Nexus Tablet Once Again in the Works?


Though they haven’t always been the most commercially popular smartphones, the Nexus lineup has acted as the flagship device for each new iteration of Android since version 2.0. The hardware is designed to work seamlessly with the latest Android code as a demonstration of the OS the way Google intended it to be. Nexus smartphones have acted as a testing ground for new innovations and provided developers with a model handset for working within the Android ecosystem. But when Google released Android 3.0, a build designed especially for tablets, there was no Nexus Tablet to go along with it (despite persistent rumors). The best we got was the Motorola XOOM. Though the XOOM lacked a Nexus name, it served a similar purpose. The hardware was developed closely with Google and the slate deploys a stock version of Android. Like the Nexus lineup of smartphones, it is typically the first to receive the newest update to the Honeycomb code. For all of this, the XOOM still doesn’t carry the sort of weight that accompanies a device with the Nexus tag.

Enter Ice Cream Sandwich, designed to merge the smartphone and tablet trees of Android, and enter new rumors of an upcoming Nexus tablet. Responding to questioning from an Italian news outlet, Google’s Eric Schmidt hinted that a Google Experience tablet is in the works. It’s hard to tell from the translation, but it is being reported that we could see a Nexus Tablet built to Google’s spec within the next six months. It is possible that Schmidt simply meant Android 4.0 tablets from all manufacturers would be hitting the market during that time period, but a Google-branded device isn’t out of the question.

Even if we do see a Nexus-branded tablet, it is unlikely it will be the iPad killer most will chalk it up to be. As stated earlier, Nexus devices haven’t ever been seen as big sellers. We’ll have to wait to see the numbers on the Galaxy Nexus release, but it is likely any Nexus slate would mostly exist to set an example for other Android hardware manufacturers to follow.

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  1. douche

  2. I’m totally fine with it not being a big seller.  While it is true that most people don’t know/care about what makes a stock Nexus device awesome, there are those of us that do.  As long as there are enough devices sold to justify the continuation of the Nexus line, I’ll be happy with that.

    I suppose that’s what is so nice about Android in general.  There is enough diversity where you don’t have to feel like a total clone, but the parts where you do benefit from big numbers (common platform, apps market), are firmly in place.

    1. Indeed, many people don’t benefit from the Nexus Program, but I do, which is exactly why I don’t wait for the Galaxy S 3, just hope my Galaxy Nexus arrives before Christmas.

  3. The OG Droid was the first to 2.0, the Nexus was the first to 2.1.

    1. never take to corrections when its commenters corrects their mistakes.

      1. It’s not phandroid, it’s just KEVIN!! 

        1. True. Quentyn and Chris are pretty quick to fix their mistakes. I really don’t think Kevin cares at all, he just writes or copy-pastes some stuff and throws it out there. Besides, look at his G+ page, the guy likes Apple a lot more than he likes Android.

  4. Coolness! It only seems logical :)

  5. Rumor: to be called the “Verizon Wireless Galaxy Samsung Nexus Tab”

    1. Oh, Good Lord. Don’t start a new epidemic of Nexus-spazanoia. *facepalm*

  6. what i don’t get is that i already sent you guys some evidence and you wont believe it

    1. its dubbed the motorola nexus x

  7. “As stated earlier, Nexus devices haven’t ever been seen as big sellers. We’ll have to wait to see the numbers on the Galaxy Nexus release”
    It think the G-Nex is going to end up selling pretty well.  Sales might start of slow because Verizon put zero marketing into this release, but everyone who sees my new baby is like “WHOA…What is that and where can I get one?”  It’s SO sexy!

    1. both of the best buys in San Diego were sold out this weekend, i think the phone is doing surprisingly well for everyone.  Props to blogs like this that are educating the masses

  8. Dam….it felt like yesterday I was waiting for froyo on my Droid incredible for flash content… time flies…..

  9. Nexus != Google Experience
    There are many (dozens to hundreds) of Google Experience devices.  If Schmidt said “Google Experience” (which the article claims), then that does not mean “Nexus”.

    1. Really, what are the other “Google Experience devices”. I have an HTC Sensation… this crap is not a Google Experience, and an HTC Sense-less experience

  10. I just wish they would use something like the Samsung Galaxy Note as their next nexus. It is truly an awesome device. And, anyone who thinks it too BIG should just get over it. I’m quite small, and it fits me just FINE.

    1. Giggity…..

  11. Just in time for IO

    1. I know what you’re thinkin!

  12. I love Google and Android, and I’ll never buy an apple phone/tablet, but I do get jealous when I see some of the great games that they have available to them. I wonder why these same companies don’t make great games for Android? (like monopoly, risk, etc). I’m glad they are bringing some of the good games over from iOS though.

    Edit: Actually I see monopoly in the market now.

    1. Because… there’s simply no money to be made on the Android side.  Why is this such a difficult concept? There are just way too many flavors on Android out there, inconsistent devices, different hardware, non-helpful manufacturers,  a fractured app-store, the list keeps going….  it’s simply not worth the developer’s time to support that can of worms.

      That’s why iOS is so successful and Android will always be a second-place system.  Truth hurts, but that’s the reality.

      1. that’s just funny, seeing as android phones outsell iphones by a large amount. :P

        1. As much as that line has merit, you must also consider that there are 3 available versions of the iPhone and 30+ different Android handsets available at local and international carriers.

          I’m not an iFan, but to say the very least his argument has very valid points.  Until the system is unified and skins are done away with, fragmentation will make Android difficult to develop for.  Not to mention the controls that each carrier puts into place that limits what your Android device can do.

      2. Truth obviously makes some go mad

  13. Just what we need, another device skimping on hardware and being sold at a premium because people are foolish enough to pay for it.

  14. I thought that’s what the Transformer Prime was for… As long as it’s not a Verizon exclusive.

  15. Very much look forward to Nexus Tablet. Recently got my ordered Galaxy Nexus and I love it. Don’t have any table at this point but I think it will change about the time Nexus tab will come out.

  16. Let this be true. Nexus Tab!

  17. As much as I like the Gnex, I would buy a Nexus tablet

  18. Crap … I pre-ordered a Transformer Prime. -_-

    1. I initially had an order in. When it was canceled, I couldn’t wait to order again. Now I’m going to wait for faster hardware and higher resolution screens. The Transformer Primer looks to be a bit faster, but those new screws should really make for a new experience.  So I’ll wait… and hope i can get ICS on my xoom or gtab 10.1 (or kindle fire) in the near term

  19. If they market it at a lower price than the iPad, then I am sure it would be competitive. Make it around the $400 mark or even less and I am sure you will get some people thinking about it over the iPad.  Especially if you make commercials like Apple does, only saying stuff like “the iPad 3 has only this many apps in its market, while the Nexus tablet has this many”.  Short, sweet, to the point commercials will help it sell.

  20. lets just hope HTC makes it.

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