Kindle Fire Could See UK Launch in January


A report coming out of Know Your Mobile has it on word from a source that the Amazon Kindle Fire will launch in the UK shortly after the turn of the new year. Without offering much in the way of details, the site claims that a source knowledgable of Amazon’s plans has confirmed January as the launch window for the Android-based eReader/tablet. Details on a specific date, pricing, and content and media available at launch were not discussed.

The Kindle Fire has been blazing a path through the US tablet market after only a few weeks of availability, and looks to do the same in other parts of the world as well. We’ll place this latest development in the rumors drawer for now, but a release sooner rather than later seems likely.

[via EuroDroid]

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  18. Overall I’m really happy with my Kindle Fire.  I was initially frustrated with the wifi issues which seem very common with lots of other users.  I downloaded the nook app so I could access my B&N content for free using the Android marketplace (detailed instructions at and also got some help on sorting out the wifi.  Everything is working great for now and I’m customising with all my usual apps.

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