Dec 7th, 2011

Get your clicking fingers ready! Posting this for you guys will only hurt my chances of getting one but hey — sharing is caring. HP is getting ready for another one of their “fire sales” on the now infamous TouchPad but this time, through eBay. Although this was originally meant to give HP employees first dibs, the internal company email was leaked online and now here were are spilling the beans for you.

The TouchPads will once again, be selling for the same $100 for 16GB versions and $150 for 32GB versions and NO, you wont need to purchase a laptop to get the discount. The only catch is that this are, in fact, refurbished units which may come as a turn-off for some would be buyers. Any way you slice it, that’s still quite steal. The deal kicks off December 11th at 6pm (CT) and although no returns will be permitted, the TouchPads will come with a 90 warranty.

Buy it. Hack it. Throw Android on it. Boom.

[Via TechCrunch]

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