Yes, People Are Lining Up for the Galaxy Nexus


Hey Verizon, when was the last time people lined up outside your store waiting for the release of a phone? Was it the Motorola Droid RAZR? The HTC Rezound? We’d have to go all the way back to the launch of the iPhone to probably find our answer. But lo and behold, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is drawing a crowd, and not just a little one, might I add. The above picture is the queue forming outside a Boston VZW store, all in line for the first Android 4.0 handset.

We can’t say exactly why the phone was delayed, and perhaps rumors that Verizon hasn’t put much stock in this phone — deciding to dump it off hastily a week before Christmas — aren’t true, but Big Red should take note. Or maybe this was their plan all along. Maybe it was all a clever viral marketing campaign that fooled us all.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. Big Red- All your monies are belong to us, muhahhahahahahaahaa.

  2. I hope it’s not like this at my local store…they open at 10 and I can’t get there til’ about 8:30 at the earliest. ^_^

    1. Don’t worry. There will be more than enough of these phones leftover.

  3. So will apple try to make a ad making fun of Samsung with the people in line. wait never mind that line is for a reason something new no retro has nice big screen and 4g 

    1. you know,
      Apple is going to sue Samsung because they invented the Line waiting for a phone.

    2. Awww you beat me to it. Agreed.

    3. Wait, wasn’t the Samsung commercial making fun of people waiting in line for a phone? Is this irony?

      1. The Samsung commercial was about people waiting in line for a phone that was already out-dated. A phone that, on release date, had less features than the Samsung phone they were advertising. So no, there is no irony. Just people waiting in line for technology that is actually new.

        1. “Outdated” is relative to one’s perceived values. Something is only outdated or obsolete if it is no longer useful to the owner.

          But yes, the Samsung commercial had a deeper message than just bashing people waiting in line.

        2. /apologist drivel

        3. Like that “new” 5 megapixel camera on the Galaxy Nexus???

          1. No, like the new apperture that comes on that 5 MP camera, that will make for better pictures than most 8 MP cameras. Like the no-lag shutter that no other phone has. Like the light sensor that is better quality than any other phone.

            If you knew anything about photography, which you obviously don’t know much, you would know that there is more to a camera than the amount of megapixels. A higher megapixel image is mostly necessary when increasing the size of the image. There are MANY other things in a camera that actually make for a better quality image, instead of a more scalable image. A lot of THOSE things were improved in this phone over any other phone.

            Do some research before bashing something you don’t know details about.

          2. Sounds just like the iPhone 4S camera. Do you believe everything the marketing department tells you?

            It’s great that you think the Galaxy Nexus is the best, just don’t cite features that aren’t specific to it as your reason. Makes you seem foolish.

            What you should be citing is the built in panorama mode or the ability to snap stills while shooting video. Or the phone’s NFC capabilities. Those are novel (if you like these sort of things).

          3. (Yawn) whatever floats your boat dude. I just remember that one of the main criticisms of the iPhone 4 last year was it’s “inferior” 5MP camera…..now that this phone has one we get all of the explanations about megapixels that were suspiciously absent when referring to the iPhone 4. Ladies and gentlemen, we have witnessed the birth of a new class of android fanboy: the aSheep!!!


      2. I’m sure these people weren’t camped out for days on end, just showed up today, waiting for the doors to open.

  4. they’re in line for the white razr

    1. actually the white razr is pretty sharp looking, not over done and has a bit of style.

      1. I just saw it (white razr) at the verizon store……  It looks weird.  But the Nexus is very nice though.  I’m hoping for the ICS rom for my SGS2 soon…..i’ll be happy when that happens.  Until then, i’m content.

  5. Unrelated to post, related to phone:
    LOL @ Verizon’s list of included accessories: “Pre–Installed 32GB microSD™ Card

    1. Well, technically they’re right. It’s pre-installed, doesn’t mean it’s removable. Then again, I’m not sure if the storage type is an actual microSD card but internal storage is usually afforded using microSD cards.

  6. Ordered mine online, but was all geared up to drive out at 8am for 9am opening. Thank god for free overnight shipping

    1. How did you get free overnight?

      1. All OUR monies are belong to THEM

        Darn mobile reply….posted to wrong thread! I need smaller thumbs

        1. Or a bigger phone… would 4.65″ work for you? :-)

      2. I just ordered mine from Let’s Talk with free overnight shipping for a whopping total of $154! make sure to use coupon code $75VZN

        1. Bad idea you need to read there terms because when you sign up through let’s talk you can not change your plan for 3 to 6 month’s like through Verizon and if you do change it through Verizon let’s talk charges you a 350 cancellation fee

          1. Wrong.. I read the terms, and while you have to keep the service fro 6mo or else be subject to a $250 (not $350) ETF from them, I do not plan on canceling or “downgrading” my plan.. Also, no matter who I go through I’m going to get slapped with a huge ETF fee for canceling. I’d rather save on the phone and stick with the service for at minimum, 6mo

          2. I’m saying if you want to up your minutes or downgrade your plan they’ll say you broke the agreement you have with them “lets talk” and charge you a $350 fee not canceling the plan. So if you call Verizon and say you want to change your plan from 1400 minutes to 900 minutes then your breaking the terms of the contract you have through let’s talk for Verizon. Trust me my neighbour got hit with a $500 bill because of them and Verizon said that they can’t do anything about that once the bill is paid they won’t have to worry about it because let’s talk contract will be taken off his plan. I’m just trying to give you a little advice don’t adjust your plan for 6 month’s or you’ll have an extra $350 tacked onto your bill from let’s talk.

          3. It’s free through Verizon to adjust your plan whenever you wish but let’s talk takes that as voiding you service agreement but then once you pay the 350 you don’t have to be worried about the other company being attached to your Verizon contract.

          4. I understand what you’re saying and I appreciate your attempt to help me. However I read through the terms and agree with them. The likelihood of me needed to alter my plan in 6mo is SLIM (see what I did there), especially when considering my usage history. 

            Also, the fee is $250 not $350.. not sure where you’re getting that info from

        2. Better check your order status , they are listed as back ordered- In stock on Unknown.. 

          1. I ordered early this AM when they were listed as “in stock” The site also indicates that my device is currently being activated. I assume this means I made the cut.. 

            *keeps fingers crossed

      3. all phones on verizon offer free over night. 

  7. i will not stand in line for a phone.  I am not isheep.

    1. So, you’re saying that you’re “creative”?

      No personal offense, just a little humor from the Samsung ads.

      1. dude, he’s a barista…

        1. Why don’t you guys just get 4G phones?

          1. “y don u get a 4g fone”

            dont know how express the way she said it haha 

    2. Just judging from the photo, you should be saying, “I will not hang out with Android users. I’m not into dudes.”

    3. Standing in line for things is fun for me.  You get to hang out with people who are into gadgets too.  

      I can’t wait for a new phone to come out that I can line up for.  Evo 3 plz.  

  8. They probably were driving by, saw the line and assumed the iPhone 5 was out.

    1. Hahahahahaah!! That was priceless!!

    2. Comment of the year!!

    3. For that to happen the line for the GNex would have to already have been there. But I’m sure there are a few iTards in that line who thought that.

      1. If iPhone users who stand in line are iTards, does that make these folks aHoles?

        1. Only if Android put an “a” in front of everything they do and android users just bought it no matter what. Even if they owned the previous version from 6months ago.

          1. Because Apple releases new versions of products every six months now? Like how the iPhone 4 was… What? 18 months old when the 4S was released?

          2. On Verizon, the store in question, it was 6 months later…  Therefore, the point is still valid.

          3. In what world is the interval between February and December 6 months?

          4. Sorry, February through October.

          5. Ha, that’s funny. Another Apple “planned obsolescence” joke.

            Because Apple does NOT have as clearly defined a product release cycle as any tech company out there which is (usually) an annual schedule, nor do they (for the most part) still sell and support products from the last generation.

            They just want to bilk iTards into buying the “new thing” every six months.

            This is in stark contrast to companies like HTC, Samsung, et al, that do NOT release a new best ever Android phone every three weeks, and also provide timely software updates and support for said phones.

            Clearly sarcasm is lost on this crowd.

            @RawBob Come on dude, if you’re going to try to insult someone, the least you can do come up with something less lame than “n-tard”.

          6. If you look closely at http://www.apple.com/iphone/compare-iphones/ you’ll see that there are three generations of iPhone still for sale—going back to the iPhone 3GS, which was the newest-best-ever on June 19, 2009.

            All of these models are still very much supported: parts, software and warranty.

          7. guess that makes you  an n-tard

        2. hahahaha must admit that was hilarious +1

    4. Is that 5G?

      1. Nah, It’s 5GLTEAdvanced/MorePerfecter++++ with enhanced laser backhaul.

    5. lol, and no… BUT, maybe, just maybe the lines would be longer if big RED didn’t stealth launch this bad boy until late yesterday, basically under everybody’s radar :(

      Gee, VZ, make it so less people know about it next time why don’t ya, ahorns!

      1. That was funny. And clearly the guys never told their girlfriends….

    6. Since there is already an update for the phone it’s not hard to deduce that software was holding things up.

  9. I hope the suburban stores aren’t like this…I can’t get out until lunch to pick it up.  Guess I should call before leaving to make sure they still have it…

  10. I am glad I called last night.  I have one reserved at my local store.  I am guaranteed one, but will have to “wait” until 11 when their FedEx guy delivers.

  11. Uh oh. I hope the people that made those Samsung commercials don’t see this.

  12. These individuals look a little more evolved than the hummus eating iSheep lines.

    1. LOL!  My friend just got an iPhail and she eats hummus!

      1. Keep snacking on Cheetos.

        1. Cheetos eaters are Nascar rednecks silly goose.  Doubt they could figure out how to use a smartphone and Android probably sounds too much like ‘socialism’ to them.

    2. Nice try, but as a structural engineer, I can assure you I am fairly compensated for my time and efforts.  Back to the cave, troll.

      1. Then why are you making childish comments devoid of substance like a 13 year old.

      2. Engineer? Yeah, right. I know lots of engineers. And the good ones appreciate good hardware whether it’s their choice or not. Same with cuisine. Enjoy your McLunch.

    3. baaaaaa… baaaaaa..

    4. Really? What’s giving it away?  That they’re all 18-40-ish males and the demographic is completely narrow compared to an Apple Store line?

      You mean that kind of evolved?

    5. HAHA sheep! The letter “i”! My God man, stop being so clever. I might fall over with laughter. And who eats hummus? Losers, that’s who. Unevolved losers like those damn Arabs, am I right? I’m so glad choice is a bad thing and no iPhone owner in the last 5 years has ever bought one based on it’s merits. Such dumb, unevolved sheep! Yep, this line looks pretty evolved. Nothing but us middle-aged white males. Evolution! Hurrah!

      Seriously though. I’m glad you prefer Android but keep your bullshit to yourself. Also, hummus? Wtf man?

      1. On easter, they’re iPeeps and they eat each other.

      2. The really funny part is that you defending them on an ‘ANDROID” website.  So the joke is on you.

        1. Discussing things is good for the industry. I have no beef with Android. I am personally an iOS fan. I work with a number of Android devices so it isn’t that I just haven’t tried one (Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, Kindle Fire). I merely decided, using the brain in my head, that I prefer iOS (on that note, I haven’t used WP7 but there looks to be some enviable features on it).

          Discussion is good, but name calling isn’t. Especially when you’re just making fun of the fans of another device rather than making valid criticisms of the device itself.

          So no, the joke isn’t on me. There is no joke. It’s just sad that people resort to name calling to “make a point.” No point was made. It’s just a circle jerk. You want to convert me to Android? Make me jealous. Prove to me it’s better, don’t call me an idiot. That hostility isn’t gonna make me tuck my tail between my legs and give in, it’s just gonna make me not want to ever use Android.

      3. how are Arabs unevolved losers?  so much for not resorting to name calling to “make a point”

        1. Clearly you missed the tone of his post…

        2. whoooooooooosh

    6. So, it seems that Androids do “fantasize” about iSheep!

    7. Did they all evolve to only wear the color black?

    8. There millions more Microsoft sheep than there is Apple sheep.

  13. Amazon.com is selling the Galaxy Nexus for $199.00 for new contracts, and $249 for those who are upgrading. The bummer is that as of right now they are backorder! Which means a delay of eight to nine days. Is it worth waiting another week and half to save $99.00 dollars…?

    1. Walmart has them for $249 for renewal and $229 for new customers..

      1. so i can get it at walmart on renewal for 249?  I just called a local walmart and they said they don’t even have the phone.

        1. Online. But I am gonna go check my Walmart and see if they have any in.

    2. Don’t worry.  They’ll have new ones tomorrow.  When I ordered my Rezound it was backordered but I still got it that same week.  They only say 8-9 days to be safe.

  14. I don’t get it. The Galaxy Nexus is not even top of the line. ICS? Oooh have your bragging rights to an Plain buggy OS. I hope it is as good as everyone wants it to be but no phone is. I’ll stick with my Rezound.

    1. both phones are nice. and you’ll be even happier with ICS on your phone. it’s really make ooh and woohhh. google’s UI director really done himself well.

      1. Yeah! You should see it run Flash! Oh, wait…
        [EDIT] Apparently, Flash is available and running quite well. +10³² to Adobe for getting it out so quickly!

        1. although you are trolling (it was funny though btw) this is actually a concern of mine. that said i think i will pick it up today but man will i miss flash on my phone, i feel gross just saying that though

          1. It isn’t trolling at all – simply because I don’t think that the GN is the most awesome device ever made, and my life would’ve been ruined without it?  I genuinely am avoiding ICS for that very reason until Adobe gets Flash up and running on it. There are websites that are flash-driven that I need to see for work. We waited and waited and waited for Adobe to finally get Flash on Android, and once it finally happened, it made my life a little easier because if i just wanted to look something over on the fly, I didn’t have to bring a laptop along with me anymore. For me, personally, I won’t go back to a phone that doesn’t run flash. I’ve become too used to the convenience (and playing some games that are flash-driven). I understand that HTML5 is the future, but this is the present. By the time Android 5.x is released, hopefully the interwebz isn’t so reliant upon Flash. Adobe stated at the end of November that they’d make one last version of Flash for Android 4.x available by the end of December; hopefully they’re a lot closer in that estimation than they were when they initially set out to get Flash on Android.

          2. Adobe has already said that Flash will be ready for ICS before the end of the year.

          3. ” Adobe stated at the end of November that they’d make one last version of Flash for Android 4.x available by the end of December; hopefully they’re a lot closer in that estimation than they were when they initially set out to get Flash on Android.”
            Yes, I know. I’m just hoping that it actually happens at least close to that time, and it doesn’t take months.

          4. “Adobe has already said that Flash will be ready for ICS before the end of the year.”

            Oh yeah, and we all know how good Adobe is about hitting those release dates for mobile Flash. /s

          5. Gross? You should feel good. Dumping Flash means you guys are finally catching up with the rest of the civilized world. Gees, Apple was only there like 5 years ago, but bravo. Welcome to the 21st century already.

    2. Are you really going to troll with that HTC crap on this thread? Really?

      1. you know he got the Rezound for the iBeats so that when he walks around everyone knows what phone he has (where does that sound familiar? LOL).

        1. sounds like isheep to me

          1. @wakkoman, Cleverest reply here today.  I can’t imagine the brain power it took to come up with that. Keep’em coming.

            @brisdaddy1207, As all us ‘faggots’ like to say, “It takes one to know one.” XOX

            You both probably have the “Grinder” app on you home screen of your iPhones. …….Not that there is anything wrong with that.

          2. u mad bro?
            Srsly, why the language.

          3. well i really don’t want to stoop to your level, instead of trying to remain intelligent like most of the readers here you show your true brain power through ignorance. don’t like the debate, just jump right into name calling. What are you 5?

          4. Debate? Calling people iSheep is your idea of a debate?

            To me, it clearly shows YOUR ignorance and lack of maturity. 

            Also Mr. Christian Behr, fan of the LSU Tigers who will lose in the NC game, I have seen your picture and my first impressions seem to be true.

            Good day!

          5. @wakkoman As us ‘Faggots’ like to say, “It takes one to know one.”
            I would luv to get your ‘first impressions’ on some pics I have to send you. Should Email or sext them to you? You decide, I’m vers.

            Have a FABULOUS day!

          6. really..i ts not immature…especially when trolls roam on the site everyday..troll are the immature ones.

    3. Your rezound is nice.  Its clocked .3ghz higher than the nexus.  And… that’s about it.  And any minor speed boost will probably be lost to lack of optimization.   Other than that, both dual core, both lte, both 32 gb memory.  You have more mega pixels in your camera, but that doesn’t really mean anything.  ICS is not bragging rights its a completely new OS iteration.  Not just an update, so they will have features and experiences you will not have without rooting.  I’m not saying the rezound is bad by any means.  I havent touched it, im just trying to explain the hype. 

      1. The Rezound camera is REALLY nice. Still returning it for the Nexus though.

      2. The screen on the Rezound is better.  They’re both listed as the same resolution, but the Nexus is pentile so it only has 2/3rds the subpixels, over a larger area, some of which is used for buttons.  Look at both screens in a Verizon store, and see the difference.  I can see the pixels on the Nexus, I can’t on the Rezound.  It really does look a lot better for me.  And since I’ll be looking at the screen for two years, I care about that more than the operating system being the latest.

        1. hmmmm so what does that make the screen on my evo 4g?? lol is it worse than that?

          1. It’s a couple generations less actually.  720p on the Rezound > 720p on the Nexus > qHD on my Evo 3D > VGA or something on my Evo 4G.  

          2. ah well im sure i’ll be fine with the nexus screen since i have no complaints about my evo 4g screen

    4. agree and disagree………I do agree that if you take away ICS you really arent left with much more that a run of the mill samsung phone. The specs are just ok really! I disagree that praising the rezound is the answer though! This phone will barely be mentioned in Q2 or 3 of this year when A) most dual cores will have ICS and B) the quad cores start hitting shelves!

    5. I Had a Rezound till 10:03AM today (now the wife does) and I can say that the GN is so far a better experience then the Rezound with or without Sense 3.5 IMHO. I was #3 in line of 30+ all getting the GN (Phoenix). The store said it was a bigger release line for them than the iPhone 4s.

      1. That’s what I like to hear.  Hopefully down the road Google won’t do exclusivity with Verizon for the Nexus and release it on all carriers simultaneously and we can have some fun competition here.  

    6. uhh..since when was the galaxy nexus not top of the line or “buggy”..several tech sites have listed Ice cream sandwhich as being as good or even smoother than the ios(which is true as we never really had that level unless rooted) as well as several intuitive features…plus the zero shutter lag camera AND 1280×800 HD superamoled plus display with NO capacitive buttons…yeah it may not be exynos but considering that android 4.0 is optimized for TI processors who cares?..this is coming from an evo 3d owner mind you…sure the rezound is great and all but come on this is a nexxus device..if you want a no trouble phone then this is the one to get.

    7. Oh whatevs man, you know if you were rich you’d buy both.  I know I would!

  15. COMMERCIAL….Niiiiiiiice…..just saw an actual Verizon COMMERCIAL on tv for the Galaxy Nexus! Sure, it wasn’t a super hyped up ad, but it was a TV ad nonetheless….a Christmas theme, pushing it as a perfect gift and highlighting “video chat with up to 9 of your friends.”

  16. Great phone… but why line up? Save your time and go in two hours later to pick one up. Don’t think they will run out.

  17. Only 3 in line in Pittsburgh

  18. I had about 6 waiting in line at my store. Was surprised to see that many. Good to see more than just those who visit sites like these knew about the nexus.

  19. I’m 10th in line and everyone is getting one.

  20. They’re in line for the “big” Marshall sales people……FALSE ALARM LMAO!

  21. This is bad. This will only convince Verizon that they need to push their Droid brand even more.

  22. Good thing the line wasn’t like this at my store because they don’t even have it yet.  I already paid for mine and they said they are just waiting on FedEx.

  23. About 15 in line in Norfolk. They said we should all get one.

  24. Guaranteed not all those people get one today. I would be pissed.

    1. They just need to go back later when the returns start rolling in.

  25. And my excitement for this phone gears up again. Too bad I’m on tmobile…

  26. Now our wait continues since we still don’t know the HSPA+ release date. The people who have it the worst in the U.S. are Sprint users because we have only see one vague rumor of it going to Sprint. Thank god I imported, I would have switched to Verizon but there was to much drama.

  27. #STOPWAITING lol @ samsung’s commercials

  28. Saw 6 outside oneof the Chicago stores.

  29. you call this a line? fail!

    1. rethink.fail

  30. There was a long line in NYC. Got mine already! :)

    1. That there was, to the point that they sold out. :( 

      After calling around the remaining local stores and hearing about their rapidly dwindling stock, too, I think I was the first person in NYC to line up only to get screwed by Verizon’s lack of forward planning.

      1. Go back later. There will be plenty of returns.

  31. Just exchanged my razr for the gnex via amazon wireless. I won’t get it until after christmas, but at least i saved $100 and there was no restocking fee.

  32. So to all the people that said Verizon wont get the Nexus again, think again!!! Google probably cares more about money than a delayed release..

    1. Funny how everyone is so quick to blame bid red anyway…….could have been google or samsung for all we know, speculation is the American way!!

  33. Oh yeah !

  34. Got to the Verizon store at 9:05 to find 7 people already ahead of me. Off to a 10am meeting with a client, so no time to play. :(

    Fortunately, this 2.5 hour meeting will cover about 10 Galaxy Nexus at full retail. :)

    1. Bullshit because your lips are moving.

    2. How about sending an Unlocked one to me :P

  35. Just got off the phone with a tmobile rep, she said that tmobile has no plans to carry the nexus :(

    1. even if they were they wouldn’t be able to announce there plans,   More than likely they had they signed a Non disclosure agreement.  

      Not saying they will but what their statement doesn’t automatically rule out they wont.

      Verizon for some period will have an exclusive on it.

  36. Small line (10+) in Hoboken NJ. Most people probably thought we were lining up for the Cake Boss next door. Greeted by Verizon staff asking if we were looking for the white Razr. Prett funny….and now finally have my Nexus.

    1. That cake boss line is so damn annoying.. at least they finally made most of the morons wait on the next block.  

  37. I so badly wanted this today but the price point of $175 and no hassle on keeping my unlimited plan was the determining factor. Just glad to know that it’s out and it’s been ordered. Will sleep well tonight ;)

  38. person 1: Verizon is such a pile of crap I cant beleive them. They totally botched this release.
    person 2: I know right, I dont even think I am gonna get it now eff Verizon!
    person 1: I am just gonna get an unlocked one….that will teach them!
    person 2: Yeah this is bullshit, I hate big red!!
    person 1: wanna go to Verizon and wait in line for it?
    person 2: yep!! Duh!!!!

    1. Bingo. You just summed me up

      1. person 1 calling person 2 on his new nexus: Hey buddy how is your new phone?
        person 2: it is soooooo awesome!
        person 1: I know right, and plus its on verizons blazing lte network, best day ever!!
        person 2: I love verizon and my nexus!!
        person 1: Wait how come verizon doesnt have any quad core phones yet?
        person 2: I was wondering the same thing, you know what eff Verizon I hate them!
        person 1: yeah you are right verizon is a piece of crap!
        person 2 : wanna go to verizon and wait in line for a quad core phone?
        person 1: sure!

        1. I see what you did there.  You got a response to your thread so you assumed people wanted to hear more of inner voice 1 versus inner voice 2.    Meds will be dispensed around 4pm.

    2. I see what you did there.. your inner monologue posed as two people standing in front of a store.   Yay for you.

      1. I guess you didnt realize that they werent standing in front of the store at all, hence the reason why he asked if he wanted to GO to verizon and stand in line, with that being said I was just illustrating the fact of how crazy people are when they dont get what they want when they want, but when they get it everything is right with the world, I appolgize that you took offense, not my intention at all, as I dont know you, or care about what you think………

  39. Small line in Hoboken N J (10+). Most people probably thought we were lining up for the Cake Boss next door. Greeted by Verizon staff asking if we were there for the white Razr. Pretty funny….now an excited owner of a Nexus.

  40. It pisses me of that they didnt market this one bit and there’s so much demand yet they market the iPhone

  41. I bet the iPhone 4s was longer bahaha

  42. Just so you know. 2 of my friends went to get the Nexus expecting to pay $700 since they were still under contract and both were able to upgrade early and get it for $300. 2 completely different stores.

  43. Ordered mine last night!

  44. 3 hr line in manhattan

  45. Its certainly a better phone to stand in line for than the Iphone.   But its not close to being worth $300 with 2 year contract.

    1. How is it better. It must be that awesome build quality and HD screen that no apps are updated for nor will be. Can’t wait to get on that train.

      1. and whats your defense?you love kool-aid..apple flavor..troll

  46. BTW – VZW Double-Data plans ends – TONIGHT

    1. Wait, what? I thought that was running to the end of the year? Nothing on the VZW site with a date that I can see, though … erk.

      1. http://wireless.amazon.com/f/doubledata
        VZW “officially” has not announced an end-date for their “Limited Time Promotion” but according to Amazon … it ends tonight.

        1. Argh. GREAT find though, and much appreciated.

          Stores are sold out everywhere in my area, as far as I can tell, so if my last round of bricks-and-mortar attempts fail on my way home this evening I’ll make sure I get my order in online with VZW before midnight.

          Waiting on the Nexus was annoying. Being unable to get it after queuing for a long time this morning was very irritating. But missing the double data deal would leave me flat out p***ed for a long time to come!

          So kudos. And “Liked”, despite the fact that I don’t really…!

          1. Wow, that was quick.

            In the 2 minutes seconds between reading that link first time, typing my previous post, and opening the link again … they’ve updated it. Amazon’s site now shows “11:59 p.m. PDT December 31, 2011”.

            And I know it had “December 15, 2011” before because I had both versions of the page open simultaneously. Good news, I suppose, but still makes me nervous.

  47. I got in line at 9:25am at the Burlington Mall (Mass), made a phone call on my Nexus at 10:25am :)

  48. 249.99 online with Verizon or $199 on Amazon.  Why go to the store and pay $299.

    1. been looking for it on amazon, can’t find it, only unlocked versions.

  49. Downtown Boston….. I work there….

    1. why is it always 90 degress in there.

  50. Finally! Apple finally has a rebuttal to those Samsung ads making fun of sheep standing in line! Haha.

    This picture has me seriously scared… I have to wait until I get off work to pick this baby up. My local store is hoarding GN’s and won’t let anyone put one on hold. :-(

  51. Caption:

    A fresh shipment of iPhones arrive, but iSheep end up leaving with the Galaxy Nexus. Love at first sight.

  52. There were about 10 people waiting outside the door at the VZW store in Orlando.  I think everyone that was waiting was helped in the first 15 minutes… for all we bitched about VZW, they brought in extra people to handle the launch today.  Bravo.  My rep says that there were more people at the store for this than were there for the 4S launch.

    1. That’s because people don’t want to wait at the Verizon store when the Apple store will have many more in stock.

      1. Which is it Apple fans, Apple is having trouble keeping the 4S in stock places because of huge demand, or the Apple Store always has phones in stock? You guys need to pick one. Gruber parrots the “huge demand” thing all the time, but then you guys turn around and say things like this. It’s getting tired.

    2. And the numbers prove that.

  53. Just got mine!!!! This phone is the BOMB!!!

  54. 30+ people were in line in Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley).  I was #3!

  55. Seems that if you have a phone over two months old you’re “out of it?”  I still have a two year old HTC Eris.  I have a couple of tablets though but didn’t line up for them.  Seems we have technology junkies.


  57. At least Apple is nice enough to release new phones in the summer or fall when the weather is nicer. :-)

  58. There was 4 people in store about 20 mins ago at a dealer in Charlotte, I went in got the second last Nexus, they only had 8 initially, claimed an additional credit of $50 in addition to my Ne2 $30 credit, maintained my unlimited data 235.95 – out the door, very happy

  59. Got my GNex this morning with an extended battery. Can’t wait for the work day to end so I can go check it out in detail.

  60. Just stopped by a verizon in Philly and they haven’t sold one yet.   Person working there wasn’t happy with the specs.

  61. no girls o.O

    1. the iPhone is a chick phone

      1. Chicks dig quality.

        1. aren’t the majority of viewers of The Jersey Shore chicks?

          and they’ll buy Uggs?

          Yeah quality you say?

        2. little that u you

      2. You misspelled magnet.

        1. for chicks who wear their hair short and spikey and wear wifebeaters and doc martins    then yes you are correct.

          1. Oohh… woman hater. You’re a regular walking Android stereotype, aren’t you? Tell me, are all those feminazis out to get ya?

          2. no hatin going on up in  here. Just pointing out reality.

            Well if those feminazis are out to get me, then I sure there is an app for that.

    2. Well, most of the guys are sort of femmy. Does that count?

      1. most iPhan fanboys were upset because it was blocking their way to get into H&M.

        Though the man purse does look good on you though.

        1. What’s H&M?

          1. A clothing store, mostly for woman and metrosexual males  aka iPhone users.  It’s right next to that Marshall’s in downtown Boston.

          2. Jokes are always way funnier if you have to explain them.

          3. @andre, who said it was a joke?  

          4. How come you know what it is?

          5. I’m an Apple user and I never heard of H&M. For someone that likes to talk crap about apple users being metrosexuals or women, you sure know all the places to go be a woman or metrosexual.

            Like a ‘straight’ guy that knows where all the gay clubs are… So he can ‘avoid’ them. Because he’s totally not gay and crushes beer cans on his forehead to prove it.

          6. I will be out of the office starting Monday 12/16/2011 returning 12/26/2011

            For more information about Duane Morris, please visit http://www.DuaneMorris.com

            Confidentiality Notice: This electronic mail transmission is privileged and confidential and is intended only for the review of the party to whom it is addressed. If you have received this transmission in error, please immediately return it to the sender. Unintended transmission shall not constitute waiver of the attorney-client or any other privilege.

          7. What’s the meaning of your response?

            First off, disqus doesn’t do automated responses. If you don’t have the intelligence to make a real response, then just slink off with your tail between your legs instead of exposing your own inability to respond.

            Secondly, 12/16/2011 was YESTERDAY, which was Friday, dummy. Monday was the 12th.

          8. ……

          9. Ok, I’m flagging your spam.

  62. I’m happy for these people. Maybe now that the Android-obsessed actually have a decent phone to swoon over, they’ll shut up about people who choose iOS as their platform of choice and choose to wait in line for a new product. Not that I’ve ever waited in line for a new phone, but people can do what they want.

    We all know that deep down, Android fans were just jealous they didn’t have a phone good enough to wait in line for.

  63. Plenty of them in Richmond, VA.  I just walked into my local Verizon store at noon.  I was the first person they sold one too.  Ah, small towns. 

    1. How the hell do you get off calling Richmond a small town? It’s the capital of Virginia for chrissake!

  64. It was nice of them to include headphones. It’s too bad they are sub-K-Mart quality.

    Phone is awesome though!

  65. I don’t know, guys — and you’re all guys — when I stood in line for the original iPhone there was a festive atmosphere, lots of war stories about being a Mac user in the ’90s, there were lots of dames, and I don’t recall nasty comments about anybody who would use a Sony-Ericksson phone. 

    1. Wow war stories of being a Mac user in the ’90’s?   Man you guys know how to party.     That IS  festive. 

      “Remember those blue and orange monitors? DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  66. Does anybody in Boston own a coat that isn’t black?

  67. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just reached iPhone status.

    1. Not until you lose Flash.

      1. That would be too much of an upgrade. I don’t think they can handle it.

  68. Look at all those freakin’ Apple shee– er, oh wait a minute.

  69. People waiting in line at the Apple Stores may be artsy and annoying but at least it’s not the embarrassing sausage fest shown here. Oh well, maybe they can keep warm by snuggling with their Star Trek magazines or their D&D books.

    1. as opposed to Apple fanboys keeping warm in their skinny jeans and their soy milk lattes. 

      1. Skinny? Didn’t know you Android guys were familiar with that concept!

        1. skinny as in how you order your lattes. 

          I do love how man purses have a perfect iphone size pocket on the side.   

          it’s handy as well as European.

          1. Aww… all butthurt because Frito-Lay won’t make skinny Cheetos?

    2. By artsy you mean they color inside the line and good at following what everybody else is doing? Or do you mean artsy as in they’re starbucks bristas?

      1. Apple user here. I’m a graphic artist that HATES Starbucks (I hate coffee and the fact that everything on their menu sounds really gay), Chipotle and shopping at trendy clothes or food stores.

        PLEASE get rid of that silly meme because the fact is that a lot of Android users are hipsters and don’t even know it.

  70. LOFL! Wow, guys. Apple releases a phone and the lines literally go around the block. What is this, like, 15 people in a line, and some of you are dropping a brick in your pants over it. Get real. This is lame.

    1. how do you know that’s the end of the line?   The guy taking the photo could have been towards the front of the line.  

  71. There’s a
    great way to win an unlocked version of this phone by trying out the new app
    from Goba. Details are here: goba.co/win-a-phone

  72. What happens if you don’t wear black in Boston? Do you get shot?

  73. all dudes

    1. It’s like every Android user’s fantasy.

      1. troll-lo-lo-lo-lo lo-lo-lo-lo (to the tune of Deck the Halls, because its Christmas time)

  74. I stopped by my local Verizon store at lunch time today. No line at all. In fact, no one was looking at the Galaxy Nexus, so I went up and played with it. It’s really meh. ICS was still laggy and jittery with scrolling. It’s really plasticky feeling with that snap-off plastic back. No doubt it’s a nice screen and I am sure it will do well, but it’s not a game-changer.

    1. The fact that you went out of your way to go to verizon to check it out speaks volumes.

      1. Yeah, it was a lot of effort since the Verizon store is next to my dry cleaner! Funny that the other customer who was shopping the various 4G Android phones ended up buying an iPhone….

  75. i was first in line at best buy mobile today, with 1 other guy behind me. while the verizon wireless corperate store less than 100 yards away had at least 15 people. best buy mobile let us in at 8:50 i was out with my nexus before verizon was open.

  76. All you Android users bashing iPhone users come off as people who bite the hand that feeds them. Without the iPhone you’d all be using “Blackberried” Android phones, acknowledge it.

    1. No we wouldn’t.

    2. without the blackberry all you iPhone users would still be using the original razr.

      I’m sorry to break this to you but apple did not invent applications that run on smartphones, nor did they invent the smart phone. 

      1. By that logic…

        Without the newton, there would be no blackberry.

        1. and without HP and IBM there would be no Apple.

          People please come back down to reality  Apple did not invent the computer, the phone, the mp3 player the tablet.

          Holy crap you iSheep are amazingly stupid. 

          1. Let’s see…

            First off, HP and IBM would be nothing if it weren’t for Thomas Edison and Emile Berliner.

            Secondly, show me where I said that Apple invented “the computer, the phone, the mp3 player the tablet”.

            Oh, that’s right, you can’t because I never said that crap! Apple is an innovator, I never claimed otherwise.

            Yeah, real funny how you call people “amazingly stupid”, yet you’re not smart enough to counter what I actually said and instead choose to attack strawmen because you don’t have the basic intelligence to form a well reasoned rebuttal.

            Boswd’s TOLD status

            [ ] TOLD
            [ ] Super TOLD
            [x] TOLDimus Maximus

      2. sorry, was there a viable mobile platform or a mobile software market prior to the iphone? just look at the market pre iphone and post iphone, it’s not hard to see, come on.

        1. UMMMMM   YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The blackberry was the hot phone to have for quite awhile.   The blackberry is the phone that changed they way we interacted with our mobile devices , not the iPhone. 

          Please take off your apple colored lens.

          1. “The blackberry is the phone that changed they way we interacted with our mobile devices”

            Um, no. Blackberries have been niche products for ages and they were basically PDA’s that could make phone calls. Like I said, the Newton was a PDA and had almost all the same functionality of a  blackberry sans the ability to make phone calls out of the box.

            When the iPhone came out, it put smartphones on the radar for the consumer. 

            Think about it this way.

            Blackberry = Fax Machines and rotary phones
            iPhone = e-mail, instant messaging and cell phones

            Please take off your blackberry colored lens.

    3. Fine. Without IBM apple would be nothing. acknowledge it.

    4. Shhhhh…..don’t tell them that. Let them stay in denial about the most obvious fact on planet earth. They only look more stupid when they continue to keep their heads tucked firmly up their asses….

  77. Why do people get so butt-hurt because other people don’t choose the same phone as them?

    The new tribalism…

    1. The iPHone is a chick phone so it makes sense that woman line up for it.  What I find distrubing is men lining up for an iPhone.

      1. I find it risible that you find a man’s choice of phone disturbing. Sexual identity issues much?

        1. So If I  don’t line up to get the new Hello Kitty charm or line up for an opening of Ann Taylor, and find it odd if men do,   I have sexual identity issues?

          I mean an iPhone is on the same feminine side as the above mentioned.

      2. Wow, dude, get a grip. You have some serious women issues. Lighten up on the misogyny already. Look through your comments here. First you’re accusing women you dislike of being lesbians and now you’re using “chick” as a pejorative. Get some professional help.

        1. are your skinny jeans on too tight?

          go grrab a latte, you’ll feel better.

          1. Wow, you must really love that “joke.” You keep reusing it. Not terribly clever, are you?

          2. Give him time; he’s only fourteen.

  78. Yey, I live through my phone. This is so much better than the old days, when I used to get all my self esteem through my computer choice – oh wait, mum’s calling, got to go…

  79. Lol

  80. Why is almost everyone in the line dressed in black?

  81. This line stretches past the Apple store on the other side of town.

  82. Thank you writer. you have made everyone fight.

  83. Says the guy turned around in line;  “Holy Cow, Verizon + Galaxy Nexus = male pattern baldness, get me out of here!!!!!”

  84. Hey, look at the sheep!

  85. Yet another example of Android copying Apple.

    1. What’s being copied based off of this picture …?

  86. BTW, I went to the local VZ store to check this WonderPhone out and was completely unimpressed. It reminded me of my old iPhone3G. Too thick and heavy and very cheap and plastic-y feeling. And the screen looked… off. Couldn’t put my finger on it, but it just didn’t look good to me. At least when Apple fans line up, they’re getting something of quality for their time. I can’t imagine anyone standing in line for this Fisher-Price toy.

    1. okay… other than a Crapple device, what do you recommend?

    2. I checked one out too….it felt like I should be opening a garage door with it….

  87. Bought mine online like a sane person. None of this waiting in line for a phone nonsense for me.

  88. Crapple

  89. So I def went to a verizon store to check out the nexus, and the guy there said this “I wouldnt get the nexus, you should check out the razr. I have an upgrade coming and thats what I’m going with, and everyone in this store either has the Razr or is going to upgrade to it. It is a superior phone.” To which I said “well do you have a nexus I could try” and he said “Im pretty sure they are in those boxes over there (motions to boxes) but we havent done inventory yet, sorry sir, but if you like I can show you our demo model of the Razr.” —-To me this was proof that Verizon wants people to not buy the nexus.

  90. I got mine at letstalk.com with the $75VZN discount code. It came down to $145. But they will hold it for me and only ship it on 12/29 when my 2 year full upgrade eligibility quicks in. I offered to pay an extra fee to get it shipped sooner but the store rep didn’t go for it. For now, I’ll have to read your experience and see how good it is :(

  91. They look like people who actually work for a living and not like the trust fund kiddies you tend to see at other lines.

  92. Astonished looking guy…”Tebowing yesterday…Nexusing today.  His power is unreal.”

  93. Guy 1: look… I told you we would still be the 99% over here. That guy up there wore red not black.
    Guy 2: yeah… your right. He owes us his spot even though he got here first.

    Together: WE ARE THE 99%!!!

  94. Obviously not too bright. Lining up for an android POS from a company that just rips off other companies IP, but that seems to be google’s business practice as well.

  95. Guy not seen: You here for the Nexus too?
    Guy looking back: Nope, just another life like replica by Chuck Testa

  96. Sausage fest if there ever was one.

  97. Sausage factory…. is that a line for a bath house or something?

  98. So much for the Samsung ad campaign.

    But seriously, this is what happens when they release a phone with no nasty skins etc (pure Google). Ditching the hardware buttons and smoothing out the UI just makes it more and more like a…. nah, I won’t say it.

  99. is it just me or is everybody in line from the future?

  100. How does one’s choice of smartphone become such a massive deal that people feel the need to insult each other over it. Why does it matter if your platform of choice is Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry? What a shame it would be if we all lived in a world with zero diversity, where we all had the same tastes.

    Isn’t it obvious that at the end of the day all these systems compliment each other? iOS has added features adopted from Android (Notification Center, wireless sync, etc) while Android has introduced features from iOS (Visual Voicemail, drag and drop folders, etc.). This is great. Apple and Google are adopting the best from both worlds and making them available on their respective platforms. Everyone’s happy. Except that they’re not. No matter the comment thread or forum I happen to look at, I see nothing but name calling and insulting generalizations about people based on their choice of phone. It’s absolutely ridiculous and a complete waste of everybody’s time.

    I work in London for an American company which supports all smartphone platforms. The vast majority are corporate Blackberries but more and more people are using their own personal phones (both iPhones and Android phones) to access work email, calendars and contacts. And yet we don’t walk around insulting each other all day. Just because commenting online affords you a certain anonymity doesn’t mean you should make highly insulting remarks just because you think someone’s made the wrong choice.

    I’m more than happy to read and take part in an intelligent and informed discussion on the merits of one platform vs, another but I’m so sick and tired of reading about iTards and Shamdroids. Please stop.

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