Pope to Use Android Tablet to Command Opulant Christmas Display


If you celebrate Christmas, you no doubt have trimmed the tree. You may have even decked out the house with lights and wreathes. Some of you may have even thrown together an elaborate light show set to music for the entire neighborhood (and internet) to enjoy. But we doubt you have set up a massive Christmas tree display on the side of a mountain, one which will be commanded by the Pope himself from 130 miles away via an Android tablet. A news release out of the Vatican has named “a Sony ‘Tablet’ with an ‘Android’ operating system” as the device “to switch on the electric current to the tree.” We’d like to see your little light show top that.

Coming soon: an app that will send your typed prayers directly to God himself.

[via Gizmodo]

Kevin Krause
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  1. oh man, someone who works at the Vatican is totally going to balance their phone on the pope and win this contest…

  2. I’m only smiling because it’s an Android tablet he’ll be using.

  3. WHOA!

    Steve Jobs has just died, and this is how the pope honors his spirit. Endorsing sony and android!

    1. The Pope should honor Steve Jobs?

      1. Think of it this way. Without steve jobs, the tablet platform would never have been a reality. Steve Jobs may have figured out how to use a tablet, but that doesn’t mean the iPad is the only way to implement it.

        1. Therefore he should be rewarded by God and or your personal religiulous construct of choice?

          1. actually i am an atheist. i think it is hilarious that the pope is going to use android. And no jobs should not be rewarded by god. Or the pope. Or you. But we should honor the MAN he was jeez. Besides…making jokes about death and religion…sad for me and you.

          2. By all accounts he sounded like a real jerk.  So we should honor that?

            The only reason I would bet is that Apple wouldn’t give the Pope a free iPad to use.

          3. I have no respect for atheists and fundamentalists.

  4. HAHA,

    Is it sad i smiled for the sure fact that they will be using an android tablet and not something else? lol

  5. I guess this is really a terrible news that freagging POPE has a tablet before I have a tablet… DAMN you…lol
    You go POPE rock that Sony Tablet

  6. Holy…!

  7. Glad it’s a Android tablet and not a….

  8. The holy tab; Amen!

  9. The Holy tab; Amen!

  10. Haha, i just remembered Bruce Almighty

  11. Everyone on the Internet is a low-rent MLA grammarian. Focus on the content. You try writing dozens of articles a day with 100% accuracy, every day, for years. Get over yourself.

    1. If only I could part my hair like that.

  12. Pope: preaches poverty. Uses a $500 tablet instead of flipping a switch.

    Ugh. I hate religions.

    1. You must hate phandroid because we promote buying lots and lots of tablets instead of just using pen and paper.

      1. I think he was referring more to the hypocrisy of preaching you should live a life of poverty in the name of God, and then using a $500 tablet instead of flipping a switch.

    2. Of course, what better way to become poor than spend $500 you don’t have on a tablet to turn on some lights :)

  13. Even God uses Android :)

  14. Wow, Kevin Krause actually made me laugh… And all it took was a little bit of near-blasphemy… Good job! O_0

  15. Kinda interesting that the Pope would use an Android tablet considering that it’s powered by the Linux Kernel which was written by an ATHEIST!

    1. Your logic is seriously flawed. People use things created by people with other  worldviews all the time. It’s an OS-kernel I think we all can agree it is neutral to your religious views.


    1. cause Steve believed in Buddhism not Christ

      1. No, it’s because Apple is just evil by suing, banning and blocking everything that isn’t Apple.

  17. “Coming soon: an app that will send your typed prayers directly to God himself.”
    I thought that was called Siri.. and you don’t even have to type.

  18. Trimmed the tree? Nope. Trimmed the bush? Yes indeed. ;)

  19. Come on guys, that was a bad example of a music sync’ed light show.  How about something a little more professional looking?  http://youtu.be/k7dIjP5t2co  (disclaimer: this is my brother’s house)

  20. And as a side note, eleventybillion points to the dev that comes up with a way to control a music/light show with an android phone/tablet

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