Budget-priced Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Ready for Pre-oreder in the US


Ainovo’s low-priced Novo 7, one of the first tablets to sport Ice Cream Sandwich, may finally be making its way to the United States. The slate was announced earlier this month for a release in China, at the time priced at an extremely reasonable $100. Throw on the $60 shipping fee that some sites were charging to import the tablet and the deal became a little less sweet. The 7-inch Novo 7 with 1GHz CPU has gone on pre-order through several US retailers at a slightly marked up priced of $120, a bit pricier but still better than having the device shipped in from China. Get it here or here.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Note that the links you give is Paladin it doesn’t have camera

  2. No thanks my Tprime rocks!!!!!

    1. Which cost five times as much.  That tablet and this one are obviously geared towards two different types of people.

      1. touche’

  3. if you say this isn’t worth at least $200 you are crazy. I would have loved to get my mom the most up to date tab possible at under a $300 this is great just for being priced so low.

  4. This thing will probably run so badly.

  5. I would try one of the budget devices but they all have resistive screens.. that’s the one place I can not skimp.

    1. it has a Capacitive Screen

      1. I approve this message.

  6. theres a benchmark here.  its the third one down


  7. £79.99 on ebay.  might be worth a gamble at that price lol

  8. Spell-check?

  9. Are there tech specs on this somewhere?  I want to know if it has a GPU for accelerated games to run (as more and more of them will require this in 2012) . 

  10. does it say ainol on the bottom? good name if they are screwing people.

  11. “…Ready for Pre-oerder,” ay?  Ainol stamped on the device and Ainovo reported in the article, ay?  Get the frickin’ facts straight and stop rushing to publish incomplete information!

  12. Beware these tablets! The ones sporting the MIPS chip do not run many apps from the market. Very few are compatable. I purchased the Novo 7 basic and nothing from the market would download. They leave that info off the ad. Beware

  13. Price seems reasonable but I dont know how well the hardware perform.

  14. dang i want to pre-oreder THAT

  15. to get ainol or not to get ainol, thats a good question.

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