  Droid Incredible in the cube next to me has 3g though.

    1. Yeah I’m in Towson (by the old courthouse) and it’s down :(

  42. everything working fine in boston 

  43. No 3G or 4G in ATL on Galaxy Nexus

  44. Look like Las Vegas is out as well.

  45. 3G only here in Dallas….

  46. Out in Memphis, TN. Last night it was stuck in 3G. Had to remove SD card & reboot to get 4G back, now neither one works. Thanks, Verizon, & Happy Holidays to you. GRRR!

  47. Im ok 3g on Og Dinc. Los Angeles 310, 323

  48. No 4g or 3g in Los Angeles, CA

  49. 3 and 4g down in Lima, Oh.

  50. No 3g or 4G in NYC.

  51. Airplane mode works great

    1. no data southern indiana again today. and we were involved in 2 days ago also

  52. I called support and they have an automated message saying they know there is in outage for 4g devices in my area and they are working on it.  This doesn’t explain why my Gnex has no connection while my xoom has 4g and they are next to each other.

    1.  I would be curious as to why that is the case… If you find out, please let us know!

  53. NONE IN CLEVELAND OH….WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 4G is down here in Mobile, AL.
    3G was also down for a while, but it appears to be up now.

  55. No 4g or 3g in Columbus OH.  

  56. 4g fine in St. Paul MN

    1. Wow.  No data again now in Lakeville…just a hop-skip-and jump away.

      1. Just looked again.  No problem here.  We’ll see what happens when I leave work. 

        Edit: Just as I posted I lost 4G

  57. Was Down in Trenton NJ and Philly. Back in Trenton now

  58. No data on my 4G in Washington DC! This is getting VERY frustrating!

  59. No 4g in New Hampshire either

  60. Out in Illinois

  61. I just got a Galaxy Nexus this morning and went to Verizon twenty minutes ago to complain that I couldn’t get ANY data — neither 3G nor 4G. They said “Yeah, there’s a 4G outage”. When I asked why I couldn’t get 3G data, they were all “Yeah, well, some phones are like that.”

    1. “Yeah, well, some phones are like that.”

      Ugh…  The Nexus devices shouldn’t be one of them.

      1. They shouldn’t have been made by Samsung either, if for no other reason than Samsung’s radios have a history of suckiness.

        1. Mine has been just fine… So long as there is actually a signal…

          1. You’ve posted some fantastic, spot-on comments lately, PC Tool (elsewhere). Thank you for taking the time / dedicating the energy. Keep up the great work, and never think for a second that it’s unappreciated

  62. Shocked.

  63. Youngstown Ohio
    No network connectivity 3g or 4g on Galaxy Nexus.
    Just wasted 45 mins. on the phone with VZW level 2 tech.
    He saw no network bulletins but he said something was going on because he had 75 people behind me waiting.

    Should have stayed with At&t never had so many network issues………. : (

  64. Just north of Tampa, FL and no 3g/4g. Can’t receive MMS either. Verizon is not making me feel very proud about owning a “4g” phone…

  65. Just got a RAZR last night… 4G is going in and out here in St. Louis MO.  Ugh.

  66. In Baltimore rezound 4g down

    1. Yup still down for me. :(

  67. 4g fine in Buffalo, NY

  68. 4G down, 3G was also for a good bit.  3G is now working again. 
    -Galaxy Nexus

    3G never stopped.
    -Nexus S

    4G never stopped.

    This is the current status in my office.

  69. 4g is down here in Virginia Beach, VA.  I had to switch modes to CDMA only on my Bionic to get 3G to come on.  At least that is working but of course I have to manually turn 4G on periodically to see if its back yet.  Kind of frustrating.

    1. Thanks for the tip on switching to CDMA only, also worked for my Galaxy Nexus to at least get 3G.

      1. Didn’t work for me (Baltimore, MD) 

        1. It only worked for me for a short time, then the 3G went out, even on CDMA only.

  70. 3G only in Indianapolis.  This is getting old.

  71. Down in Austin Texas. Only getting 1x with occasional 3g.

  72. I guess its down in Branson, MO. I thought JuiceDefender had messed it up because i was messing with it.

  73. Just went into a vzw store where the rep immediately informed me the issue was due to a “nation wide” 4g outage. She confirmed this with Verizon. She had yo pull the battery on my gnex just to get 3g working…

  74. No 4g here in Duarte, CA. 3g is spotty as hell too! WTF verizon?!

  75. Wooster Ohio no 3G or 4G on Motorola. Droid RAZR.

  76. Raawwrrr just got my Nexus and cant activate it QQ

    Edit when I was spending billions on the phone with them tech guy said within the hour. we’ll see if thats true

  77. 3G and 4G out in Salt Lake City on my Galaxy Nexus

    1. And in Sandy, UT too.

  78. No 4G/3G in Baltimore on Galaxy Nexus

    1. Yup out here too. I’m in Towson, MD :(

  79. No 4g or 3g in Knoxville, TN. I had data interruptions, that lasted 30 mins to an hour, all day yesterday and into today. Its been down almost 3 hours straight now.Which sucks since I drive around for work, and I need internet on the go without having to stop and look for free wifi. 

  80. I’m in tampa and it’s crazy I have no 4g on my G-Nex but I have perfect 4g on my bionic. I actually had no 3g on nexus until moments ago either.

  81. hspa+ working fine everywhere

    1. Except where I live.

      Edge egde everywhere…..and not a byte to link.

  82. Looks like my 3g/4g is working just fine on my Evo 4g.  Eat it Verizon!!!

  83. no 4G or 3G in Los Angeles (GNex) for past two hours.

  84. There’s solar flares right now

    1. i don’t know about full-blown solar flares, but there’s some activity:

  85. No 3G/4G in Portland, OR

    1. I am getting 3g, but no 4g near PDX airport.

  86. No 4g or 3g right now in Worcester, MA.

  87. In Cincinnati, we have one line in the office with no data while another phone has data fully operational.  Both are Moto Bionics.  Weird.

  88. down in detroit

  89. Wow.. I hope they get it sorted out,, going to be interesting to see if AT&T has these same problems with LTE,. What I don’t get is why it would also affect the 3G ?.. AT&T said their plan was that if LTE didn’t work it would fall back to the HSPA+ which of course is a selling point as HSPA+ is faster than Verizon 3G.

  90. Back up, in Columbia, SC

  91. Srly, Verizon Get your act together. I’m having outages in Albany NY. No 4g or 3g for me however my coworkers seem fine. 

    1. What are you talking about Ken??? VZW has the most reliable and most advanced 4g network. Thus, there is no possible way your actually having problems with 4g/3g

      1. I must have missed the memo.

  92. i couldnt get any kind of data connection (south east NC) earlier but then it flickered on/off 1x…now im gettin 3g

  93. I have been on a call with Verizon for 37 minutes and they don’t want to credit customers for 3 outages this month because they are currently experiencing an outage.  They want to wait until it’s over to see how long a customer is without service to issue credits.  That is lousy.  I suggest everyone call in to request a credit on their account for the 3 outages so far this month and document your success.  If Verizon fails to assist their customers with a reasonable compensation I suggest it is time for a Class Action Lawsuit.  Let’s stick together and stop letting BIG RED take advantage of us.  Their is power in unity!

    Edit – After 2 reps and a supervisor they credited me $6 for the first 2 outages and will credit once this outage is over. They are crediting based on plan amount/# days in month (~$1/day for unlimited plan). First outage (Dec 7) was documented at 4 days out and second outage (Dec 21) was documented at 2 days out.

    Let’s see if this is the last outage this year and for some time to come??!!

    1. seriously? ok so verizon charges you the same wether you are on 3g or 4g it is “data access”. the 3g network hasn’t been down this month, the 4g well we all know that story. so you are going to sue them why? they haven’t broken their part of the contract to provide data access, it is slower than the 4g but it is still there, you can still make phone calls, still send text messages and still surf porn on the browser, it just takes what seems like forever for the video to load on 3g. 

      the sue first mentality is not always the right one. now if a company sets out to intentionally screw you i would agree with you but you have to understand sh*t happens by accident. they don’t want you to be without 4g anymore than you want to be.

  94. I’ve been with Sprint for 10 years and I cannot remember the last time they had a wireless network outage. (I live in Phx, Az)

    1. are you kidding me? i lived in Phoenix and that city is the reason i switched to verizon. lost signal all the time. and had zero signal where i worked (gila river)

      1. Not having coverage in a small area is a far cry from a major network outage affecting handsets across the country.

  95. Time to change to T mobile!

  96. Really not tryin to be a fanboy, but it it seems VZ takes the cake with their their network going down…  I hear about their network failures more than Sprint, ATT, and T-Mo combined. 

    1. not that i am in love with someone i pay money to every month, but in VZs defense the 3g network never has outtages, but this has been a hell of a rough month for the LTE (4g) network.

  97. I’m in Miami.  No problems with my 4G connectivity so far…

  98. Probably Hacker attack? LOL

  99. This is part of the reason that I was promoted to write this the other day:

    I bought the Galaxy Nexus on December 22nd and returned it yesterday. I didn’t like it. It locked up on me at least 3 times that I can remember. I had to take the battery out to fix it. I left Tmobile to get it yet I was often bouncing into 3g where I hadn’t on my MyTouch 4g. I had a plastic case on the phone yet it still felt way to light. Sort of like dropping it without the case could result in more then the screen cracking but the body of the phone as well.

    Ice Cream sandwich was cool but I didn’t think it was worth that hardware especially since a large number of my apps were not compatible yet. It was very difficult to maneuver around on that big screen with one hand too! A screen that size might want to include a track pad or ball similar to the Nexus one. Reaching the top left with my thumb was impossible.

    A better option seemed to be to wait for an HTC or Motorola Ice Cream sandwich phone to release while the developers and Verizon get the bugs worked out. I don’t think I would try ano

    1. Given that most peoples home internet is 10-20 mbs, and the fact that even the most advanced devices on the market today cannot really utilize that speed (other than tethering) I think ill stay with tmo and 18mbs avg, yea its slower but I keep my pockets lined with 20-40 dollars extra a month I am saving over VZW, not to mention I cannot remember the last time we had an outage.

      There is certainly no perfect network, but one that plays so many games in the release of many devices and one that has constant outages and then charges a premium price, ehhh that is just not for me I guess.  

  100. No 3g or 4g in cleveland. Droid inc on cm7 next to me had full data on 3g

  101. On and off here in San Diego

  102. Pittsburgh, no 3G.  Not in 4G range, so I can’t test that, but i’d assume it’s out too, as I haven’t seen a situation yet where the 4G stayed up and 3G was down.

    Come on Verizon!  WTF!?

  103. 4g is down in las vegas. 3g was too all morning but i just got it back. GNex

  104. All 3G and 4G have been down all damn day in Louisiana.  I thought P3’s radios went out on me for a second!  But only for a second..

  105. 3G only over in Gaithersburg MD

  106. I am getting 3G/4G just fine here in Mesa, AZ.  Also verified by 3 other people. Although both are really slow ATM (3G pings in excess of 200MS, 4G pings in excess of 150MS)

    1. Not working in the MetroCenter area of Phoenix, Not 3G or 4G.

  107. Springfield, MO – rockin’ 1x occasionally (HTC Rezound). C’mon Big Red.

  108. My 4G has been down for hours now with Verizon, I’m in Houston. I have 3g but it too comes and goes.

  109. 3g is back up in Lima!

  110. Been out in North Houston, TX since about 11 am. Might have been out earlier but I was at home on wifi.  It came back about 2:15 but seems to be out again at 2:30.  Talked to Verizon and they said it’s because of an update and will be finished in an hour or two.

  111. 4G barely ever works in Aberdeen…about 20 miles north of Baltimore.  I’m not sure if it has been officially launched yet but I either have full bars for an hour or so, no bars or get stuck on 3g most of the time.

  112. South Dakota is out Too!

  113. We are down in Lansing, MI as well.

  114. Oh good! I thought something was wrong with the ROM I’d been flashing.

  115. 4g down in Ft Lauderdale, FL. 3g seemed to be iffy for a while. No data at all on my Galaxy Nexus in mixed LTE/cdma mode. 3g seems to be ok in cdma only mode.

  116. I switched from T-Mobile for this BS!!!
    Everyone kept talking about how great the coverage is but I’m getting 1-2 bar in most places, I know Samsung’s Antennas are not that great but even with T-mobile I got 2 bars better with the same phone just GSM!!! 
    It is not a software problem, it’s hardware and service. the battery life sux on LTE!!!

    1. You know you have 30 days right? For the record, I’ve never had these kind of issues with Verizon.

  117. Been out all morning in Sacramento. 3G comes and goes. Pretty crappy service from the nation’s greatest network. Will they refund for the lost time? NOT

  118. On galaxy nexus if you go to settins more mobile network then network mode and switch to cdma u will get 3g service . Better than nothing which i had prior to going to cdma only mode

  119. rezound here; 3g out in central NJ (i don’t get 4g here).  3g keeps dropping, then it’ll goto 1x, then 1x goes away and i just have bars.  even had trouble activating peoples 4g phones today a bit.  

  120. I work at verizon i can confirm we are having problems. I tried activating a samsung stratosphere and my co worker tried activating a razr and no luck. We talked to customer care they told us its wide spread everybody is down for some reason . FREAKING blows cant activate and no internet no fun. But we have 3g here in Cary NC.

  121. Camden county new jersey… no 4g or 3g on my DROID bionic but my wide has 3g on her DROID pro

  122. No 3G on my DroidX here in LA, California.

  123. Samsung Nexus, 3G and 4G down in Savannah, Georgia. This blows!

  124. Again, a Razr has fallen into the wrong hands!

  125. Im at work in Downtown Los Angeles and no 3G or 4G with my GalaxyNexus. My girlfriend is a couple cities away in Downey, CA and she is only getting 1X on her Rezound, no 3G or 4G…. We left Tmo for better data connection (HATED the constant switching of 2G to 4G viceversa) and now it seems we have come to another problem…. Although when running, the speeds are incredible with Verizon!!! So Im gonna just have to play the waiting game and see if its gonna be a continous problem before making another switch… Cuz there is no comparison to Verizon’s speeds….

  126. 4g down in cincy and north thru dayton, OH…3g working fine though…

  127. @Curtis reynolds you’re a fucking Jew.

  128. Wow I’m here in Baltimore also dundalk and I’m getting terrible 1x to 3g and no signal at port of Baltimore Curtis bay ..I called big red and they said they are aware of problem and working on it?? Kinda sucks I need my internet for work so i hope they fix this issue soon where in Baltimore are u ?

  129. And right after posting my last comment, I switched my WiFi off and VOILA!!! A 3G signal for my GNex in Los Angeles! I also removed the battery while phone was still on and put it back in… I dont know if that helps but thats what I did and my 3G is fully functional! Also, I did mess with my “LTE OnOff” app… I had tried CDMA only but didnt get it, I got it on GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)…. Hope it helps…!

  130. Down in dundalk Maryland 3g and 1x roaming this is getting old christ I had too rewrite this cause the connection was lost as I was sending previous message ….They need too give us a free month it something I’ve lost out on work actually because I was unable too check orders I hope they fix this soon I depend on my device !!!

  131. No 3g/4g in country ass Atlanta,Ga…But phone calls and text messaging working. I just decided to switch over to wifi.

  132. Nada in Northern Chicago!
    No 3G/4G No Data at all, and now no phone calls either!!

  133. all u greedy bastards they are actually preparing for 5g upgrades free was supposed too be a surprise but they had no idea there systems would go down….lol that would be awesome we deserve it all the money we pay

    1. I’d settle for true 4G LTE…
      Data speeds of LTE
      Peak Download 100 Mbit/s
      Peak Upload 50 Mbit/s

  134. 3G just came back on for me in Downtown LA (GNex) – still haven’t seen 4G again yet.

  135. 4G & 3G out on LTE phones (2 Galaxy Nexus, 1 Bionic)…total outage, Columbus, OH since around midday

  136. My Mobile Network Type says evdo-rev.a:8.  Not exactly sure what that is but the signal bar says 3g.

    1. EVDO is 3G for Verizon. LTE is 4G.

      1. Never used to say EVDO tho and I had 3g.   I was having data issues so maybe that was the problem and they fixed it.  Who knows.

  137. No LTE in Nashville, I should get this month free as much as it’s been down.

  138. Been out, but just lit back up in Toledo

  139. I just joined Verizon last month, this is the second 4G outage, it is ridiculous, I live in Minneapolis. This is so ridiculous!!!  Im out of the 14 day trial period, which I think it’s more ridiculous, they should give 30 days. I just joined this crap, I should have stayed with AT&T. Shame on me!

  140. What if they were working on a free surprise 5g upgrade everyone would feel terrible haha

    1. Well, since Sprint took it upon themselves to call WiMax “4G”, Verizon may as well call LTE “5G”, especially since the term “4G” is basically meaningless. I just refer to them as LTE/WiMax/HSPA+, etc.

  141. no data on 4g or 3g. goes in and out. cumming ga Droid Razr

  142. 3G in Pearl City, Hawaii – Virus Infected ROM w/new CDMA/LTE Radio combo.

  143. Back up in Houston Texas

  144. It’s out in Tampa it’s becoming the norm…

  145. Been fluctuating between no 4g, 3g and no 3g all day :( here in Chicago

  146. No 4g in San Diego and 3g is spotty

  147. LTE seems to be back up in Vegas.

  148. No 3G data outages in central NJ, worked fine all day, I live about 5 miles outside of a 4G area, guess I am one of the few lucky ones, I’ve only been affected by 2 of these outages ever

  149. Back up in Baltimore Maryland dundalk hopefully stays up

  150. 4g/3g was out for a bit in Virginia Beach. Finally was able to reconnect a few minutes ago on my Galaxy Nexus

  151. 4G back up..who won the last holidroid contest?!

  152. 3G was down in myrtle beach, back up now

  153. 4G out as of around 5pm EST here in Indianapolis. So far, since the major 7 December outage, it’s NEVER been stable for more than a few hours at a time. This is only my 2nd month with this service, and if I weren’t on a Contract I’d already demand my money back. I’m on the highest Data Plan they have, I’m tired of paying insane amounts of money for a service THAT DOESN’T WORK.

  154. 1X IN DOWNTOWN LA area.  Just called Verizon they credited me $2.90

  155. 3G back on DT LA area, confirmed speed near 1M, now I need 4G back up again.

  156. Seems to be intermittent. It goes up and down.

  157. Received my GNex from FedEx today and am unable to activate it because the 4G Network is down.Oh, and since I started the process, my OG Droid is without service until the switch is made. woo. hoo.  -San Bernardino, CA

    1. this is the EXACT situation I’m in now.  oh well

  158. Down in Chattanooga TN.

  159. Have confirmed VZW is experiencing issues with the 4G network. It’s a nationwide outage. Estimated time of fix is 12:00am tomorrow if not sooner.

  160. no 3g or 4g in Rockville,MD on GNex

  161. Champaign, Illinois (Central Illinois), 3G coming and going, no 4G at all.  I talked with Verizon Government Accounts and they confirmed the outage is nationwide and that they have no restoration estimate at this time.  For joy! 

    1. Came back up here just before midnight, but it’s still up and down.

  162. Down in Wichita, ks

  163. No 4G in Little Rock, Arkansas, or surrounding cities today. 611 says they know about it, working on it.

  164. Zip here in Portland, OR…….again.

  165. Spokane, WA is down for the count

  166. Baltimore Maryland back down. I really can’t complain I’ve had verizon wireless for 11 years and this is the first major problem that I’ve ever had with their service. I guess shit happens and they just switched to the fastest network in the world so I guess I will allow them to make a few mistakes before I judge them and get pissed

    1. Considering you are paying three times as much as a T-Mobile customer with  HSPA+ 42 service which performs as well as LTE but has better coverage and battery life, I’m surprised you’re not.  It better be perfect for the amount you have to pay.

  167. None in St. Louis. It won’t let 4g phones activate either. I tried to get a razr and it wouldn’t activate it. Then they couldn’t activate my old phone either. So now I have no phone until this gets resolved.  

  168. Astoria ny, no 4g and sometimes no 3g and a total loss of Internet connection….. Omg

  169. Both 4G and 3G are back up again after a few hours of absence (i’m in MA).

  170. Lost my connection today for a while…. Here in Houston….. this is crap

  171. 4G still down, 3g is up though, Houston Texas

  172. Called Verizon Support for an unrelated issue and they have an auto message up before you get to the options informing they are aware of the outage.

  173. can’t activate anything on the 4g in Louisiana….brand new phone…,money all tied up…can’t activate grrrrr

  174. No 4G in Las Vegas… Called VZW and they said they are aware of the issue and are working on it. Really they need to fix this network. It’s horrible…

  175. Apparently, for me, the outage is disabling the portable wi-fi hotspot function on my Galaxy Nexus. It appears to enable, but an error prevents it from functioning. This is even in areas with only 3G–even while 3G is working fine on the phone.

  176. No 4G in St. Paul, MN. 3G works but its very slow.

  177. I live in drums PA and just recieved my replacement phone for a software issue and when i went to activate it after 20 minutes of the device saying “activating device, please wait” I gave up and called. I was told that verizon wireless is suffering a nationwide 4g outage. So this has been confirmed by 4 different verizon workers that i’ve contacted in the past 4 hours. still have no phone because i cant reactivate the old one and the new one is not activating.. super verizon..super

  178. Central coast, CA – down!

  179. Its not working here in Charleston s.c. on my galaxy nexus

  180. Bloody hell, no 4g in Los Angeles. Now I have to use my slow wifi :p

  181. Still no 3g/4g for my galaxy nexus, the wife’s droid x gets 3g.  Good thing I have wifi at home and not trying to go anywhere. 

    Location – Southwest Missouri

  182. Trying to activate new 4G phone in Indy.   It’s not letting me activate and my Blackberry blew.  I’ve been without phone almost all day.  They say once it activates it doesn’t really matter if the 4G network is working or not, but, frustrating not being able to activate it.  

  183. 4G is up again in Houston Texas

  184. 4G down again Houston Texas I’m gonna stop reporting, this is nuts.

  185. only 3G here in Seattle w/service kicking out all together (data) at times.  

  186. oh, my phone is a Droid Bionic

  187. You also have to remember that Verizon is the first company to release true 4g. Not saying that the outages are acceptable just that with new technology there are going to be bumps in the road. Last I checked sprint dropped wimax for it being a bad technology, and decided to go with LTE. Verizon is going to take all the heat since they are the first to come out with it where as everyone else will copy and hopefully succeed. 

  188. 8:05 PM in Sacramento and still no service. No 3G either. No data service all day today. They SPAM hell out of me for junk they want me to add on to my account. Why don’t they send a mass text out telling us what’s up? Someone should have their ass on the block over this. 

  189. 4G and 3G down in Chattanooga all most all day no phone service. Verizon needs to accommodate people for loss.

  190. 4g has been down all day in Indy. 3g has been hit or miss. Even when 3g works it has been really slow.

  191. San Diego 4G just turned back on for me on my galaxy nexus. Didn’t have any data all day…

  192. 4g is back up in Los Angeles, woooo!

  193. 4G is working just fine in Las Vegas, both on the west side of town, and the strip near the Stratosphere.

  194. 4G has been working just fine in Las Vegas, both on the westside of town, and near the Stratosphere.

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