ASUS Transformer Prime Delayed for Italy, Coming End of January with Android 4.0 Pre-installed


The Italian launch of the ASUS Transformer Prime has been delayed, according to the manufacturer’s regional Facebook page. Missing the holiday shopping season, the quad-core tablet has been pushed back to an end of January release. ASUS has also nixed plans for a 3G model, citing the prevelance of Android smartphones with data tethering features. If there is a silver lining to this cloud, it is that the plan is to now launch the tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) installed out of the box.

The news comes amid rumors that the Transformer Prime could be delayed worldwide for purported WiFi issues, though the company has stated this not to be the case. The Transformer Prime is still on track for launch during the week of December 19th in the United States.

[Facebook via The Verge]

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  1. It wont delayed in US, but it will have poor wifi.

    Pity …

  2. Random Prime question: What is the max capacity supported for the MicroSD card? In the past some devices were capped at 16GB/32GB etc.   Could I throw a 64GB card (once they’re affordable) in this bad boy?  

    1. Max SDHC capacity is 32GB, but some devices do unnofficially support larger SDXC cards (although not necessarily in Microsoft’s exFAT format).

      Next generation devices *should* start using SDXC slots instead of SDHC.

      1. … think the old transformer could handle sdxc, the eu razr can handle sdxc (+64GB baby, yesss!) as well … verizon ???

  3. @ewlung – how do you know this when:-


    – it hasn’t even been released yet
    – none of the review models had wifi issues

  4. Nooooooo…. I need it with 3G/LTE!!!

    1. Tragedy strikes us all at some point in our lives but the biggest tragedy is the one just under your nose.

      You own an android phone with it’s own data plan, three high speed internet connections in your home and finally what could have been with this device.

      The real tragedy is, you don’t have a data plan for you laptop. Think about it, being able to use your laptop all throughout your home without ever needing to plug it into into the ethernet jack of your cable modem. Even better, you’ll be able to use that extra cable modem to power an Xbox instead!

  5. I’m pretty sure ASUS is having wifi problems but they can only fix it in time for only certain countries so they are concentrating their efforts for the US release so US tablets should be fine

  6. Couldn’t wait, even those it’s only a couple days.  I decided to try my hand at the Dell Duo and have it quad booting with Windows 7, Windows 8 developer version, Ubuntu, and Honeycomb.  Guess I need the best of all worlds.

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