Verizon Has Certified Pre-Owned Devices On Sale through Dec. 29th


Looking to score a deal on Verizon’s already discounted selection of certified pre-owned devices? You have until December 29th to do so. We’re reporting a little late on a 7-day sale that sees some good savings on used and refurbished items. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, for instance, is marked down $80 to $349.99 on a two-year contract for the 16GB model. The 32GB version is going for $449.99 during the same sale. A pre-owned HTC Thunderbolt will cost you only $69.99. Deals are to be found on nearly every item knocking prices all the way down to free for select handsets (the Droid Pro, for instance). Since there is a limited stock of certified pre-owned devices it is best to act quickly before time (and inventory) runs out.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. So nothing I would want. Thanks.

  2. Why the hell would I buy a refurbished phone for those prices when I can get those same models brand new for free elsewhere?

  3. Wait why is there a picture of the Galaxy Note? That is only on AT&T

    1. That’s a Samsung Fascinate.  

      1. But its gigantic

        1. Because they blew up the proportions.

  4. OOH! Is this the “Devices that are guaranteed to not get ICS” sale!?

  5. I picked up a bionic for $80. So far I have no complaints. I can’t tell that it was ever used before. I also don’t think that I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere, but I have to buy directly from Verizon anyway. They do only give you an 8GB, sd card instead of 16 though. I didn’t look at the details close enough to spot that when I ordered it.

    I personally can’t stand the plasticy feel of the GN, the razr feels awkward in your hand, and for the same thickness as the rezound you can have a bionic with 1100 extra mah battery. Not to mention I saved myself $220 over buying any of those. Also to wickedtoby741, both the bionic and the galaxy tab 10.1 will get ICS.

  6. I just got the galaxy 2 refurbished on at&t website for 10.00 yet thinking twice about this because of their LTE double the data promo. 4 GB core 30.00 I gave my wife my old line with the old true unlimited data on Tmobile so I have no idea of 2gb would be good for me. I was surprised that this refurbished phone looked pretty much new & I rarely keep a phone long anyhow how. I’d trade or sale it like it some sort of hobby. so I’m now opened minded of refurbished. like an officially sponsored Ebay unit

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