Dec 8th, 2011

Google’s Eric Schmidt showed up in Paris for LeWeb 2011 talking all things digital — and we mean all things. In an onstage interview he invites Hugo Barra onstage to go over Ice Cream Sandwich (to a very unenthusiastic crowd) and show off its many features.

Later in the interview (around 37:00), Mr. Schmidt makes a bold statement regarding Google TV saying he expects to see most new televisions coming with the platform preinstalled by — not 2014 — not 2013 — but the summer of 2012. Wow, Eric. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for it. ARM-based processors are becoming cheaper every day and it’s already been rumored we could see televisions with Google TV inside unveiled by Samsung and LG at CES in January.

Watch the whole video below to hear Eric Schmidt talk, Ice Cream Sandwich, Google TV and extremely technical things that most likely no one understands but him.

[Engadget via GTVSource]