Rumor With a Capital R: Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Delayed?


I have a feeling a ton of you won’t like this one. Apparently Droid-Life has heard it from multiple independent sources within a short time frame that the Galaxy Nexus has been delayed. We also received one light report of this earlier this morning but decided not to report on it.

Although Verizon never gave a release date to look forward to, all sources and signs pretty much pointed to this Friday, December 9th. I know it’s hard to grasp that they may have delayed this phone even further than they should have considering how soon the rest of the world got it.

We’re not sure what might have triggered them to delay the device if this rumor is indeed true. At this point we’re not sure what to believe anymore. My advice? Don’t get too happy over ANY positive rumors – stick to official press releases with official information and no one will get hurt (emotionally or physically).

[Update]: And apparently the equipment manager page that said 12/9 yesterday is now saying “launch date is coming soon.” Oh well.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. If I can’t buy this phone on Friday, I swear I’ll go to AT&T and buy an iPhone and cancel my damn contract with verizon (ETF Free) just to spite everyone involved.

    I’m that pissed.

    1. At least get an android phone…

    2. etf free eh, do tell

      1. My contract is up.

        I’ve been sitting on it since the end of November.

        1. but are you willing to lose unlimited data?

          1. I don’t use but maybe 1 gb of data anyways.

          2. I use 20gb a month at least!

          3. I can’t believe that that many people use 2GB of data every year.

          4. i use 3-4 gb a month

        2. Yup mine has been since November!

          1. Pfft. Mine’s been up since mid July. I’ve been waiting that. friggin. long.

        3. Err…then you’re not canceling the contract. The contract has been up.

    3. I am sure a mass suicide by Verizon employers will occur upon your departure.

    4. I call bs. No you won’t.

      1. Agreed. Besides, Verizon has literally millions and  millions of subscribers. They don’t care if some spaz-case moves on to another carrier and gets an iPhone. They wouldn’t even notice a difference if all of the spaz-cases commenting on Android blogs leave and buy iPhones – not even a drop in a bucket.

        1. Yeah, but if their repeated issues with hardware delays continue or get worse they are going to have more than a few isolated cases of customer disgruntlement.

      2. Of course he will, he’s so fond of calling others hypocrites, apparently without even knowing what the word means, that he wouldn’t really want to be one himself… And if it turns out that he loves hypocrisy so much that he does fail to follow through on his claim, the world still won’t care…

    5. That’s funny. Because AT&T’s service is THAT much better.


      Have fun with your iTard device.

    6. says the guy who would be crying if they released it a month ago with bugs and issues not fixed….

    7. Don’t be a dummy, just buy one from Clove for $700 total – and use it on att or tmo.

    8. Won’t be a good move. With their phony 4G and horrible service you’ll be back to the Big Red in no time.

    9. Well if T-mo goes under then I’ll have to go to AT&T also but I’m bringing my Galaxy Nexus along. ;-P

      1. T-Mobile stores already don’t exist in Oregon.  My sister has to drive to California or Washington to speak to a rep face to face.

        …though she usually just does most of her business with them online.

    10. Why don’t you just get a 4g phone?

  2. this is ridiculous

    1. I think it’s pretty amusing how readers get upset, furious even, and say they will cancel their services, and trash Verizon and Google over this every time they read news like this.

      Don’t you all realize that the biggest troll in all this is not the worst of commenters, but the bloggers themselves, with their “confirmed” reports and all the irresponsible journalism, saying x and y “promised” this, or “commited” to the other? 

      I’m sorry to break it to you, but in case you multitude of readers didn’t notice, this phone has never had a release date as far as any of us is concerned.

      If anything, if all these reports are, in fact, true, these suggest to me that Verizon, seeing potential problems decided to do the right thing and keep mum on the release date. 

      This T-Mobile subscriber would actually consider jumping to Verizon based on the way they have handled this alone, when they could have excited more masses by dropping release dates left and right.

      The one thing that’s actually ridiculous is that you would think that this phone was “delayed again.”

      1. But the big question is, why haven’t they released the damned thing yet?  It’s available elsewhere in the world, so it’s obviously a Verizon problem.  So the big question is not, “why wouldn’t it be released on 12/9?” but, “why hasn’t it already been released?”

  3. Que the flames of poorly handled release and bloatware….

  4. !@#%!%  I’m just going to stop reading this site until I get an email from Verizon…

  5. Sorry people, it was NEVER launching this Friday.

    1. Says the all-knowing wise one…derp

  6. Holy Hell!

  7. Looks more like Droid-life trolling for hits.

    1. True but now that the equip guide has changed, it’s not just a bs rumor anymore

    2. Droid-life isn’t “trolling for hits”. That is what the equipment manager (the image of the Nexus which was changed from 12/9 to ‘coming soon’ is showing. They’re an Android blog, just like, oh, I don’t know…Phandroid. If you’re actually going to accuse DL of “trolling for hits”, then Phandroid, as much as I enjoy it, is uber-trolling for hits. They’re websites, websites generate revenue via advertising. In the internet world, ads aren’t usually paid at a flat rate like a billboard – they’re paid on the number of impressions (people who see the ads, or at least they think see the ads).
      That’s really a ballsy thing to say, considering most of the articles and comments on Phandroid recently have been utterly ridiculous with this Nexus. “More imminent than ever”, “Radio Shack prepares for Galaxy Nexus – Available Same Day as Verizon Wireless Stores”, “Galaxy Nexus update coming on Day 1” (which is an arbitrary date that no one knows at the moment), “Nexus Spotted In Wild”, “Galaxy Nexus seen saving Timmy From The Well”. It goes on ad infinitum, ad nauseum
      People in the comment boards are insane and saying the most stupid nonsense. The conspiracy-theorists. People who want to hurt themselves because a smartphone didn’t release the day some android blogs said it would, the “if Verizon doesn’t release this, I’m paying an ETF and AT&T/Sprint/T-Mo/MetroPCS – here I come! (really?! if you’re going to leave a carrier and pay an ETF to move on to a carrier that’s cheaper anyway over a fucking phone, what the hell were you paying Verizon prices for in the first place?). I’ve seen a few people saying that if the GN isn’t released on such-and-such a date, they’re leaving Verizon, and going elsewhere and getting an iPhone – that’s fine, but if they like iPhones, why did they buy an Android in the first place? People who wouldn’t buy it if it said “Verizon” on it (there’re these things called stickers and magic markers – and sometimes, these things called “cases” that can be used if it bothers them so.. Honestly, at this point, I hope that all of the spaz-cases in question take out their current phone, and beat themselves in the head with it until the phone breaks, or their head breaks – whichever comes first. If their biggest worry in life is what day a phone is going to be released, I can’t imagine what happens when an actual, real problem arises.

      1. Ya no shit SHOCKING that a tech website would want to get hits. 

        1. Exactly. No hits=no revenue. It’s like going to work and being accused of trolling for money.

  8. Im waiting for it on t-mobile that is unless i win one from you guys :). Hopefully i won yesterday’s.

  9. Glad I bought a RAZR….

    1. So that it can get replaced 2 months later by a slightly better version? Not to mention you’ll be waiting till who knows when next year to get ICS? Moto’s track record on updating their phones to the newest Android isn’t the best.

  10. If this turns out true, The rage from people will be ridiculous! There’s nobody to blame but Verizon. I believe Nexus One launched the same day as its announcement. Nexus S was announced on December 6th and launched on Dec. 16th. This launch is unfair because Google probably did not put a clause in their contract with Verizon stating they had to release it by a certain date. Therefore their exclusivity probably starts on the day the release. Verizon can easily take advantage. Purely speculative but yeah.

    1. and this is how rumors get started…

    2. I had a similar thought, and my hope is that if that’s the case, Google will have the balls to release an unlocked GSM version sold on their site anyway, and just deal with the lawsuit for breaking exclusivity.

  11. Damn, I feel for you Verizon customers. I bit the bullet last night and ordered the unlocked GSM version from expansys for $729.99 with a coupon code.

    1. You feel for us? We feel for you….you just spent over $700 for a cell phone.

  12. Perhaps this is their “working with Google” to bring Google Wallet back into the mix.  *shrug*

    1. That would be the positive spin since everyone realizes their statement was complete bullshit.

  13. lol not a big deal i can’t upgrade for 10 months anyways

    1. then why comment?

      1. who died and made you the king of the comments?

  14. Lmao typical Verizon. I bet other phones will come out on time. There’s nothing wrong with this phone for them to delay it.

    1. and you know this how?…yeah thought so

  15. Buy the Rezound… Great Phone!!!

    1. Probably would have been but most of us missed out on the penny deal because of this phone & now i can’t imagine spending 299 for dr. shitty beats.

  16. This is infuriating. But a thought: I, along with many other Droid RAZR owners, are experiencing major issues with 4G LTE sim cards.  Anyone else think that might have something to do with pushing back of the GN release? If Verizon is afraid that they have some large issue with 4G, wouldn’t it make sense to wait on releasing a 4G phone that there is huge demand for?

    1. It would, unless they’re planning to stay on track for the release of other 4G devices.

      1. Not necessarily. The Razr has a micro lte sim card, just like the G-Nex does. Where the 1st gen lte’s (Tbolt, Charge, LG Rev., & Bioinc) along with the Rezound have the original lte sim cards. Perhaps it is only an issue with the micro lte sim cards. Until Verizon tracks down the issue with the Razr, they may well have issues with the G-Nex as well. If you think the anger caused by the delay is bad, how bad would it be if you just forked over $300 and then the device tells you that it’s unusable?

    2. That is exactly what the Reps think, If you remember when the Samsung Charge came out there was problems with vzw 4G network so the delayed it, Since there is a problem now with the 4G network they chose to delay this ghost phone.

  17. sgsii on ATT or sprint looks fantastic IMO. might be headed there if there is no word from vzw this week.

    1. I’m strongly considering the SGS2 on sprint as well if there is no concrete information on what the hell is going on…

  18. I swear to god ill commit suicide this is insane the one thing I look forward to for over five months and its going to be delayed

      1. great reply dude.

    1. Cool, one more opportunity to get a phone if it indeed sells out on day one…

    2. Please do.

  19. At this point we’ve waited so long that the next wave of phones is coming. If it’s delayed again I’ll just wait till CES next month.

  20. I just talked to my local Verizon store and they said they received word this morning that it is being delayed. I hope this is not true. From everything I have been seeing and reading it really seemed like it was going to be released this weekend.

    1. I doubt that an employee would give out information like this. They are trained to play dumb. 

      1. I was expecting the usual “play dumb” routine (which I normally get) when I inquired about the Nexus but that is what the Verizon employee told me… unfortunately.I still hope it is not true and there is  some misinformation spreading.

      2. trained?

      3. they are not playing

  21. In related news, Disque services crashed after rage and paranoia ran rampant on a android tech-blog site.  The main comment was “baah”, which is sheep for “where is my nexus…”

  22. How in the world can this phone be “delayed” if there has never been an official release date from Verizon!

    1. Exactly, it can’t be delayed

    2. What we want to be true just usually isn’t.  RE: “December 9th Release Confirmed….”  headlines.

  23. I can wait. It isn’t going to kill me. Its just a smartphone.

  24. Forget about the nexus. The galaxy S2 is the phone to have

  25. Since they never announced it, is it possible that they are trying to regain control of the rumors? I spoke with 2 stores yesterday who both said Friday. Maybe they need to sell some D4s first..

  26. UN-&%$&#&*-BELIEVABLE!!!

  27. Could it be that Verizon just doesn’t want a skin-free, bloatware-free (or at least reduced), not-totally-under-their-thumb phone? And by killing it with quality testing, (“Oh my, you wouldn’t want us to release it until it’s thoroughly tested and ready, would you?”), they can drive traffic to their other phones, as well as getting the bonus of sliding the release back even further for the GSM version stateside. Just a thought.
    Maybe I really have gone from the frying pan into the fire by coming over to Verizon.

    1. Or, maybe Verizon isn’t so much the heavy here. After all, Samsung is well known for very poor quality control. Just remember the first generation galaxy phones on all 4 carriers–GPS that can’t even find the planet, random shut offs, etc.–is it all coming back to you? The phone formerly known as the Nexus Prime has the volume bug, and now possibly random behaviors when connected to a USB cable. Oh, and have ANY of the reviews checked out the GPS? None that I’ve seen. Tell me I’m wrong, please. I want to believe, but this just may be a bridge too far.

      1. Honest question, can you provide a link for the USB cable comment?  I haven’t seen that discussed anywhere.

  28. Not that hard to grasp at all, actually.

  29. I would still wait if it’s delayed before i would buy a RAZR, friend has it and it sucks! It’s a fuckin phone you nerds, get a life!

    1. Says the man blogging about phones.

      1. i think he’s referring to the fact that everybody complains so hard about this stuff, and they should just chill.  It’s possible for people to read blogs and comment about things without being obsessed.

      2. LOL

  30. my contract ends on the 29th, i dont care if they delay it or not haha.

    1. Thanks for sharing.

    2. great fruit cake thanks for letting us know.  

  31. At this point, I have decided that I will either wait for the phone to come to T-Mobile or shell out the money for an unlocked version. Verizon has just lost a potential new customer over their poor handling of this launch…an official press release could have cured all of this. But if this is how they handle devices that they don’t have complete control over and aren’t made by Apple, I’m out…I’m sticking with T-Mobe.

    1. Im also in the unlocked version camp simply because its obvious that they still have some control because of the botched google wallet and vcast crap.

      1. It’s just unfortunate because I had already saved the money needed for this device and was ready to make the switch…coupled with the 4GB of data for 2GB of cost, I would have moved happily to Big Red. Locking down a device, keeping Google-made software off of a Google flagship device and installing Verizon crapware makes no sense to me.

        I will gladly shell out an extra $300 for piece of mind.

        1. So why dont you switch get a different phone for now and exchange it when the Nexus gets here? Doesnt sound to hard to me..

        2. The piece of mind is that this is one of the first pretty much stock well spec’d phones on VZW in a loooooong time. Not to mention it will have tons of dev support.

    2. Same boat here, except on Sprint… I was ready to jump to VZW, or any carrier for that matter, for this phone and give the wife my EVO 3D, but not after this debacle… I’ll wait for any carrier other than VZW.

    3. If it is so easy to go to T-Mobile simply for a phone for you, I have to ask – why the hell have you been paying Verizon’s prices if T-Mobile works for you? I’m not insulting you, not at all. It’s simply that I always see people saying things along these lines (I call them the “here I come people” because they seem to jump carriers like I change my socks just for a phone), and I wonder why, when pretty much everyone is cheaper than Verizon, would they ever use Big Red in the first place if the cheaper carriers work just as well in their area.

  32. I have a woman…..I have porn……I have beer.  I can wait this out.  They cannot break me.  

    1. LOL

    2. If you have a woman why do you need porn? Either shes ugly or wont do what you want…

      1. You need woman because porn wont bring you a sandwich.

        1. Best comment thread ever!

          1. And porn doesn’t want to cuddle afterwards.

      2. David, fair question …. and the answer is you have a total lack of imagination.  I’m not going to sit here on Phandroid and explain it to you so I’ll use some math.  

        My Woman + Porn = Lucky Me. 
        Lucky Me + Beer = Promises
        Promises + My Woman = Me Spend $$ 
        Me Spend $$ + My Woman = Lucky Her
        Lucky Her + Lucky Me = Beer and Porn

        This is what is called the DavePleaseGetLaid theorem in mathematics.

      3. You obviously don’t have a woman.  lol

  33. What kills me about it is Verizon’s lack of communication.  Astounding.  

    1. No different than with anything else they have done. Look at the Thunderbolt launch, the Bionic, etc. It’s their M.O.

  34. Everyone should be complaining on the Verizon site not phandroid. Verizon is just sitting back and not getting any negative press over the way they are handling this.  I say everyone needs to start blowing up Verizon’s forums with complaints.

    1. the same way we can’t assume we know the release date without a release date, we can’t assume we know it’s Verizon’s fault without knowing it’s Verizon’s fault.

      1. Except a Samsung VP was on FOX news a few weeks back the hosts asked him when it would be available and his response was “Hopefully Verizon will let us know very soon.” “It’s their phone they know.”  This means its a VERIZON ISSUE.

    2. I am the customer that does not complain. I am the customer that does not come back.

    3. Verizon’s forums are like Nazi Germany.  Seriously, any negative comment gets removed at lightening speed.  They will just ban all the dissenters. 

  35. Have fun with your iPhone, sheep

  36. …..but did any of you really fully believe it was coming out this Friday without even a tiny morsel of a promo anywhere?  Yeah, we are going to put out a phone with our most revolutionary version of Android and tell nobody about it and rely on word of mouth.  C’mon…use your heads.

    1. but, the google phones never get advertising….

      1. Full blown marketing? No you’re right.  But there was not even a display or a window poster at a Verizon store…not even a morsel.

  37. If it doesn’t happen this Friday, when the phone is released, don’t buy it and wait for the price to drop because no one is buying, then get it for the price it should be $199.  

    Realistically that would never happen but it would be awesome!

  38. Please speak with Kevin Krause about his misuse of the word CONFIRMED yesterday on the Galaxy Nexus release date when in fact the only thing that he CONFIRMED is that blog writers have no idea what the meaning of words such as CONFIRMED really is.

  39. xD

  40. My ACE BOOM told me about this @ 10:00am No Rumors here this is FACT. Pissed me all to hell but T.I.V after all.

  41. Can someone show me the proof that this phone is a VZW exclusive? Not being a smart ass, I would just like to see more than a rumor.

    1. Have you seen any other US bound Galaxy Nexus?

      1. Yes, with AT&T bands. Went through FCC over a week ago..

  42. So what, many other markets are still waiting as well. For example Central Europe got pushed back to 16th Dec (first it was end of November, then 2nd Dec., then 9th Dec, then 16th Dec).

  43. I don’t think Google/Samsung/Verizon could possibly screw up this launch any more than they already have. I guess we’ll have to wait to see how much worse it might get. I’m not recommending mass suicide because of the failed launch or anything. After all, it’s a cell phone. Many here need to relax. This, however, surely isn’t “best practice” for releasing a brand new product. FAIL all around.

  44. This is what happens when you get in bed with Verizon. I hope Google has learned its lesson here.

  45. yeeeep this sucks! I just confirmed with my VZ store, rep said his boss messaged him this morning saying its delayed. He also told me that he thinks it should be out by the 15th at the latest but that was his guess.

  46. I don’t believe anything that any of these hype building media outlets say(in regards to this specific topic) . There really is no reason to. You wait to hear it from the cell provider and that’s it. They take advantage of these impatient child like brains to feed their stories and traffic. Enough with poor reporting. One rumor feeds on another and so forth. Patience people, patience.

  47. Occupy Verizon is long over due.

  48. OMG VZW SERIOUSLY??!!! Yea itd be lovely to rely on official press releases, BUT THEY HAVENT MADE ANY!!! DOES VZW EVEN KNOW IF THEY ARE SELLING THIS PHONE??!! Seriously, this is absolutely rediculous

  49. Nobody outside of the small, obsessive tech/phone community has any idea this phone even exists, let alone its nearing a release.  The pleas for some sort of press release from Verizon explaining the delay in a phone that 90% (probably generous) of customers have no idea about is ridiculous.  Verizon isn’t handling this poorly because, technically, we shouldn’t know any of the information we do.  It gets leaked and so we just assume it’s a given without stopping to think for a second how much goes into releasing a phone.  Sure it happens all the time, but how many phones suck?  How many phones have problems and bugs upon initial release?  And how many of you would just sit idly by and twiddle your thumbs with your new broken phone waiting for a fix?  Its better that the phone don’t come out until they’re as sure as they can be it’s ready to go out to the public. The fact that there has been no communication about this phone from Verizon means you really have no right to complain about “how poorly they’ve handled it” because you really have NO IDEA why it keeps being “delayed.”

    1. That is a logical and well thought out statement, but I’m still pissed.

    2. Yes that all makes sense, but in essence, Verizon is implying that this phone doesn’t matter to them and that’s problematic.  OK, it has limited appeal, but it has a very strong appeal to the interested group, and as a company they cannot neglect this device.  

      What’s most infuriating to me, it’s Verizon’s lack of transparency during this whole escapade.  They barely acknowledge the device, don’t mention it and in all likelihood want to slip it under the rug.  It’ll likely launch as a second or third message behind the Driod 4 and the XYBoard.  What’s at the heart of this?  Probably that the G-Nex unlocked (the first device since the OG on VZW), free of their tentacles (beyond using their network), sacrifices control and that Verizon doesn’t have a vested interest in the success or failure of this device – unlike the Droid brand.  Additionally, this is a Flagship device from an OS and OEM that has made Verizon far more money than they would ever admit.  How many people would be on data plans if Android wasn’t around?  Oh, I could have this BlackBerry with a real life keyboard and server problems and crappy apps?  Cool!  No, Verizon has handled this entire situation terribly, much like they have before, for example, the Nexus One or Xoom 4G LTE radio Upgrade (in part with Moto).  I’m sure there are others too…blah, I’m done.  But Verizon is thoroughly pissing me off and if I find a reason to leave, I will.  But I want this phone and I like their network (which is ultimately why anyone chooses them, but they don’t want to admit that).

    3. Hey, Tim:

      Thanks for taking the time to do all those surveys and focus groups to find out what 90% of Verizon customers think

      You’re speaking just as ignorantly as the people complaining.  YOU have no idea what anyone other than YOU thinks.  Here’s the thing.  You know when you see a Galaxy Nexus article that the comments will just be a whole bunch of pissed off people complaining.  If that annoys you, then stay away from G-Nex articles.  Don’ tell us we have no right to complain because we have the right to do whatever the F@#% we want as long as we don’t break any laws.

      Now GTFO!

  50. holy cow! this is not the end of the world. chill.

  51. Congrats Google and Samsung, your flagship phone is quickly becoming an afterthought.  It is out in other parts of the world yet gets delayed and messed with here in the US.  The only people that truly know about the phone here are the hardcore, while the Droid Razr and iPhone are gobbling up the casual phone user base.  Even if the device was ready in the next couple weeks, the “marketing” will not be enough to truly make this a hot seller and will only be sold to the Phandroid type users.  The same ones that are now getting pissed at having to wait without any official reasons for the delays.

    I’m on the verge of getting the Razr and waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich just because I needed a new phone months ago (OG Droid, I love you but you are barely working now).

  52. Verizon should have been put this phone out. From buisness standpoint why not put the phone out? This is the time of year people are buying electronic gadgets in bunches.

    Nice job Google! 

  54. I love the comments from people saying that they’ll go to other carriers if this is true. No, you won’t. :-)

  55. What if I just want the phone?  I mean, if it’s a 4g issue… I’d rather get the phone and not have 4G working for a week or two since I’m probably not going to be using it for netflix or video streaming that much… I’d say that though the 4G feature is on my “must haves” list for a new phone, in reality the extra fast internet is probably only really 5% of what makes this phone awesome.  I mean, shit, I wouldn’t have even cared if they gave me the phone before they fixed the volume issue… as an early adopter of hardware and software I expect there to be a few bumps.

    My real issue is that it’s not like they’re going to catch everything just cause they pushed it back another week or month.  It’s going to come out and there’s going to be something wrong with it.  I don’t care.  Sure, try to make it right, but I’d prefer to have the phone right now, get it in the hands of a million people, and in a month have all the stuff they found fixed instead of waiting a month for them to fix a few issues they found on their limited test group and then give it to everyone, just to have the mass market find more issues at that point.

    1. Jeffrey, may I respectfully disagree with your statement, “as an early adopter of hardware and software I expect there to be a few bumps”?
      If I were getting one of these phones for free as an early/pre-/beta release tester, fine. I, too, would expect some bugs, maybe even some super bugs. But I’m likely to be shelling out $300 to $700 as an early adopter for this piece of hardware and its software, so I expect it to work right. Value received (a great phone) for value given (beaucoup bucks).
      Actually, I’m not likely to be an early adopter on this one. I had that joy with the 1st generation Galaxy S Captivate on AT&T, so I’m going to test it to death in the store and watch the first week or two of posts and reviews by actual users before perhaps plunking down the cash.

  56. Verizon may be doing you a favor with this.  I’ve been using the GSM version for around a week now, and I doubt it would meet Verizon’s high standards.  The camera is poor (fast, but lousy images).  WiFi cuts out intermittently when other phones maintain signal.  Voice calls get clipping noises and static.  The thing just turned off altogether this morning and wouldn’t reboot until I removed the battery.  I get process failure messages all day.  Every time I boot it I get the message that Android is updating (And the only OS update I’ve received left the phone at 4.01 – I could see no changes registered on the information screen).

    I still do like the large screen, and most parts of ICS, but Samsung and Google should finish it before they sell it.

  57. Maby u shoulda released it on tmobile first like the last 2 nexus. And don’t say it woulda had bugs if the rest of the world the nexus is working fine

  58. I have been waiting since August for the Nexus, watching my Palm Pre break down in the process. If it isn’t available 9am Friday, I will simply drive to AT&T and get this over with.

    Why will I do this? Because Verizon management is *choosing* not to communicate with its customer base.

    Verizon — goodbye.

    1. Save yourself the drive. AT&T and Samsung communicated verrrry poorly about the problems with the Samsung (Galaxy) Captivate.
      Three things to remember. 1) As others have pointed out, it’s just a phone. 2) The OEMs will continue to put out buggy (some would say crappy) phones because the public continues to buy them. 3) The big 4 carriers will continue to act like they don’t care about customer joy because they don’t have to care–ETFs and incompatible standards between carriers tend to keep people locked into their current carrier because they can’t just drive down the street and say to another carrier, “Hey, take the old sim card from BU&U out of this phone and put in a sim card for your Werizon network.”

    2. AT&T just got the lowest customer services satisfaction rating of all carriers. Good luck with that.

  59. Sure enough, it says coming soon now in our Equiptment guide Damn.

  60. Damn, it must suck waiting for the newest plastic phone while the rest of the world is happily using our RAZR’s

    1. so happy that you posted in a Galaxy Nexus news thread?

      1. +1 You told him buddy….

    2. Then why are you following Galaxy Nexus Rumors?

  61. What total BS if this is true!  I called my local VZW store yesterday and the rep confirmed it was coming out Friday and even set up an appointment to sell me the damn phone.  Just take my freakin’ money!  I can live with a few bugs until they are fixed with an update.  I’ve been sitting on my upgrade with my buggy OG since July waiting for this damn thing.  I’ll take a buggy G-Nex over my buggy OG anyday.  I’ll still wait for it, but c’mon Verizon….GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER!

    1. your OG is buggy? 
      here’s my history of Android phones:
      Droid 1 (OG)
      Droid 2
      Droid 2 Global
      Droid X
      Droid Charge

      And i have to say, out of all these, the OG was the most stable one, and thats because it was almost vanilla…..

      and the droid X comes in second as far as software bugs….

      so when you say buggy OG, are you running custom ROM’s?

  62. I’m glad I gave up waiting and got my RAZR

  63. Here we go again. Bionic deja vu.

  64. Cool, the longer this goes the more chance it will be $199 very soon after release or even at release, cause the Droid 4 and some quad core beast will be hot on the heels, plus similar reductions with the RAZR, Rezound and said phones getting ICS all causing cannibalization of the Galaxy Nexus market – it must be tough to product manage technology that changes so rapidly, glad it’s not my job.

  65. NO NO NO NO!!  DAMNIT!!!  Why the hell is it so hard for them to release this phone!  This is the most infuriating crap ever!  We know the stores have their inventory.  What is the point of just sitting on it?  F@#%ING IDIOTS!!!!

  66. Verizon DOES NOT WANT US TO BUY THIS PHONE!! Plain and simple they expect you to get a droid branded device instead. With lack of control of a device comes less profit.

  67. How about you make today’s contest, “go convince your verizon rep to let you play with a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and let you take pictures. Also have him confirm that it was scheduled to release fri but Verizon stated that that is changing.”

    You end up with something like this and me as the winner!


    1. That’s dope

    2. LTE version of the phone is very thin and light. I was afraid it would be a hog like the HTC Rezound. Pleasantly surprised!

    3. I got the same message from Verizon reps here. Of course I didn’t get to hold one  :(

    4. Just spoke to a rep at my local store and he  said it was pushed back from its original launch date (12/9) but that it would available this month. I tried to squeeze more out of him but had no success.

  68. This phone is not going to come out until 2012. With Moto, VZW’s baby, dropping the D4 and a white Razr, the GN could really hurt those sales.

  69. If Verizon was to launch this phone on Friday as you all are expecting and let’s say they found a problem with the phone, would you be more pissed that there is a problem with your phone or would you be more pissed because you have to wait? Remember, Verizon did not manufacture the hardware or the software. They are trying to protect their customers. Don’t blame Verizon for doing the right thing. They don’t announce release dates because they cannot control the hardware and software issues. They can only test the phone on their network and release it when they are satisfied that customers will not become irrate because their phones are not working.

  70. Ugh, just went to a local store.  They said they didn’t receive any yesterday and they are hearing it’s delayed as well…  Good times.

  71. This is exactly why I commented that Phandroid should stop over reporting the Galaxy Nexus release date yesterday. Its become a disservice to the community. Verizon hasn’t announced a release date its as simple as that. Yet this amazingly awesome source for Android information has daily taken its readers on emotional rollercoaster rides with Galaxy Nexus bogus release date hype. Its border line irresponsible at this point. As responsible journalist you guys should try not to let so much of your own excitement spill over into your work. Talk details of the product and sprinkle an occasional release date guess in. The daily thing was bad business.

  72. Well, that settles things for me then. GNex is out. RAZR is in. Ordering it now. In two years there will be something better.

  73. The 4G issues have been resolved with the RAZR.

  74. If anyone is interested, I have an extra GSM Gnex for sale $750 (That’s how much I paid…)

  75. just called *611 and talked to a rep…. he said he had never heard of the SGN, then looked it up and said he sees it in the equipment guide and typically stuff isn’t put into the equipment guide until a day or two before release because they do not trust the reps with the knowledge. 

    maybe they changed it to “coming soon” because it was leaked?

  76. This is the first and last Nexus you’ll see on Verizon.

  77. I hope they just delayed it due to the LTE outages/problems everywhere. I don’t even have a phone right now because I’m waiting for those nutcases over at Verizon to release this thing

  78. The issue here that’s arising is that if Verizon doesn’t announce an official release date soon and just get the damn thing out there…it’ll be outdated even before it’s released.

    So I’ll hold true to my previous statement a few days ago.  If the Transformer Prime debuts before the Galaxy Nexus, I’ll just hold on to my Droid for making calls and get the tablet instead…it’ll have ICS soon enough anyway.

  79. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dear-Google-STOP-Screwing-up-Nexus-Releases/103723073079668?sk=info
    Lets get a following and post this to google an verizon… its getting ridiculous!

  80. That’ll teach Google! When will companies learn that you don’t work with Verizon, you  just bend over and allow Verizon to have it’s way with your equipment.

  81. Verizon sucks. I have my gnex here on tmobile and it works like a charm. totally blows for you guys… Feels Bad Man

  82. I should make a video from my house- walk to Carphonewarehouse (2min walk) buy the Galaxy Nexus- walk back home- to all you poor souls waiting for this. Which ill be doing on Friday.

  83. Dear Santa:

          I would like to put in a request that you move Verizon from the nice list onto your naughty list. They have taken away the possibility of  me being able to get what I want for my birthday. Now I will probably end up with nothing more than an ugly Christmas sweater. By delaying the release of this phone Verizon has also upset a lot of other people waiting for the release of this phone. I just hope that they do not plan on spoiling all of our Christmas dreams as well. Once again, please make sure that Verizon is put onto your naughty list so they will get coal this year. 

    Thanks for your time,

  84. there are some apple parts in here.look it :

  85. GUYS-

    got to play with this svelte powerhouse today at the VZW store.  By luck was the only one there and asked to see it after he mentioned four had arrived.  He inexplicably obliged.

    I can only sum it up with this:


  86. be awesome if they gave the camera improved optics!

  87. After the gym today went by Verizon and talked to the guy I know there. He let me mess with it. They already got there shipment in. he told me it was actually suppose tio be released on the eighth. Today the received a email saying it might be delayed. But, he believes it will still be released this Friday. Also I would like to mention its light compared tio my Droid X and the screen is gorgeous. ICS is extremely smooth. Please Verizon gods just let me own it.

  88. Go with the rezound or Razr.   This phone w/ICS has too many issues to be released in a timely manner.  Once it is released, expect about 1-2 months of further issues with the phone before the bugs get ironed out.  FACT.

  89. If this doesn’t come out Friday I’m punching my cute cuddly kitten right in the face! Don’t make me do it Verizon!

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