LG and Prada Send Out Invites For December 14th Event In London – What Will Be Announced?


Okay, this one isn’t very hard to figure out. LG and Prada are preparing to unveil a mysterious new device in London on the 14th after the two companies announced last week their partnership to work on a new smartphone. The LG Prada phone 3.0 (also known as the K2 or P940) hasn’t been much of a secret having been leaked in a few photos, videos, teased in conceptual sketches and passing through the FCC. Although unconfirmed, current rumors are saying the Nokia Lumia look alike will feature a 4.3-inch 2nd generation Nova HD display, dual-core processor, NFC and a form factor barely 9mm thick.

LG definitely needs another hit with their mobile department lacking a solid Android offering, especially here in the states with the market dominated largely by HTC, Samsung and Motorola. Anyone else excited to see what LG’s unveiling on the 14th?

[Via GSMArena]


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  1. I want it !!! Looks stunning

  2. Unless it is actually supported and has a lot less bugs than the lg g2x. It doesn’t matter what they reveal.

  3. From what is visible, it definetly looks pretty damn nice. 
    Once again, IMO, Too bad it’s an LG….

  4. Prada as in clothing prada?

    1. That be them.

  5. The wifes lg2x is perfect.

  6. prada or not, my short lived lg revo reminded me that I will never own another lg phone. they are dead to me like apple.

  7. While on the subject of PRADA. They are GREEDY Nutcases!!!

    Looks like they have some sort of deal with Phaiton, the headphone company. They make great headphones btw. ;)
    They are taking the Phaiton PS 320 on ear headphones (nice cans) , changing the Phaiton branding to say PRADA instead and selling them for 595$….
    They go for roughly 130$.
    Thats one hell of a mark up for just the name being changed on the speaker covers………. o_O?

  8. Such a pretty phone….but it’s made by LG which means I’ll pass.

  9. why is lg making phones again

  10. 22 LG G2x returns don’t lie, LG can’t make electronics to save their life. What’s funny is just after I got done going on a rampage over LG’s light-bleeding displays (just one of a dozen reasons I kept returning it), my buddy shows me his new LG tv to complain about the light bleeding out of the edges. I couldn’t help but laugh, it showed me this isn’t an isolated incident. LG makes cheap devices that aren’t QA’d. And when it comes to phones, good luck getting an OS updates.

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