Happy Holidroid Contest: Random Winner – Better Hurry!


f you’re unsure what this whole “Holidroid Contest” thing is all about, be prepared to get excited. From November 24th through December 25th, Phandroid is giving away a Kindle Fire every single day along with other great prizes like the Galaxy Nexus Galaxy Tabs, JAMBOX, SmarTouch Gloves, Android Phones, Android T-Shirts, Seidio Vouchers and more. Read our announcement post for details.

Yesterday’s Winner

Yesterday, we had you guys come up your best remix of your favorite Christmas song and flavor it up with some Android inspired lyrics. We had 29 entries total and although I really wish you all could win… we collectively agreed that TechJunkie198’s rendition of “Andy the Android” filled all of us with the most holiday cheer. Awesome lyrics. Great music. A true talent.

For Wednesday’s Phandroid ornament challenge there were also a lot of amazing entries and after randomly selecting from our top 15 — Lee_Bay took home the prize with his almost 3-peice ornament, transforming his whole Christmas tree into a 3D Phandroid logo. Great job, Brandon and fam!

So, once again congrats to TechJunkie198 and Lee_Bay! We also want to give a warm — almost awkwardly long — embrace to everyone else that participated in our video and ornament challenge. Giving away prizes ain’t easy and I wish you all could win but I guess, that’s just how contests work. Let’s see what’s up for grabs today:

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be this holiday’s hottest product: at only $199 it’s not only one of the most  affordable Android tablets, it’s also one of the best. That’s a killer combination. With a beautiful UI, great battery life, carefully curated apps/games, and an amazing array of media options thanks to Amazon’s Digital Content Ecosystem… the Kindle Fire is a sure win. Good luck winning one in our contest, but at only $199 it’s probably worth buying one just in case!

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

Every single holiday season these SmarTouch smartphone gloves are consistently one of my favorite gift giving items. They eloquently solve one of the most fundamental problems a tech lover faces: using your device in cold weather. Wearing gloves usually prevents your touchscreen from working: take your phone out, take your glove off, use your phone, hand gets gold, shove phone in pocket, rush to get glove on. NO MORE! Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, designed in my colors and sizes for both men and women, has technology that passes the electrons your body gives off, through the gloves, onto the capacitive screen and allowing it to work. VOILA! Seriously. It works. Trust me. Try it… and you’ll love them forever.

Seidio $30 Voucher

With so much smartphone use comes battery drain. Thankfully, Seidio makes some awesome extended batteries that fit many smartphones, allowing you to get longer battery life with the same device. No more toting around a charger everywhere you go: just snag a Seidio and call it a day! Seidio also makes cases, holsters, and other great accessories for your smartphones.Check them all out here.

ZeeMote Bluetooth Game Controller

The Zeemote Bluetooth Game Controller compacts things into one comfortable, ergonomically sound gaming package. You use one hand and the controller has an analog stick with four action buttons on it. It’s a bit reminiscent of a Nintendo Wiimote – makes you wonder where the name was inspired from. There are many games in the Android Market already compatible with the Zeemote, including the popular title R-Type, and you may even be able to use it with some of your emulators. It goes perfectly with many Android devices, from 3.2 inch phones to 10.1 inch tablets. And if you want the ultimate gaming experience, Zeemote + Phone/Tablet + TV + HDMI-out = awesome.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Everyone seems to be craving Samsung Android devices these days, and for good reason. Samsung makes some of the best hardware out there, coupled with great software integration, and the Galaxy Nexus (above) and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus are two great examples of Samsung’s industry leading products. These devices were sponsored directly by Samsung, thanking our readers and forum members for their excitement, interest, and support over the past year. With a 7-inch screen, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, MicroSD slot, camera that records in 720p HD, and screen that displays in 1080p HD, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is a high end alternative to the Kindle Fire… and you can win BOTH in our contest!

Today’s Contest Rules/Regulations:

For today’s contest, we will be going with a “Phandroid favorite” random winner challenge. To enter, you have have 1 hour from the time of this post (the exact amount of time it takes me to do my hair) to simply leave ONE comment down below, telling us exactly what “the holidays” mean to you. We will select a random winner Oh- and please make sure you have an email tied to your Disqus account. Last time we passed up TWO randomly selected winners because there was no way of contacting them. You guys ready!? GO!

Looking for a great gift? Don’t forget about our Holiday Gift Guide!

Tomorrow’s Contest:

Tomorrow we’ll be giving away a HUGE prize pack that includes an Amazon Kindle Fire, Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves, a $30 Seidio voucher, Android T-Shirt, Zeemote, Jawbone Jambox, Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and a Galaxy Nexus! Be sure to check back often for your chance to win and happy holidays!

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Yes, You Can Even Use Android To Control Your Christmas Lights And Sync To Music [Video]

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  1. The holidays to me is about happiness. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Hanuka, etc, it should never only be about the materialistic things you get. This year has been rough not only for me but for countless other individuals.I will spend this year with my 2 kids and a few gifts for them and that’s more than enough to make me happy. Love equals happiness and happiness equals the best gift you can ever receive. Be if from your kids, your parents, your wife, your dog, or even a piece of lint that you keep in your belly button. This year i would like to wish all you strangers the happiest holidays possible. Thank you staff of Phandroid for these 31 days of freebies. Congratulations to those who won, it has been a fun couple of weeks. Now let’s get wasted off eggnog!

  2. The holidays to me means spending time with the people you care about. my family and friends.

  3. Very simple. The Holidays are about family! And then, wishing they would go home.

  4. The holidays means time with family, and assorted other things

  5. The holidays mean, to me, celebrating the birth of Jesus!

  6. The holidays means spending time with my family, good food, presents and most of all happy moments with the people i love specially my beautiful girlfriend!

  7. The “holidays”, which I rather prefer to call Christmas, is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ through Christmas songs, the giving of gifts, etc!

  8. COMON CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS! which means spending time with my loved family

  9. The holidays are about spending time with the ones you love and giving to those that are less fortunate.

  10. The holidays to me are a time when I can keep my phone on the counter and let it charge while never venturing too far off as all the food is in the kitchen.  I’m usually putting toys together for my kids all the while pondering what Im going to buy with all my gift cards ;)

  11. They mean i can relax from my studies, do some exercise and spend time with my love ones

  12. The holidays to me are about giving and spending time to everyone that matters in your life and more.  

    Email just in case! [email protected]

  13. What the holidays mean to me is entering all these contests and losing my mind thinking that I won everyone of them, but haven’t yet. Merry Christmas!

    1. This is a case of great minds thinking alike,  i highly doubt he copied you. My personal picks was him, you and the guy that made the 1930’s song. Yes, it’s a bit upsetting to lose but we are only the participants. The rest is left in the hands of the staff. If tech’s song made them the jolliest, shouldn’t that be what really matters?

      1. Yeah, I get that, but he didn’t even show himself in the video and the entry video specifically said get crazy, dress up or something. The song was good, no doubt.

  14. The holidays to me is spending time with family and friends; It’s really the only time of the year that all my family gets to be together we all live so far apart so on the holidays we get together and have a big family reunion type get together it’s pretty much the happiest time of year for me when I get to see all of my family together.

  15. The holidays to me means entering lots of website give away contests, and never winning

  16. Count me in!

  17. Holidays = Family, Friends, and some time off of work. A good time to reset your life for the next year. Merry Christmas everyone. 

  18. Celebrating Jesus’ birth.

  19. May I have a happy holiday with a new Galaxy Tab Plus!? THank you. Please please daddy needs a new pair of christmas shoes!

  20. To me it means being with your family, and also enjoying the end of the year before new years. It is also a time where me and my family thank God(as well as thanksgiving) for everything for blessing us with good health, and letting me and my husband buy things for children. It is also a time of joy. I want to wish everyone here Happy Holidays!

  21. The Holidays mean time with my family and time to relax out some, being able to have everyone help cook and relax together.

  22. The Holidays mean time off work, more time with my family, giving gifts, and great food and drink!

  23. The holidays to me is being able to spend time with my family and friends without the normal daily worries of life.

  24. Spending time with family.

  25. For me the holidays is all about good family fun, hang out with friends and specially for remembering that Jesus was born. If it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t have accomplish all that i have done today

  26. Ooohh, pick me. pick me.

  27. The holidays mean time off from work to many, but I like to think of it as a time of reflection, to be thankful for what I have. Many people have it so much worse than I do. Also, it’s a holy time, with meaning to Judaism, Islam and Christianity alike. I leave this time to worship my God and I pray that those that believe or don’t find it a time of peace, to leave all the troubles behind you, even if its for a day.

    Thank you Phandroid for having such a wonderful contest!

  28. the holidays to me are friends and family and giving gifts and being lazy and eating lots of food.. and nerf gun wars.

  29. Holidays mean fun!

  30. Man everyone is a liar. its about presents and getting drunk at parties :P

  31. To me the holidays are a way to spend time with family i haven’t seen all year! 

  32. The holidays mean free swag!

  33. Holidays to me is seeing the smile on my families face as we exchange gifts :)

  34. The holidays means pigging out on food with family. :)

  35. Holidays mean family. Living so far away I only get to see my family in person once a year. It’s not about the gifts, it’s about being close to the people I love and who love me.

  36. What holidays means to me,  to me it means many things. It means staying up late at night, hanging out with friends and family Christmas Eve, and waking up early Christmas morning. It means playing games, doing puzzles, and snuggling in the living room with my family. It means giving gifts and receiving gifts in return. 

  37. To me the holidays mean spending time with family, drinking good booze with good friends, and letting my scroogey side shine (regarding the rampant consumerism in our society)

  38. Family. Especially my new daughter! She is three weeks old and has changed my life completely!

  39. Schweet!

  40. Holidays means to spend time with family, friends and with people you care about. Also it’s the time to take a moment and meditate about what your doing with life and think about making right choises that will benefit yourself and everyone.
    Merry Christmas to Everyone!

  41. For me the holidays is all about good food and nice parties. Love the presents as well =)

  42. holidays are for families to get together for few days break from work :) amazing time

  43. The holidays to me is all about being with family.

  44. For me the holidays are all spending time with family and friends and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. I try not to make be all about gift exchanges. Great food!

  45. Schweet!

  46. The holidays mean posting comments hoping to win random contests.

  47. Well the holidays to me means a lot of carb, sodium, and fat plus some laying around and shopping. Then trying very hard to get back my shape afterward. New gadgets helps a lot with the laying around parts.

  48. Celebrating the holidays is sharing with family and friends.  It’s a time to slow down and count your blessings and renew friendships and mend wounds.

    Christmas is so much more when you aren’t focused on what you are getting but rather on caring and giving! :)

    Merry Christmas to everyone!  

  49. Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for giving us all an opportunity to win these awesome prizes!

    The Holidays is a time to let us relax and enjoy family company.

  50. The holidays mean spending time with family… relaxing, listening to music, playing games and eating tons of great food together. 

  51. For me, the Holidays mean spending time with family and winning nothing at all in all the giveaways. 

  52. The holidays to me is spending time with family and friends; It’s really the only time of the year that all my family gets to be together we all live so far apart so on the holidays we get together and have a big family reunion type get together it’s pretty much the happiest time of year for me when I get to see all of my family together.

  53. Holdiays mean gifts you want but can’t have lots of food and people you rarely see and lights and movies of a time gone by

  54. Food and sleeping! And family and other happy things. 

  55. The holidays mean spending time with family and finding interesting ways to mess with the grandparents, or even better the younger kids in the family! Thanks for the contest it was fun.

  56. The Holidays represent times of joy and relaxation. Times to celebrate Jesus’s birth and stuff your face with some food.

  57. To me the holidays mean seeing all the people I love and eating great food!

  58. The holidays to me is all about family

  59. For me it’s about celebrating and remembering Jesus christs birthday. Thanks phandroid for all these awesome contests!

  60. The Holidays to me are spending Christmas with my wife and kids. Seeing the look in their eyes opening presents as well as attending Church to celebrate the real meaning :).

  61. Family, Friends, Love, Thankfulness….Merry Christmas to all

  62. To me the Holidays is just all about being happy and enjoying your time with the special friends and family you surround yourself by. Hope everyone enjoys it, Merry Christmas to all!

  63. The holidays are about free Galaxy Nexi from Phandroid!

  64. The holidays means nostalgia, the “other” side of the family tree, and unnecessary carbohydrates.  Yay!

  65. The Holidays mean sharing to me. Sharing time with my family. Sharing warmth.  Sharing our love. Sharing gifts :D…lol

  66. The Holidays mean time off work, more time with the family.

  67. The holidays mean enjoying time with your family/friends.

  68. To me, the holidays are all about spending time with family. I stopped getting actual gifts last year anyway :P

  69. The holidays mean to me getting together with my family.

  70. The holidays mean family to me.

  71. Holidays means time off school!.. and work!

  72. Happy Holidays to the phandroid team and all the faithful readers!

  73. Christmas is about family…love and happiness.

  74. The holidays are about my two kids. I’m as excited as they are on christmas morning to see what santa brought them.

  75. The holidays for me are about spending time with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  76. The holidays mean food and family. Along with that comes unwanted conversations and calories.

  77. For me, the holidays are all about getting to spend time with my family and my sister and I joking my cousin about the things he did when we were kids. Looking forward to tomorrow ;-)

  78. Definitely family and relaxing

  79. It means to me the celebration of the Messiah’s birth, and to be with family.

  80. To me Christmas means spending quality time with my family, friends and my galaxy nexus.

  81. The holidays to me mean spending a lot of time with my amazing family. Best time of the year.

  82. To me the holidays is about spending time with family and friends and of course spoiling my little girl.

  83. Holidays mean spending good time with family and friends

  84. To me the Holidays are about being with family; spending that time with the ones you love. It’s about enjoying the Christmas lights; the tree and other decorations. It’s about the food; oh the wondrous scrumptious food! It’s about tradition; whatever it may be (deep frying a turkey, or football, or shooting a potato gun with your uncle Jeb). It’s about the music; it puts you in the mood and I’ll even admit the corny lines make Christmas shopping more pleasant. It’s about religion; I’m going to intentionally keep this vague because no matter what beliefs you hold or what traditions you follow it is important to not forget the reasons we celebrate Christmas, or Hanuka, or Kwanza, or Festivus.

    Happy Holidays everyone! May they all be great!

  85. The holidays to me is about spending quality time with friends and especially family :-)

  86. To me the holidays are a time to get together with family and friends, share in memories from the year, watch some football and eat things I don’t normally get to have.

  87. The holidays mean trying my best to avoid my family.

  88. The holidays are important too me because of family and I like too see people happy. [email protected]

  89. The Holidays! Well there are several Holidays, to me it is another day in the year out of several in the year that your close friends and family come together to live laugh and love one another. Time to connect and reconnect with loved ones enjoying a special day with special people. (I do not me in a special way! However if it is then that is fine too. (Side note this applies to my family and friends)). Above all have fun and act like a complete idiot because they are real the ones who will always be there for you! (Sum it up Holidays = Family = Love = Android = Phandroid) 
    [email protected]

  90. Family,friends, and lots of food

  91. The holidays are simple.  It’s the one time of year I can forget everything and just enjoy myself and pretend to be a kid again.  No matter what happens, it’s the one time of year to just let go for a few weeks and enjoy being alive and spending time with the ones I love most. :3

  92. The Holidays to me is celebrating with family, and remembering those that are with us in spirit.

  93. For me the holidays means just one thing: Some good lechon asado!!!! (BBQ Pork)

  94. The holidays are a time to remember what this is really all about and be thankful for what God has given you.

  95. It means spending quality time with the family.

  96. The fooodddddd and family

    [email protected]

  97. Romantic cuddleing ifront of the Christmas Tree

  98. Holidays = FOOD!

  99. The holidays is about spending time with those you love the most and cherishing the little things in life.

    [email protected]

  100. Christmas means spending time with your family and being thankful for what you have and giving to those who have less. 

  101. The holidays mean getting together and celebrating family and the birth of Jesus.

  102. It means Hanging with family and friends and just seeing people happy

  103. The holidays to me is about relaxing & being happy for the things you have!

  104. The holidays mean to me do I really have to answer this to win

  105. I like turtles

  106. holiday, it’s day where every thing is holy ad that’s why you spend the time with those you cherished the most.

  107. To me, the holidays means eating cookies and drinking eggnog in the name of Saint Nick.

  108. Holidays are a time to celebrate family and friends

  109. The Holidays to me are a time when we remember what we’re fortunate for and where we’ve spent the year. I like to get in touch with people I haven’t seen in a while or check in on them, at least. My family means a lot to me and I use this as an opportunity to get them the gifts I can given what we’ve spoken about since Thanksgiving >:D Call me a an Xmas spy but it’s better that way!!! 

  110. To me christmas is all about jesus. The lord and savior of my life to whom I love so much and have to teach my kids about.

  111. The holidays mean cold weather.

  112. The holidays to me means time off work.

  113. The holidays mean seeing old friends and spending time with family. This is especially true as I now live overseas. And that also means that I can eat all the delicious food that I can’t get in South Korea!

  114. To me, the holidays mean obligations to family and friends, hours spent explaining that it’s okay that my fiance and I really don’t get each other gifts and of course overeating…all while trying to ignore the dysfunctional social interaction by playing with my Android device, looking at the weather someplace that actually feels ‘christmasy’ (not SoFla).  I do tend to think about how I spend too much money on my own stuff and what a selfish guy I am – eh, I’ll live.

  115. The holidays to me simply mean family time and all the love we share not only for ourselves but caring for others as well.

  116. The holidays mean everything is closed early today and tomorrow for no apparent reason.

  117. Holidays mean taking time off work to relax and enjoy time with family and friends!

  118. The 3 F’s…Friends, Family, and Free Time to get caught up playing my video games.

  119. Love me some randomness!

  120. Holidays are a time to celebrate in any way you see fit

  121. Happy Holidays to the Phandroid Community! The holidays represents joy and family unity. It means a time for happiness and love. To spend time with your loved ones and pray for the needy. 

  122. Capitalism! Hope I’m not going to be disqualfied for being to cynical!

  123. The holidays are all about spending time with my family and just getting into the holiday spirit! Always has been and always will be my favorite time of year! Happy Holidays everyone!

  124. The Holidays mean spending time with family and seeing the joy on the kids faces as the open their gifts.

  125. Spending time with my family especially my grandparents who raised me and letting them know I love them and making my son smile on Christmas morning

  126. The holidays are all about spending time with friends and family, reaching out to those who are less fortunate, and taking time to be thankful for what we have. Like Jesus. And friends and family. And the Internet. And Phandroid. :)

  127. Food, parties, shopping, gifts, and A Christmas Story marathon.

  128. Thank you Phandroid and have a Merry Christmas!

  129. Holidays mean spending time with family

  130. The holidays to me means being more time with the family and friends, BUT what i also like is that it is the end college semester which means no school ^^
    Everyone is so jolly which always a +.  Also there is free stuff; ex phandroid, but also lots of deals in stores in many different categories. HA-HA-HAPPY NEW YEARS! WAIT MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ^^

    1. Just in case i win, making sure there’s multiple ways of contacting me  lol :)

  131. Christmas!  Ah, that time of year (including Thanksgiving) when generosity increases, and family values come more to the forefront.  Christmas is a time for giving and sharing.  I wish the sentiments could last all year long.  And don’t forget that and continue to ‘give’ all year long.  Peace, Joy, and happiness to all.

  132. The holidays means a lot to me; it’s all about happiness, being united, and most importantly, celebrating the day Jesus was born.  Even though this year we don’t have the money to afford presents (I’m being 100% honest), I don’t really mind not having presents, as we are celebrating the birthday of Jesus. My dad is working overtime just so he can afford some kind of present, even though we (my brothers and I) already told him that we don’t want presents. Being with the family is enough. Also, it’s a good time for family members that are mad at each other to make up, because the atmosphere is just so jolly. :)

  133. Christmas means appreciating the “now” time you have with all of your family and friends. Realizing that every moment is precious as well as fleeting! 

  134. Spending time with family and watching the kids open their presents. The happiness is the best.

  135. Time with friends and family!

  136. The holidays mean I miss my family more than usual.

  137. To me the holidays mean getting together with family and celebrating Jesus’ birth.

  138. It means cold weather, good food, great deals, family gatherings, mint everything, and awesome contests from everybodies favorite android website!

  139. holiday means family and friends!

  140. Holidays means… Taking time to think about the future.

  141. Holidays means family time, which means good times whether gifts are involved or not.

  142. The holidays means spending time with loved ones. I’m so lucky that I can. Hope all you Phandroid phans have a wonderful Christmas.

  143. The holidays mean spending time with my family. Something I don’t get to do often because I go to college in another state.

  144. my amazing break of not being in school :D

  145. The holidays to me is all about being with family. To receive and give presents that will make someone really happy. :) Merry Christmas y’all

  146. The holidays to me are about celebrating the lives of loved ones lost. Several people in my family have passed around the holidays and it’s always a time to remember.

  147. To me the holidays mean stress… which then leads to creative holiday drinking games.

  148. The holidays mean fun times with the family celebrating Christmas, the end of one year, and the begging of another.

  149. The holidays mean everything to me, my 2 kids (Katie 10 and Mike 8) come from 2 states away to spend it with me. There is nothing better than that. 

  150. Holidays means spending time with family and friends!

  151. I think of the Holidays as a time when you don’t have to work, host festivities, buy a new Nexus phone and participate in Phandroid contests.

  152. stuff your face and spending time with the family

  153. Giving presents to my family and watching their facial expressions. I also love Tue family dinners!

  154. Work. =( I’ve got shifts all weekend.

    Oh, and I guess time with the family =P

  155. For me, its all about family! My brother is flying in from victoria on boxing day, I haven’t seen him in ages! My family never really sees me during the school year, because I’m always too busy to think about what really matters.

  156. Christmas means the most to me because it makes my kids happy…seeing them happy makes me happy…Merry Christmas peeps…

  157. The holidays to me are all about  being with family, and then ignoring them for 10 minutes to enter this competition.

  158. FAMILY <3

  159. Time to share with others and give each other New androids

  160. The holidays mean to be with family and friends in a loving environment. To be able to see family that hasnt been seen, go over funny stories and enjoy company and lets not forget that to get the newest and best things to gloat to people about

  161. Happy Holiday!

  162. The holidays mean spending time with friends and family, and a time for giving.

  163. To me, the holidays mean enjoying my kid’s delight at partaking in all the traditions.

  164. The holidays to me mean celebrating with family and loved ones and realize how lucky you are for what you have and helping those that aren’t as fortunate, especially the kids

  165. YYa buddy

  166. Spending time with family…rough year, but celebrating a special holiday like today makes things go away for a bit…Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone

  167. Since my birthday is tomorrow, Christmas means turning 23. Since I’m Jewish, it also means I’m going to see Mission Impossible tomorrow night after some delicious Chinese food.

  168. Time with Friends and Family

  169. The holidays mean time with the family and lots of good food!

  170. Holidays are meant to be leaving all worries behind, spending some quality time with the loved ones, celebrating these special occasions, and just enjoy. It’s okay to eat and drink a bit more than usual. Happy holidays to all. Yes, even the trolls.

  171. The holidays are about gathering around a tree and celebrating together with the family… Except this year I will be alone…

  172. Holidays is being with my family, and friends;  its giving to those you love and even spending the beginnings of a New Year with them.

  173. The holidays mean the attack on Christmas continues. It is way too politically correct.

    Merry Christmas phandroid!

  174. Peace on earth, achieved by stuffing myself and mutual materialism.

  175. “Holidays” to me means family time, spending time with my entire family, and providing “goodies” for our elderly neighbors.  It’s a chance for all of us to be thankful for what we have, reflect on the year, and make plans for the future.

  176. The holidays are about Jesus being our savior and being with family and friends that are like family. :)

  177. Holidays means spending time with family and of course presents!

  178. For me the holidays mean a lot of sleep, oh and of course spending time with my family when awake.

  179. The holidays are special moments where friends and/or family comes together and share their moments with each other, where they ignore the bad things happened to the family and enjoy their time together. It brings the family and relationships closer and forgives the mistakes done.

    At the moment, i’m spending my time with my whole family (+30 members), talking about all kind of things, enjoying our meals, laughing, etc.

    It is the time where it seems that nothing can go wrong.

  180. to celebrate jebus!!!!!

  181. The holidays mean time home with family

  182. The holidays mean family, food, and the birth of Jesus!

  183. Kids and family. Family and kids. What else anybody need for holidays :)

  184. The holidays mean I get to spend time with family and friends back on the East Coast, and, this year, I got to see my first niece who was born just two weeks ago!

  185. The holidays serve as a reminder to value the ones you love.  For some it’s the reason to see each other despite the demands of every day life.  For me, it gives me a chance to show the people I care about how much I love them.  The best possible gift is the gift of oneself.  All other presents are a bonus.

  186. The holidays mean its time for me to sit on the couch rolled up in a blanket with my favorite gal pal and a cup of my favorite hot liquid a bowl of my moms chill and wach all the movies i have missed this year 

  187. Holidays are all about the Fs: Family, Football, and Food!

  188. Seeing our families. :)

  189. Means family time

  190. Holidays for me means time well spent with the family laughing and sharing stories.
    [email protected]

  191. To me, the holidays is about spending time with my family. I really don’t care about much else.

  192. The holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends.

  193. The holidays mean you get awesome presents.

  194. Christmas means spending time with family!

  195. my favourite type of contest too ;> holidays mean, more goodness in the world.

  196. The holidays are about my kids now. I love seeing the joy in their eyes when they open their gifts.

    WOOOOO! I’ve posted in time!

  197. TThe holidays mean spending time with family, remembering the true reason for the season.

  198. The holidays are a great excuse to get wasted with family and friends!

  199. Holidays is family time. Chaos, dinner, and football. Having a chance to watch Christmas Story, National Lampoon, and claymation Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Wearing tacky sweaters, and eating like a pig.  Finding ways in which we’re all better or how to make ourselves better.

  200. Getting to see my family and friends I hardly get to see while at school

  201. The holidays are for coming together with loved ones and APPRECIATING each other. :-)

  202. The holidays mean lots of family time. Sometimes too much that you almost want to go back to work/school

  203. holidays mean spending time with the fam. also turtles. yay

  204. Food!!!! Friends and family

  205. the holidays to me mean time to recharge for next semester

  206. The Holiday’s mean EGG NOG!!!!

  207. The holidays mean a lot to me; nostalgic reminiscence, and the bitter-sweet thoughts of those who are no longer here to share in the gaiety.  

  208. The holidays mean to me a time to remember how much my friends and family mean to me.

  209. Spending time with my dysfunctional family. Opening gifts that make you go wtf. And especially not going to work. Those make the holidays special for me.

  210. Whose a jigga what now?

  211. The true meaning of the holidays is the birth of our child Jesus. It is not receiving material gifts but give thanks for the gift of being alive and to share with your loved ones. Believe me shared happiness is the best treasure you could have.
    Happy holidays!

  212. The holidays are about getting time off from school to be able to enjoy myself and hang out with my family.

  213. I’m not Christian, but even so, there’s definitely something good in the air at Christmas time that’s special to everyone.

  214. the holidays mean I get to relax after a bunch of exams..

  215. The holidays to me are hanging out with the family, complaining about politics, playing with my puppy, and hoping I get a sweet new tech toy that I really dont need but still desperately want. 

  216. Holidays in my book means time to give. Whether it be thanks or gifts. We are all blessed with so much everyday that we can afford to give to someone a Lil less fortunate. We also get to be with family, nowadays you’re hard pressed to find the time between work, school, kids activities, adult activities. Holidays give you the time off from those to ketch up with one another

  217. The holiday means spending time with my beautiful wife. And the celebration of the birth of our lord, Jesus Christ.

  218. Family and friends and plenty of food

  219. Holidays mean spending time with good family and friends.  Getting to see my grandparents after not being able to visit in 10 years.

  220. For me the holidays are all about family.  I get to spend some time to relax and enjoy my family being around!

  221. Holidays mean for one day a year everyone stops acting like a bunch of jackasses and become human to each other again…

  222. The holidays mean that I get some much needed time with the three people I love most. love my family !

  223. It means a random post for a random chance of being a random winner. That and work.

  224. What it doesn’t mean: materialism. Wouldn’t hate it if the gift giving mostly went away, maybe cut it down to one meaningful gift.
    What it does mean: a new hope. “For unto us a child is born…”

  225. The holidays is just an ex

  226. Christmas means the one time of year that I can truly let go of all the stresses in my life and spend time with my family and friends.

  227. It means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

  228. being home and not on the street. its been a rough year

  229. The Holidays mean that my Military Hubby and my serving friends serving all come home for a weekend…

  230. celebrating the birth of Jesus with family :) Merry Christmas everyone

  231. The holidays means spending time with your loved ones and being thankful for the truly important things in life.  And of course time off from work ;-)

  232. The holidays is just as important to me as any other day with my family, just more expensive!

  233. Time with family and lots and lots of good food

  234. The holidays means good food, family, and lots of jokes/booze and good times.

  235. “The holidays” has always meant a time where family can come together and count our blessings for being able to come together. There wouldn’t be the usual gifts under a tree but everyone, from my family, would chip in so we could fly in some relatives from out of the country, go to church together, and have a potluck type meal with one another. “The holidays” are a time to strengthen bonds with the family and become closer through the food shared and the time spent together. My family is quite large so being able to get us together was enough to make us all happy and happiness is also a great portion of what makes “the holidays” special. The start of the new year are also a time to count our blessings throughout the year and pray that the next year be a blessed one a remember those who we have lost. So to make it short family, friends, love, blessings throughout the year, remembering the deceased and togetherness would define “the holidays” for me.

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays -Schmidt

  236. To me, the Holidays is all about putting others before yourself. It’s one of the only times of the year people will make ridiculous sacrifices to give something to the people they love. Some people even make sacrifices for complete strangers. No matter your religious (or non-religious) background, everyone goes out of their way to make the people they love happy, and every year I am reminded of how amazing the world we live in is.

  237. Chriatmas is about time with my family. Get it in ir youll regret it when theyre gone.

  238. holiday = no school!!!!!!! yayyyaaaa

  239. I love the holidays because that’s when I get to see all my friends and loved ones!!

  240. Chriatmas is about family. Enjoy them.

  241. New android tech ! :D

    Oh and doctor who and stuffing.
    By far the best day of the year.
    Merry christmas ! :D Thankyou for keeping me informed in the last year !

  242. It means spending time with my family

  243. Watching the look on my daughters’ faces as they experience all the magic of Christmas!

  244. The holidays are a time to see the best of people, in the waythey give to and help others, and the worst… With people trampling each other for a pair of shoes. I aspire to be at the top… So I shop online ;)

  245. Christmas means time to forgive those who have offended you and remember the true meaning of Christmas is peace with the people around you.

  246. eggnog, cola de mono and pisco sour… that’s what the holiday is all about

  247. Family and friends. I know it’s cliched, but it really is that simple

  248. The holidays for me is spending time with my fiance where we don’t have to be swamped with work. At work right now at Whole Foods, luckily we get off for tommorrow.

    Happy Holidays everyone, good luck being random enough.

  249. The holidays to me mean spending more time with my family.

  250. Holidays mean getting together with those you love. My best family memories are of the holidays. These days the holidays are almost the only time the whole family gets together, and it is something to look forward to for months. Merry Christmas to all.

  251. The Holidays for me mean sleeping in, sitting around the house all day, being a a bum and just enjoying time with your family!

  252. Family and friends, that’s what it is about.

  253. The holidays are a time to spend time with family & friends and to reflect on how lucky we are to have them! :-)

  254. The holidays mean time with family and friends, and of course, the annual holidroid contest!

  255. Spending time with family and friends

  256. holidays means remembering those that arnt with you and celebrating those that are

  257. the holidays mean getting together with family and having a good time

  258. The holiday means a time for giving, loving, and doing good by others.

  259. It’s all about celebrating the birth of Christ and spending quality time with your loved ones whether it be at home or a relatives house. That’s what Christmas should be about in my opinion.

  260. The most important part of Christmas is steam sales

  261. The holidays means finally spending it with my girlfriend by my side, instead of two states away.

  262. holidays? they mean new distractions to  ignore the in-laws

  263. Family

  264. Holidays to me means Christmas, family, friends, food, and fun. and of course celebrating Jesus’s birth

  265. The holidays mean spending time with my family and having a good time overall.

  266. To me, the holidays means spending time with family and friends and having a good time together.

  267. Holidays are depressing. Just gives people more reasons to be disappointed with you.

  268. Me me me

  269. Holidays are for celebrating with family.

  270. The holidays are all about spending time with the family, eating home-cooked food, comparing all the gadgets every one else got for xmas!

  271. The holidays give me even more chances to show my wife how much I love her……even if she’s an iphone user :) .

  272. Christmas means family. That’s it. Making then happy, and then trying to make me happy.

  273. The holidays are for being with those you love and appreciating the things you have. 

  274. Time spent at home, hopefully with some snow and a lot of fun.

  275. I have to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  My job reminds me that I am fortunate and fortunate to have my health.  

  276. Christmas tree, lights, fun, presents and Family!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  277. The holidays are about spending time with family and friends…and eating goodies until your pants don’t fit!

  278. To me the holidays mean family, food and great deals on shit I probably don’t need.

  279. Christmas means stupid Lexus commercials..over and over.

  280. Me me!

  281. To me, the holidays mean I have an excuse to give gifts to the people I love. If only I had a job to actually pay for them…

  282. Family, friends, the baby Jesus, and unexpected thoughtful gifts.

  283. the holidays to me mean good friends, good (and not so good) family, and good times together.

  284. The holidays mean family time…. Oh and gifts.

  285. Church, family, and android

  286. the christmas holidays for me are for spending quality time with my family and friends   but most of all celebrating the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus.

  287. The holidays mean to me reflecting on the many blessings bestowed upon me and taking time out of the busy hustle and bustle of life to spend quality time with family and friends.

  288. The holidays is all about spending time with my family for me.  We get around together and share some quality time with each other, which we can’t do often because of work, and all the stress.  We get together and talk about the year, and we hope that the next year would be even better. 

    Email: [email protected]

  289. family and friends is what it means to me

  290. Too late?

  291. family
    being able to see my beautiful niece celebrate her first CHRISTmas with her family(:

  292. Christmas is celabrating our Savior’s Birth in showing Love for one another, expressing our love in giving. Just as you are, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  293. To me, it means celebrating Emmanuel; God with us!

  294. Holidays mean family

  295. First one I’ve gotten a post in on time :)

  296. Family!

  297. Getting to eat a lot at fantastic dinners.

    Oh, and spend time with family. That too.

  298. food, family and fun :D

  299. The holidays mean a time for spending with family, and making people happy. There is nothing better than seeing the look on someones face, after receiving a brand new Android device for Christmas.

  300. Delete.

  301. Family. Fun. Friends. Giving prizes. Gotta love it. :-)

  302. Winning

  303. the holidays is the time of year where I get the gifts that will make the receiver as happy as possible. no better gift than knowing you made someone’s day.

  304. Time with the family

  305. Remembering what is important in life and enjoying one another.

  306. Winning

  307. The Holidays mean a few different things to me.
    *Reflect on the gifts or things in life I don’t deserve that I am so thankful or reliant on
    *A time to openly share my love with my family and loved ones; unfortunately I forget to do it every day.
    *Though its cold out side the time to bake pie together or cook holiday classics is a time to warm up and share love in a tangible way
    *My family doesn’t really do allot of presents but if we do its always cool to spread the weight of the learning curve (took my dad 3 months to get the hang of the Samsung Vibrant I bought him, but at 70 using it to tether while he goes snow birding to FL, ehh he’s not doing bad.
    *For me is Jesus for others it something else, but most importantly its about me looking inward on what the past year was, what I could have done better and how I can grow to achieve the ideals important and close to my heart.
    *The holidays are that feeling you get when you sip whiskery, but instead of savoring a nice drink its sipping on precious moments and lasting memories.

    I love all you guys, happy holidays, be safe and blessed and warm.

  308. To me it means celebrating humanity and togetherness, the peaceful union of family and friends to enjoy each others company and remember the sacrifice that our lord Jesus Christ made for us.

  309. The holidays have always meant one thing-family and friends, and why we only want to see them once a year. :P

  310. The holidays mean time with friends and family and good memories!

  311. Happy holidays

  312. Holidays mean SLEEP. Oh yeah and lots of food too. 

  313. Christmas means waiting around for Santa to again ask him why I didn’t get that Red Rider BB gun.

  314. The holidays to me are a time for me to get together with family that i otherwise never see

  315. The holiday is a time to finally sit back from work, enjoy some quality family time, meet the relatives, and of course a time for great food and drinks! Merry christmas phandroid:-) Merry christmas world:-)

  316. The holidays for most are a time for sharing meals and memories with their families. Not for me….

    I’m a police dispatcher, and whether I’m scheduled to work or not, I work the holidays so that those with small children can enjoy the holiday with their little ones.  Aside from it being the birthday of my Lord and Savior, it’s a holiday that’s all about making the kids smile.  

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

  317. The holidays mean less time to fanaticly check phandroid for the contest! :-D

  318. Its all about spending time with family and friends.

  319. The holidays mean family!

  320. The holidays definitely means friends and family to me.

  321. being with family, and eating some darn good cookies.

  322. I love Christmas; time to celebrate generosity with family since Jesus paid the greatest price for our lives :)

  323. This holiday in particular means a lot to me because I just got engaged!

  324. The holidays to me, is the time that I am able to spend with my loved ones. Thankful for the the ones I still have living, and remembering the ones that I’ve lost. As dysfunctional as they all may seem, even though we might hate each other’s guts, being able to spend that unconditional time together, and being happy for that little piece of time, even if it’s only for less than 5 minutes.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Holidroid!

  325. The holidays mean family and friends but most importantly lots and lots of presents. Hopefully a few of those gifts come from winning this contest

  326. the holidays mean good food and drink withfamily and friends that you wouldnt otherwise see.

  327. Laughing, being with family, time off from work.

  328. Phunktastic!

  329. The Holidays are family, food and friends.

  330. The holiday time is about relaxing with the family

  331. The Holidays are a time for family time.

  332. The holidays mean a break from school, time to spend with family, gorging myself with food, and listening to all of my favorite Christmas songs. 

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  333. Holidays means family to me.  It means taking to get together and enjoy each other and have a blast.  I miss the holidays when they go and can’t wait for them to come back around.  God bless and Merry Christmas to all!

  334. Holidays means to be and share with your family. My grandfather is in the hospital right now… I hope he recovers soon so that the whole family can share and celebrate a happy Christmas with him. This will be the best gift for me.

  335. The holidays with my family mean; celebrations, remembering, sadness and happiness.  We celebrate the meaning of Christmas, while remembering those who can no longer be with us and this brings on the sadness of our family and friends we miss. Lastly the happiness is something to treasure each holiday with having a true loving family to share memories.  Merry Christmas.  

  336. The holidays are for spending quality time with friends and family … and of course fixing and showing them how to use all thier computers and tech toys!!!

  337. The Holidays mean a lot of things to at lot of people to me it’s all about all my memories from my childhood to the present I remember being 10 years old & getting my Nerf Bow & Arrow. Me & my cousin playing Robin Hood because we watched the movie with Kevin Costner! LOL also being with my Family I’m going to Mom. House to eat food my grandmother send my mom from Puerto Rico! :) Happy Holidays Phandroid & Everyone here!

  338. This holiday season means family, friends food and alcohol for me. Finally getting family together for the first time in over 10 years! Going to be a crazy household with 15+ people!

  339. The holidays to me aren’t about religion but about celebrating and enjoying time with others.. goodwill towards men, remembering the good things about life and all that jazz.

  340. Holidays mean Holidroid contests from

  341. CChristmas is the time to upgrade all things tech. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  342. It means presents

  343. The holidays to me mean a lot of family and food!!! My family is huge and love to get together every holiday! It is always a huge party with them. I also love music! Every holiday represents a different genre of music and I am a musician who loves to play.

  344. Christmas is about spending time with the family! That’s good enough for me.

  345. The Holidays are about spending time with family and friends

  346. Family :)

  347. To me, the holidays are about friends, family, relaxing, enjoying, and appreciating life.

  348. This year holiday means going south to beautiful city of Rome!

  349. these holidays i’m thankful for celebrating with my entire family and giving.

  350. The holidays mean time away from school!

  351. What Christmas means to me is reading all these B@LLSH!T lies about what Christmas means because a bunch of you greedy pigs want to win something.  Pick me.

  352. “the holidays” mean getting to spend quality time with my family, and friends I don’t get to see outside of work that often!

  353. Christmas to me is a time to reflect on life in general and to be thankful for what we have and to count the blesings that are placed upon us as we don’t usually acknowledge when we get a blessing, I’m thankul for my kids and the chance to be able to see there smiles when they open there presents in the morning, I also take time to pray for the less fortunate ones who may not have christmas in the morning, God bless and be safe.

  354. Christmas means togetherness and compassion for all.

  355. Holidays mean to me having a good time with family, friends, and everyone else that is around me. It is one of the best things in life that an individual can have and should cherish. 

  356. The holidays mean missing my family and friends more because I live in a different country and don’t get to visit them at this time of year.  Although that Kindle would make a nice present for my parents when I do get to visit them next year.

  357. Seeing my 2 year old eyes light up seeing Santa

  358. In general, the holidays are a time to spend with my family and friends that are still in the area.  Enjoy them, and tell them you love them, because in the blink of an eye you can lose them.

    Days off, food, and presents are great for those who are fortunate to get them, but if all that fails, your loved ones are there.

    Cheers everyone!

  359. The holidays are about family & friends, but not only that, it’s giving. What I mean is giving to others. What can you do? Not only for family & friends, but that total stranger as well, helping out at food pantries, preparing meals for the homeless, helping the elderly and all of those who are not as fortunate as you. That’s showing LOVE! Merry Christmas to ALL!

  360. WEeeeEEEeeeee

  361. The holidays mean a lot to me this year! I have been saving up for the past 4 years to go to Ireland to be with my family and friends that I haven’t seen for so long but I am so happy to just be around my loved ones this year I get to finally be able for my children to meet their grand parents and just so special for everyone I love this year!

  362. Spending time with my loved ones.

  363. Christmas is a time for reflection and spending a good time with the family. 

  364. Holidays = Time off school = Fun. 

  365. I love the holidays because of all the amazing wonderful food and family time seeing the smiles on your loved ones faces as they open their gifts! It’s an amazing time of the year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  366. Baby Jesus and his balled up fist…..and family :)

  367. It means winter is actually here.

  368. Lots of food and time with the family

  369. Birth of Christ, life, love, family, friends and Food!!!

  370. To me the holidays mean getting together with friends and family, no matter what religion.

  371. Lots of food and time w the fam

  372. Holidays = presents. Lots and lots of presents. Also family and junk. :)

  373. The holidays means spreading holiday cheer and being with your family.

  374. Type the holidays mean to me getting together with friends and family, no matter what religion.

  375. Please delete

  376. The holidays to me are: 
    some good eggnog
    full house
    few family fights
    family Rom and kernel battles( attain unlock&root, build kernal and rom for three random android devices by January 1)

  377. They mean nothing to me!

  378. Please delete.

  379. The holidays definitely mean family to me and that’s how it’s always been. It’s different this year, sadly. Very different…. but we make do. Good luck doing your hair buddy!

  380. The holidays mean… The gift of android! And of course that guy called Jesus

  381. Holidays mean Jesus and Jesus accessories

  382. Did I make it ?, lol happy holidays

  383. love

  384. spending time with my family and just having fun with them, oh and wishing that they’d leave :P

  385. Being with the family. Watching the little one open presents and then playing with their toys lol love having nieces and nephews they get cool toys lol

  386. The holidays mean gathering family together to share a day of joy together.

  387. Merry Christmas Eve!!!

  388. I’m not going to be PC and say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!!!

  389. Spending hours making homemade tamales with the family!!!!

  390. It means days off from work… greatest

  391. Holidays mean time with family and friends

  392. It means peace…

  393. It means losing another phan droid contest

  394. The holidays means time away from stress and lots of time spent with my family and friends. Merry Christmas everyone!

  395. My birthday is the day after Christmas. Boo!

  396. The holidays to me means I will most likely receive a regifted item from my grandma…just hopefully this year it won’t be her dentures

  397. Christmas means spending time with friends and family.

  398. Family….nuff said.

  399. Everyone have a very Merry Christmas!!!!! Great holidays too everyone

  400. Family, friends, fun, and lots and lots of love.

  401. The holidays are a time to empty the bank account and make as many family and friends as happy as possible.

  402. Holidays are a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. . . Well Christmas anyway

  403. #405 is the winner

  404. Hanging out with family

  405. Family….family….family

  406. We celebrate it so that the evil corporations can make money on our insane shopping.
    Oh, btw Merry Christmas! :)

  407. Family…pure and simple.

  408. Mia Familia. Am I too late?

  409. It means making others happy in any way you can

  410. Holidays are for friend family love and of coarse PRESENTS

  411. Get to spent time with family

  412. Festivus is over :(
    Merry christmas!

  413. Spending time with friends and family.
    email: [email protected]

  414. Merry Christmas to all!

  415. Can’t see the time stamp on the android app so here goes anyway. :)

  416. A break from school, so laying on the couch.

  417. Merry Christmas!

  418. Did I miss the cut off?

  419. May be too late, but for the sake of the holidays i’ll try :D

  420. Luv xmas wish I could gift my grandmother a kindle. She loves to read an knows nothing about technology and would be amazed

  421. The holidays mean family duhh!!

  422. Holidays mean time with my family…and their families…and lots of food…..
    Good times for all!

  423. Holidays mean family, food and lazy days. It also means I can do the most wonderful things with my children…watch them learn about and celebrate what Christmas is to us. And the toys…always with the toys!! Happy Holidays Phandroid!!!!

  424. Merry Christmas

  425. the holidays mean the world to me :’)

  426. The holidays are about family

  427. It means a happy Festivus for the rest of us. :-D

  428. Commanayaaaaaayhaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  429. The holidays mean a time to spend with loved ones and to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

  430. The holidays mean more android goodness to me.

  431. The holidays to me mean phandroid and family, everytime we get together we look at the phandroid website. And I really hope I win this one because it’s the last chance, I think, we’re gonna have. And I have never won anything in my life ever before.

  432. Holidays mean time off work to flash more roms…

  433. The holidays mean presents for my kids :D

    Im kool kat2 in the forums ;)

  434. Everyday should be holiday but for most, its love, family, and happiness. God bless the less fortunate and those who are not at home with their families tonight and those who doesn’t have one.

  435. To me, the holidays means family, friends, food, alcohol, football (Lions baby!) and good times :)
    (I’m commenting on your Android app which isn’t tied to disqus but it’s the same username I use for disqus so you should be able to find it) : )

  436. The holidays to me mean good food, good family, and good beer. Merry Christmas!

  437. Holiday means getting to see my dad and time to relax

  438. Food.

  439. I’m not sure when the deadline to enter is since I can’t see the time stamps through the phandroid android app. Hope I made it in time. Happy Holidroid!

  440. This years has a new meaning for me this year. Im providing for 7 kids this year and I am learning how good it is to make others happy. I didn’t have alot to spend on them but I think I did a good job. Its been a hard year but seeing them in the morning will be worth it. Christmas for me the season for giving for me and im happy to be surrounded by this big new family. Merry Christmas Phandroid and to all your readers.

  441. For me, it means time with family and friends, and being thankful for the freedom to celebrate Christmas in our own way.

  442. The holidays to me are times to get good deals on Android things!

  443. The holidays mean family, never knowing if it’s the last one you’ll spend with any particular family member. Cuz ya never can tell…

  444. Num num num! Food!

  445. The holidays mean spending my first christmas with my 6mth old baby and even though he is gonna get his stuff after christmas I still wouldnt trade it for the world…Merry Christmas!!

  446. Merry Christmas! Hope everyone gets some beautiful android gadgets for the holidays!

  447. Yay phandroid Christmas

  448. The holidays means seeing the people I love.

  449. The holidays mean playing with my new Galaxy Nexus!

  450. The holidays are all about family. Even the ones one would normally avoid are welcome. Then all the rest of us have something to talk about for another year.

  451. to me the holidays mean sharing time with my family

  452. Family

  453. JESUS!!!!!

  454. Dear santa, please

  455. Hopefully everyone has a very meet Android Christmas?

  456. The holidays are about making your children’s memories something that makes them feel special and like the center of the universe. Then hopefully they take that with them into adulthood to pay it forward to their children.

  457. Family

  458. Happy holidays

  459. Family

  460. Family

  461. Obviously the family without them I would be nothing

  462. Seeing the love ones excited about the holiday!

  463. Happy Family!

  464. Good tidings

  465. Party time!

  466. Family and the long weird side of everyone

  467. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!!!

  468. The holidays to me mean Eating way too much food And watching the christmas story for 24 hours straight. And more than anything else a few days of work!!!!!!

  469. Family. That’s all its about. I don’t even care if it on Christmas or not. The holidays are about spending sometime with the whole family. Sweet gifts are always a plus though!

  470. Time with the familly

  471. Give me something free! Never won anything!

  472. Christmas is family, friends,togetherness…

  473. How about

  474. It means spending time with family and trying to win a phandroid contest

  475. I want to win

  476. The holidays means more time to spend with my family and friends… :)

  477. The holidays mean time off for my Family. Commercialism,and The Happy Holodroid Contest!

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