Dec 27th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:40 pm

The folks at Notion Ink are keeping to their promise of bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Adam tablet and they want to show you just how far they’ve come. They’ve made a video showing their progress off but they’re giving the fearless a chance to build and flash the ROM and take a look for themselves.

I should note that this is an alpha build so everything will not be as it should. Sound, camera, 3G, bluetooth and more are not working. In fact, here’s a list of what is working and you can just use the process of elimination to figure out the rest:

As of now we have accelerated graphics, GPS, Wi-Fi, Accelerometer, SD Card and ADB working.

With that, I’ll direct you to their site for the download but if you’re uncomfortable with flashing an alpha ROM we advise you to stay away and wait for the OTA. We’re not exactly sure what Notion Ink is doing as far as helping users revert but we imagine an image backup is also in order.

They are also announcing a last gasp sale for the device. They kept a stock of tablets tucked away for release once Ice Cream Sandwich hits. You’ll even be able to get them at a discounted price as they are celebrating the New Year.

We’re not sure what’s next for Notion Ink (rumors say another tablet is on its way, of course) but if you have gone this far without getting the device and you somehow still want it, this is your best window to grab one.

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