Final Day of Google’s $0.10 App Promotion Features Apparatus, Heavy Gunner 3D, and More


Google is concluding a 10-day run of 10-cent apps in celebration of 10 billion Android Market downloads with another fine selection of mobile software. A few have already been featured, but all are still well worth the dime. The list for the day:

Find them all over in the Android Market.
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  1. Final day, I bought almost all of them because of the price. xD lol

    1. Me too….I’ve been deleting most of them after install though cause my Droid is out of memory. Now that I should be getting my Nexus I’ll have plenty of room!

  2. I see a couple I’m getting! WOOT!

  3. Final day, I bought almost all of them because of the price. xD lol

  4. Lets all get wasted, its time to play Shine Runner!

  5. If you missed Apparatus the first time you need to get it this time. The only game that’s ever actually had me want to play it on Android.

  6. Google needs to keep the 10 cent special going forever.  They need to get people accustomed to actually buying apps rather than just going for the free ones.  Once someone sets up the purchasing mechanism, they’ll likely eventually buy other apps as well.

    A lot of the freeloaders don’t setup the credit card payment so never buy an app.  App developers are probably making a good $10K or more on the 10 cent day and get a lot of extra reviews so should be worth it to them for just a day.

  7. Damn you all! I just bought 6 apps because of this post! I spent like… 60 cents? Wait… oh NVM. *coughs* Thanks folks for the heads up!  

    1. I only bought apps this week so that i can install them on my nexus tomorrow. :) 

      1. Agreed. I have been buying what I thought I might like for the Nexus. The OG can’t handle most of these and the ones it can it doesn’t have room for.

        1. yea…collapse and tilestorm hiccuped a couple of times on my D2. I’ll just wait to try heavy gunner and shine runner and other graphics intense games.

  8. its actually 12 apps today. Hyper Jump and Majesty Fantasy Sim

  9. I wouldn’t have bought any of these apps if they weren’t on sale.

  10. Camera Zoom FX is fantastic, not just a camera app but a great fun app for the kids to play about with.

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