HTC Makes All Handsets Released Since September 2011 Unlockable


It turns out the HTC Rezound wasn’t an anomly when it was discovered that HTC’s official bootloader unlock tool worked with little effort. HTC has updated the page to announce that all handsets released since September of this year are now unlockable via the method provided at HTCDev.com.

“All HTC Android devices launched after September 2011 are unlockable. The website will be updated accordingly to reflect this in the coming weeks. We continue to work on models launched prior to September 2011, please check back often for the status of older devices.”

[HTCDev via AndroidCentral]

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  1. fastboot oem unlock > HTCDev.com. I’ll never buy an HTC again.

    1. Yup never buying a htc again +1

    2. unlocked from the factory > fastboot oem unlock

  2. Droid Incredible 2?

  3. They said EVERY HTC sure incredible 2 included

  4. Every HTC…. AFTER SEPTEMBER. No clue when the incredible 2 came out.

    1. Back in early summer/late spring.

  5. Droid Incredible 2 came out in May 2011, I don’t think it’ll be part of the list.  However, just downgrade the bootloader to .97 and use Revolutionary to unlock.  I did it to my DINC 2 and running Cyanogenmod 7 now.  

    1. I did this as well for my sister’s DInc2. I wouldn’t want to go through HTC’s unlock procedure either.

  6. I have to agree with Mapekz on the fastboot oem unlock being much better than HTC dev. I understand you cant add this to older phones but couldn’t they just put in like a 1 time write nand chip(kinda like an e-fuse or eeprom(sp?))that gets changed if the unlock is completed. That way the can still see of the phone has been unlocked AND the dev community gets what they want not a half ass version of what they want.

  7. Hahaha I read htc phones in 2011 and was like wow.
    Then saw SEPTEMBER 2011- wait….that only covers for phones launched 3 months ago!

    Rofl fail. Never htc again. Glad…(such a relief!) the Sensation made it though.

  8. I have loved all of my htc phones from my htc touch to my rezound. On my 5th htc phone in 4 years, and have had little to issues, at all. As long as htc is around I don’t think ill buy anything else.

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