Best Buy Advertises Motorola Droid 4 on Rewards Zone Site


Verizon put the Motorola Droid 4 on ice, but remnants of the advertising campaign that would have been continue to pop up. The latest is the inclusion of a rather final looking press image of the handset at the front of a recent Best Buy Reward Zone flyer. Alas, the Droid 4 won’t be earning you 5,000 points any time soon.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Dude you like kicking people while they are down don’t you ? L\O <—- (person fallen down)
    Verizon sucks and you don't have to reinforce that ! :-(

  2. It’s a good thing opinions don’t count for anything! Quit being a hater! Verizon has the best service coverage, the fastest 4g, and the best selection of android phones of any carrier at the present moment…so could u please explain how in the world that would equate to Verizon sucking in any way shape or form! U are obviously just jealous that your carrier didn’t get Google’s new flagship, the incredibly incredible Galaxy Nexus! So in other words “sucks for you!” Lol!

    1. Um , I am a VZW customer and have been for 13 years , so I do qualify as a expert and the statement is a broader view of VZW .

      VZW sucks and this is just a new one , because , its 4g service keeps crashing .

      The GNex is not all that , and other carriers have better or comparable phones in their lineup .

      I can get the GNex , the Razor , Rezound , but none “float my boat” as they say .

      So yes it does suck for me because I am stuck with a money hungry , over priced carrier , known as VZW .

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