Round Two of T-Mobile’s Smartphone Battle See the Galaxy S II Take on the iPhone 4S [Sponsored Post]


Last week we saw T-Mobile’s HTC Amaze 4G put a serious hurting on the iPhone 4S, but it seems that wasn’t enough to quiet the Apple fanboy down at the arcade. He must be a glutton for punishment to challenge the Samsung Galaxy S II after taking an 8MP camera smackdown. Who will win this round? Here’s a hint: it’s the dual-core phone on T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network. Is this week’s entry into the smartphone battle even better than the first? Decide for yourself by checking out the video above.


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  1. Seriously. Am I the only one that actually enjoys these vids? Lol

    1. I think that I enjoy them, I’m not really sure though.

    2. homo

    3. I enjoy them too… lol. “You’re totally checking out my bigger screen aren’t you…” That was hillarious.

      1. I liked “Easy there, Capt Fanboy.”

        1. Yeah, round 2 is much better, because it finally involves a chick. Haven’t Android manufacturers and providers figured out yet who buys the damn no-so-smart-iPhones?

          1. The iPhone is slowly moving it’s way into the grandma/grandpa category because it’s been (over)simplified to the point of non-tech savvy people being able to use it.  Personally, I think it went too far in that direction, I’ll take tweaking things in Android for better customization any day in comparison.

    4. No way, lol, I think they are pretty funny too…

    5. No more sponsored posts please. They ruin the integrity of the site…

      1. Funny advertising is still funny. They are just making fun of iphone which is always good in my book.

  2. It’s definitely better than the weirdest Droid ads.  If they weren’t so one-sided and blatant there would actually be a chance they could go viral and be posted on their own merit, instead of needing to be a paid thing.

  3. haha those are kinda funny. Would have been better tho in this one if he used his Siri power to have a girl vs girl fight. Then it would of fit better with that guys line at the end.

  4. they need to dumb donw these adds if they want the gen public to get the pic  they need to be like ” this phone is betterthan the iphone4s……

  5. This was really dumb.

    The iPhone ads are so successful because all they do is show the phone with some hands demonstrating how easy it is to do everything. It’s the perfect “look how super simple our UX is!” formula. Do they ever even mention the competition?

    1. What is your metric for success here?

      1. The general public’s acceptance that Apple/iOS products ‘just work.’

        1. Honestly u make no sense..regardless whos in the ad. Theres a msg

        2. You’re just regurgitating a tired Apple marketing campaign here, hardly a quantifiable measure that their ‘hands’ commercials are successful.

    2. “Hi, I’m a PC…….”

      1. That’s Mac, not iPhone.

        But those commercials were done effectively. It was a hipster ripping on a nerd. These current Android vs. iPhone ads are hipsters vs. hipsters. It’s all white noise, imo.

        1. You dont remember all iphone commercials do ya? And adverts love hipsters

          1. Did I miss one where they spent as much time talking about a competitor as their own product?

          2. Steve Jobs talked about Android all the time. Wasn’t a commercial but I’d be willing to bet it got more coverage every time he did it.  Seriously, an entire fan base suddenly started spamming DOA after Steve ragged on Samsung’s original Tab, and that was only the beginning.

          3. No u didn’t miss it….when you’re raking in 2/3’s of the profit in the industry while your loudmouth “competitor” is fighting with countless other me-too pretend iPhone peddlers for the remaining 1/3, you can simply ignore them….

        2. I’m quite aware that was Mac, but regardless it was Apple, which was my entire point.  And you feel it was justified because it was “done effectively.”  Sad.

  6. Why did Kevin write this article? He’s a renown T-Mobile hater ’round these parts

  7. Captain Fanboy is the name of my They Might Be Giants cover band.

  8. Meh….T-Mobile execs would give their right arm and both of their legs to be able to sell the iPhone….

    1. You wish but in any case its not because its better its just a fad or trend that is dying everytime a high end android comes out which is every 2 weeks at least

      1. 4 million iPhones sold in 3 DAYS…..

        Analysts estimate 30.3 million iPhones to be sold this quarter and 111.4 million for fiscal year 2012:


        Yep….I guess those numbers represent a “dying” trend….boy, some of you fandroids are just downright IGNORANT

        1. For the phone that was supposed to put apple back on the map, that 30 mil was a huge disappointment. Apple is going the way of rim, of course rim has its loyalists too because that’s all they know.

          1. 30 million phones in 3 months is a disappointment??? That would represent a RECORD-SHATTERING quarter by Apple….what the hell are you talking about??? This isn’t some derivative OS being given away for free and utilized by nearly 50 manufacturers on over 300 different phones and being sold by over 215 carriers worldwide. Put Apple BACK on the map? With 66% of the profit in the smartphone industry, Apple OWNS the map…..seriously, some of you fandroids are the most ignorant, uninformed people I’ve ever encountered….

          2. For someone who owns the map, their market share sucks… And I don’t own stock in apple therefore don’t care about their profits or stock price.

          3. Next you’re gonna tell me they own the personal computer map too, based on their profits.

          4. Oh that’s right…..you’re a fandroid. You’re programmed to think that market share is everything, when in fact it means very little. Allow me to educate you on just how little it means. You, being the fandroid that you are, are probably confused as to why HP was until recently looking to get out of the PC business when they LEAD the industry in “market share”. Bottom line: its the money!! They sell a ton of low-profit, low-margin computers that boost their market share numbers but does nothing for their bottom line. Same thing with Android. Did you know that out of the 39 manufacturers that utilize Android, only TWO (HTC, Samsung) have seen ANY profits??? That for the vast majority of handset manufacturers Android has been a LOSING PROPOSITION??? So while an army of over 300 phones can claim some meaningless “market share” victory, one phone is kicking their asses in the one area that really matters in business: PROFITS….
            Why should u care about profits? This is why, fanfroid: profits mean sustainability. A profitable company means is products will remain available to the customers that prefer them. Marketshare, on the other hand, means NOTHING. Just ask HP…..tops in PC marketshare, but nearly shut down it’s PC business….

            Game over….

  9. My wife just switched from an iPhone4 to the Galaxy S II Skyrocket – says the Skyrocket is so far ahead of the iPhone4 there is no comparison. I ran a speed test on it yesterday, and it was getting 41.5 Mbps down and 7.2 Mbps up. WOW – not sure why I need all that speed on a phone, but WOW !!

    1. “WOW – not sure why I need all that speed on a phone, but WOW !!”

      Bcuz your droid-induced brain tells you so…

  10. No matter how we look at it….iPhone has brought a ton of money to carriers in the US.  Look at c-Spire numbers and Sprint numbers.  Look at verizon’s numbers.

    While I’m not a fan of iPhone, but they have created a device that is REALLY easy to use, similar to the experience of other apple products.  people who are not acclimated to the Android devices, still call them ‘droids.  It’s almost sickening. 

    I absolutely adore android, and if T mobile Got an iPhone in it’s lineup, things would be totally different. and profits would be WAY up…

    If I were an exec at T mobile, I would sell my left testicle to sell iPhone, the profits are enormous.  Remember.  It’s not the phone, it’s the plan that is most profitable, the phone is the icing on the cake.

    1. Well said…

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