Dec 26th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:40 pm

In recent months HTC has made a push to play nice with the developer community that has grown up around the Android ecosystem. They have made available an official tool for unlocking the bootloaders of several of their devices, but for some the pace at which new handsets are added to the list is too slow for the turnover rate of modders and hackers. As could be expected, the problem was met with a solution in the form of HTC Super Tool, a user-developed piece of software out of the xda-developer forums. Constructed by user ‘frigid,’ HTC Super Tool unlocks and roots a large selectiong o devices made by the Taiwanese manufacturer. Successful results have  been attributed to Sprint’s entire EVO lineup, T-Mobile handsets including the G2, Sensation and several myTouch devices, and more. A unique feature of HTC Super Tool is the ability to remove most elements of the Sense UI, eliminated manufacturer and carrier customizations in favor of a more neutral Android experience. You can read up on the software and take it for a spin (use caution, as with all procedures that could potentially render your phone useless) by heading over to the xda link below.

[xda-developers via The Verge]

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