White Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II) Coming To Sprint In January


If you were on the fence about getting a Samsung Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II (that was a mouthful) on Sprint, maybe the prospect of a new all white version will help entice you further. T-Mobile has been flaunting their white Galaxy S II for a couple of weeks now and it looks like Sprint will be able to do the same come January 8th, when the device will become available.

We’ve seen a few “retailer” exclusive white versions for other devices in the past but it looks like the white Epic 4G Touch will be available at all Sprint retail locations and not just Best Buy or RadioShack. Anyone thinking of picking one up or perhaps regret buying the black one recently?

[Via SprintFeed]

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  1. Delaying the white version……… I’m starting to wonder, maybe Apple really did have a case…….

  2. My next phone HAS to have 720p display. so, no.

    1. Not much difference unless you Always transfer bluray quality movies in and out and you don’t have a desktop/computer so always have to browse/surf on a phone in which case I feel sorry 4 u!

      1. Bluray is 720p? Dam, I wasted my money.

  3. I wish phones could just change faceplates like some of the old ones.

  4. I prefer the black… If I wanted my phone to look like Apple I’d get an iphone.

    1. Well Im happy with my BLACK epic 4g.

  5. I had returned my BLACK epic 4g in lieu for the WHITE version coming out some time soon.  Now knowing that the phone will be available on Jan. 8th is a relief since I loved the phone.  Why white?  Simply because I’ve always had a black phone, time for something new, and I believe it’s cleaner looking.  I think it’d be worth more if I ended up wanting to resell it pending a release of a better phone…iphone5?

  6. And does the rest of the world cares, if Sprint gets a white “Epic 4G Touch”? The US carriers butcher the global name to something else..always..and its a pretty lame one as well..

    1. Imagine that companies wanting to be distinct!
      ” butcher the global name”….WTF?!
      Weird but on the back of my Tmobile SGS 2 it says galaxy S 2!

    2. @anshulajain. Don’t be a name whore. Who cares what the name is. What the phone has going for it is what matters

  7. Lolol I just bought my BLACK GS2 three days ago :/ oh well

    1. How do you like it?

  8. This is a good thing as my wife wants one, and there’s NO way to mix mine up with hers if she has the white one…

  9. Just went from the Sensation to the GS2 and it’s like night and day! This phone knows what I want to do before I do! ULTRA FAST I feel like I am experiencing Android in a new way. Can’t recommend enough.

    1. I’m in the same boat! Went from Evo 3D to Epic 4G Touch and I’m like :O

      1. Stoked with this phone!
        Smokin fast!
        Glad to hear you are liking it!

        1. I just left my evo 3d as well!!! this phone is amazing! my gf has a iphone 4s and actually said she was jealous!

  10. I find the need for kies on samsung (non nexus) phones to be very annoying. What is this, 1995? Also, after the Galaxy S phones not getting ics, I’m weary. The hardware is awesome, but I rather get the Galaxy Nexus.

    1. Really? Name me one other phone which had all 3 major Android firmware upgrades. Thone phone is 2 yrs old now. Comparing it to the other phones that were launched in 2010 summer the hardware is untouchable.

      1. Phones started to be released in june to 2010. How is that 2 years? Please elaborate. The epic touch was released in sep 2010. By my math, that is a lot less then two years.

        1. Alright. The world received it in May 2010 which would mean at least 18months.
          name me one other non Samsung device that has received this much amount of support.

  11. I had a hard time not buying the Galaxy S II for T-Mobile at Target for $99 last week when it was on sale there.  I really am holding out for T-Mobile to see if they get the Galaxy Nexus.  If not, I will probably just wait for the Galaxy S III.

  12. Anyone seriously on the fence with this phone: Take it from someone who owns it from day 1: There is currently no better android handset out there. Engadget themselves stated on their buying guide that the E4GT from sprint is the best version of the Galaxy s2 to hit the US. It has the extra screen size of the T-Mobile version, yet still retains the exynos processor, and has notification lights.

    Sprint really lucked out on this phone, but it’s a real shame that they are throwing their marketing strongarm around the Iphone 4S instead of this one.

    I got the chance on several occasions since the Galaxy Nexus hit Verizon to mess around with it a bit, and I can honestly say that the Nexus doesn’t hold a candle to the GS2. Build quality doesn’t seem as good, and somehow the phone just felt sluggish in some cases, as well as included Verizon bloat (I know it’s a nexus, but somehow verizon still managed to squeeze their shitty apps on it).

    Also, the floodgates have started to open on XDA and some real quality stuff is pouring out from the Devs. We don’t have ICS yet, but I would dare say our gingerbread is hands fucking down the fastest implementation of gingerbread on any cell phone handset. Touchwiz 4.0 is really well thought out, and speedy compared to other factory launchers, and all of our custom roms, as well as the latest software update from sprint are Carrier IQ free. There were modem signal and GPS issues, but the latest firmware update has fixed these.

    If you are still on the fence, you are missing out. If you were to get this phone and renew your 2 year, you would be up for renewal by the time that mature LTE handsets start hitting Sprint and the Wimax network starts being phased out.

    1. Thanks Bro, you just made my decision to hold out for the Nexus or a LTE device a lot HARDER! 

  13. I love the look of this thing. It will be mine.

  14. first test picture shot with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 is leaked!

    find it here: http://goo.gl/Gn5lr

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