Samsung Projected to Sell 150 Million Smartphones in 2012


Korea Economic Daily is raising their sales forecast for Samsung by 15 percent, bringing total projected handset sales to 374 million. Of those handsets, 150 million are expected to be smartphones. To put the figure into perspective, Samsung was projected to move 300 million units this year, a figure that was easily surpassed thanks to strong sales of their Android-based Galaxy S lineup. Samsung continues to close the gap with the world’s current leading handset manufacturer, Nokia. The Finnish handset maker is projected to sell around 399 million mobile phones.

[via SammyHub]

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  1. Go Samsung.  I love my GS2. 

  2. I had the Samsung Captivate on ATT and it was the worst experience of my life.  I will buy Motorola from now on due to the quality and the fact that they are an American company.  I think Apple is right in saying that that Samsung tries to copy a bunch of their stuff and I hate it.  MOTO FTW

  3. I will be buying 4 out of the 150 million. Maybe even more, Samsung FTW!

  4. I love Samsung devices I have upgraded both my phone and my tablet from Samsung to another Samsung but if Sammy wants to get there, they’ll have to get their service to the US more in line with the rest of the world. How they do that with carrier demands will be a challenge.

    1. Me too! just hate there support!

      The Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab WILL NOT BE RECEIVING Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung’s excuse… because of Touch Wiz! 

      Only Samsung phones I will be buying are the Google Nexus phones! Cuz Google is in complete control of the phone not Sammy!(Thank GOD!!) 

      1. Glad I got the Nexus. Way cool phone, and raw ICS is really nice. My wife has a Stratosphere, which falls into the Galaxy S class I think. I can understand not updating phones a year old, but not updating a phone that just came out in October?

    2. I am glad you like your samsung devices.  I hate mine.  My first was a samsung behold, that was so laggy and abandoned by shamesung even though they promised to upgrade it.  Had several others as well. One member of my family is going on their third sidekick4g, and it still doesn’t work right.  Touchwiz is absolutely the worst buggy implementation ever.  No more shamesung for me, ever.  I truly hope that the next nexus goes back to htc, or moto because I am not buying samsung.  But that is just me.

  5. Moto might be an American company but none of their products are made here. And none of my Samsung products look like Apple products.
    I think if Samsung wants to become number one then they need to release the sgs3 in the states a lot sooner than they did the sgs2. It also wouldn’t hurt if they would release the galaxy nexus to the other major carriers in the states also.

    1. and? none of apple’s products are made here either, none of any mobile phone manufacturer’s products are made here either. 

      1. Samsung’s Austin Semiconductor plant.

        1. consists of one component, not the entirety of the manufacturing process.

  6. Hey Samsung! Won’t you update your phone devices more than just one major upgrade??!!??!!

    My friend, who has a Galaxy S, is STILL ON 2.2!! Are u kidding me Samsung?

    1. Samsung’s idea of an update is for you to buy a new phone.  They release a new one every other week so that shouldn’t be a problem.  Eventually one of them will have a newer version on it and there you go.  Oh…..  silly me, you mean update the phone you have??   Sorry, touchwiz and updates are incompatible.

    2. which galaxy s? because my friends have a galaxy s 2 captivate and have 2.3 already

  7. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 Galaxy S II & Galaxy Player 4.0   way to go Samsung. keep making great products and I’ll keep boycotting apple.

  8. Nokia hahah stop fooling yourself, i think they projected 399 not million

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