Smartphones Dominate Christmas with Activations Up 353% from December Norm


This Christmas the smartphone was the must-have gift and Flurry has the analytics data to back it up. According to their research, an average 1.5 million Android and iOS devices were activated daily between December 1st and 20th. For December 25th the number rose to an estimated 6.8 million, a 353 percent increase. The number is more than double the 2.8 million devices activated on Christmas in 2010.

After all of those Android and iOS devices were activated their new owners got to downloading apps right away with a record number 242 million apps downloaded between the two operating systems. The figure equates to a 125 percent increase from the December norm and eclipses last Christmas’ 150 million app downloads. Flurry didn’t provide data on the split between the two platforms for either activations or app downloads.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Impressive

  2. i remember when just having a touchscreen device was cool.

  3. why lump them together? Apple is selling less than 1/3rd as many devices as android at this point. 

    1. Why lump them together? Android has over 315 devices for sale versus 3 apple devices at this point…

      1. well we can go by manufacturer if you want, say “samsung” as apple has apple. guess what? even samsung, htc, etc by themselves are still outselling apple completely.

  4. I agree on the comment of lumping them together.  I can’t wait to see how the numbers break down by OS and manufacturer. 

  5. This is funny, who has the complete news…

  6. This is interesting…
    This is how site handles and manipulate the news…

  7. I’m throwing the BS flag on this. Take out The iPad/iPod and Android took home the cake on this one!

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