Deal Alert: HTC Evo View 4G Now Available For $230 – Better Hurry!


Better hurry! Don’t know how long this will last but the HTC Evo View 4G — Sprint’s version of the HTC Flyer — is being offered for only $230 on Oddly, the tablet is being mislisted as having a dual-core processor (it actually has a single-core 2nd gen Snapdragon) but either way, this is a great price on a solid tablet. Don’t forget — the Honeycomb update is rolling out as well making this even more of a steal. Let us know if you pick one up!


Chris Chavez
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  1. Never was impressed with the price of this thing.  I suppose if I wasn’t against the 7″ form factor in general this would be very tempting.

    1. I agree.. at first it was overrated.. however, the EVO View is a Great device and at this price.. its a Great deal.  I’m gonna get it!! 

      Glad to see this..Thanks CC.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Just bought one for my mom for Christmas. Now she’s done on my shopping list :)

  3. This looks like a decent sale.  i’ll keep waiting though..  next year should be a good year for android tablets.  plenty of competition, making cheaper, faster tablets.  :)

  4. I’m in for 1. In the sweet spot between Fire and Nook and has way more features. I love my HTC phone and the Sense UI so I’ll be right at home with this tablet.

  5. Not sure if I want to get it. This is a sweet deal. Love Sense UI but I’m saving my money for the Transformer Prime.

  6. i ordered one a few hours ago as soon as i saw this. i’m excited. i will be returning my kindle fire at Best Buy as soon as the Flyer arrives. thank god for the 30 day return policy

  7. Hey Guys!  Thanks for the Tip!!  I just bought this for my daughter for Christmas.  I have one question though.  Do you have to have Sprint service, or can I just use the wireless feature to get online?

  8. I have this tablet and it is very good. For business, it does everything I need it to do on the go and the pen is useful. At home, the kids FIGHT for the bigger screen and love to color with the pen! Glad to see the update rolling out soon.

  9. Guys help me out! Kindle fire or this???

    1. Fire.  I mean seriously, Sprint?  HAHAHAH SPRINT!?!?!

      1. yeah but I am not going to utilize their services. Side by side I think the EVO may be a better bargain. 

    2. The Kindle Fire (and Nook) don’t even compare to this.  I’d say the top two features that put this on a higher plane are (1) cameras (dual at that) and (2) full Android Market access.  Sure, you can root a Fire or Nook, but you’re not going to get the hardware advantages of the HTC.  Besides the cameras, you get GPS, microphone, MicroSD slot (Fire doesn’t have this).  If I were in the market right now (if my wife wasn’t on maternity leave), I’d be getting this. 

      (apparently, I love parentheses)

  10. Just ordered one …  If I intend to use it only WIFI will it nag me about activating 4G?

    1. It won’t nag you at all. You just can’t use the 4G/3G until you decide to get a data plan for it.

  11. Note that for the View (unlike the wifi-only HTC Flyer from Best Buy), a Sprint data plan is required.

    1. BS – The HTC EVO View can be used with WiFi only. There is even an option to disable the 4G WiMAX radio.

      1. Hey Gus70…  Are you %100 sure about this??  I just bought one, and am worried that I will have to have sprint service to use it.  I hope you are right about this!  Thanks Gus!

        1. Hey, I think it is just putting that “Sprint data plan required, not included” just to let you know in order to get the 3G/4G access you need a plan. You don’t have to have service to use this tablet at all.  

          1. I just spoke w/ Sprint CS and was told: For an un-subsidized View 4G (I hope like, then a data plan is *not* required, it will work WIFI only. Now YMMV, all disclaimers apply.

        2. I’m 110% sure. Sleep happy and worry free. Merry Christmas.

          1. Thanks Gus!  (and wtpanos) Really appreciate the info.  Merry Christmas to you too!!

      2. Disclaimer: I don’t have this device, so I am only going by what I see in the product specs, “3G (CMDA200, EVDO) and 4G (WiMAX) wireless built-in (Sprint data plan required, not included) ”

        I’m also assuming the owner is using stock, not some kind of wifi-only custom rom.

        1. Disclaimer: I don’t have this device, so I am only going by what I see in the product specs, “3G (CMDA200, EVDO) and 4G (WiMAX) wireless built-in (Sprint data plan required, not included)”  This could well be intended to mean you need a commercial data plan from Sprint to get 3G or 4G, not that you need a data plan for the device to work, which is what I originally thought.
          Finally, I’m not certain myself anymore, as I see that the device can be bought unsubsidized direct from Sprint or AmazonWireless (800!!!).

          1. ‘Sprint data plan required, not included’ pertains to its 3G and 4G wireless built-in features.  The device is 100% accessible otherwise w/o a data plan.

        2. What you read is correct but what you comprehended from what you read is mistaken.

          The required Sprint data plan is for the use of the included 3G an 4G radios. There is another radio that is the WiFi radio and you don’t need a contract to use on WiFi. The description of “Sprint data plan required” is only in reference to the cellular radios and not a description pertaining to the entire device.

          Call Sprint and ask them if you doubt me.

  12. Ok, so is this $230 price a Sprint subsidized price?  (The View 4G is $249 subsidized on I ordered one (this 1SaleADay “special”) but I didn’t intend to activate Sprint data plan, am I screwed?  Am I going to be forced to activate Sprint data for this?  I am already a Sprint customer, but I want to use the View 4G as a WIFI-only device (so no extra mobile data plan expense).  Any info helpful, having trouble finding answer on the web. Beware, can’t cancel order once placed. :( TIA!

    1. I’m not sure either but 100% of the phones I’ve purchased online
      subsidized required me to purchase a data plan BEFORE a purchase was completed whether or not it was from a 3rd party site (I.E.,,
      etc)  So I’m pretty sure you can use this with just Wifi.  That said, I too just ordered & hope I’m right lol.  It has wifi & when I moved from my Evo to my Evo 3D I could use everything expect Sprint TV with wifi so I think we’re good.

      1. I just spoke w/ Sprint CS and was told:  For an un-subsidized View 4G (I hope like, then a data plan is *not* required, it will work WIFI only. Now YMMV, all disclaimers apply.

  13. Thanks for the tip guys, got my girl one for Christmas, even though me & my 3 yr old son will be the primary users of it lol.  Maybe I should just buy her one of her own. Nahhh.

    Great, the root section for it is non existent. I hope the HC update is from HTC & not Sprint.

  14. does anyone know if the pen comes with the tablet in this deal?  It’s not listed as part of the contents.  I heard it’s expensive to buy it seperate

  15. Just bought 3. Figure they are going for near 300 on ebay. May sell off 2 and keep one. Let me know if yall thought this was a bad idea. LOL

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