Is Blind Type the Cherry on Top of Ice Cream Sandwich’s Keyboard?


How could you forget Blind Type? The company showcased a rather compelling demo of their keyboard software for smartphones, leading to an acquisition by Google before the general public could get their hands on it. As the name implied, Blind Type did a heck of a job discerning the meaning of mistyped words, even if text seemed like it was entered by someone lacking in vision. We have been in the dark on the whereabouts of the software keyboard and wondering when Google would introduce it to into their Android OS, if at all. Here may be some good news. Droid Life has been examining several elements of the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and has reason to believe that Blind Type is indeed the basis of the Android 4.0 keyboard. After viewing the below video we may just have to agree, how about you?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. nope

  2. that looks nice :)

  3. I’ve been skeptical about blindtype since i read about it. I wouldnt mind givin it a shot.

  4. peanut

    sorry, just messing with those of you using your browser’s “find” function

  5. I kept thinking why they don’t show it off coz Google bought it long time ago already

  6. THat’s a great correction feature. I wonder how well it does with voice as well.

    1. The keyboard is awesome!  Voice transcription works extremely well.  Source: Galaxy Nexus owner.  

  7. lol obviously no

  8. no BOC from woot so back to watching here lol

  9. I’ve been using the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard for awhile now. And while it’s damn good — I wouldn’t say it’s “BlindType good.” I think Google may have toned it down it a bit.

    For best results, set autocorrect to “very aggressive” for an almost BlindType kind of experience. =)

  10. I maybe blind cause I don’t see it.

    1. Maybe

    2. He has a really high error rate if you watch where he actually presses and it is correcting very well for him. It is functioning far better than the old keyboard, on the level that Blind Type demonstrated. Since Google bought them, it is reasonable to assume that the tech was integrated into the ICS keyboard.

      1. Not nearly as high as the video I saw of Blind Type. With Blind Type you can basically type in complete gibberish and it would figure out what you meant.

  11. I wonder how well it does in other languages

    1. Quite good in French. Tested using the ICS keyboard apk onto a Nexus One running gingerbread.

      1. better than swiftkey X?

        1. about the same actually but i think the ICS keyboard looks better

        2. I never tried SwiftKey on my phone. I bought it on the tablet, and didn’t want to buy it twice. I don’t like them for putting two apps on the market for the same thing, just to make more profit. I’m not even using it on the tablet anyway.
          I paid the dime for it yesterday, I must admit the prediction / correction are better than ICS keyboard. Maybe the ICS keyboard reveals all its potential when installed in an ICS system (for example, I don’t have the ability to correct an already typed word).
          But the ICS layout and overall feel is better than SwiftKey, which feels awkard and messy.


  13. can i install swype on ICS?

    1. No, maybe next year apparently. Slideit works ok though.

    2. I’ve used swype on my Nexus S 4G using an Alpha Rom of ICS, it works great.

  14. some people need blonde type. 

  15. Nice finally :)

  16. Ice cream sandwich keyboard is terrible, i find it likes to split my words in half for no apparent reason…

    1. There’s about 4 different ones on the Market. Try a different one…

    2. I don’t know about the real thing, but one that appeared in the market for a while liked to split my words too, and I figured out that it just didn’t have an expansive dictionary, so once I added the words it stopped trying to split them.

  17. I was suspecting this also since this is literally the best auto correct i have ever used in my life! I love my G-nex!

    1. me too! i love my galaxy nexus!

  18. Yeah I’m pretty sure this ISN’T blindtype. The main changes from GB to ICS is that it has now become Swiftkey light.  It runs a LOT faster (Swiftkey always seemed to lag just a bit for me even though the rest of my phone runes buttery smooth) but its predictive / autocorrection is not quite as good but almost there.  Blindtype if you recall actually paid more attention to where your thumbs thought certain keys were and adapted to that to sort of create a personally designed invisible keyboard for you.

  19. I got sick of waiting for Blindtype and bought Swiftkey … over a year ago!

    Good to see googs trying to better their baseline OS though.

  20. I wonder if it is really helpful or maybe it’s because of the Ice cream sandwich keyword that triggers you to type incorrectly.

  21. The keyboard isn’t anywhere near the level that BlindType was in that video on TechCrunch, sadly. Its auto correction is noticeably not as good as SwiftKey X’s, however it did feel more comfortable to use. I kept hitting the period button on SwiftKey as well since the space bar is so small, which is incredibly annoying. I guess even after getting used to my gnex, I’m still in the habit of thinking I have a bigger space bar ala iPhone.

  22. Am I the only one who finds the stock gingerbread keyboard to be pretty fantastic? I type blindly most of the time, and it always gets everything right. I honestly don’t need any improvement over my current keyboard–I’ve tried others and they’re all inferior in behaviour one way or another. 

  23. My favorite is still FlexT9, works better than Swype.

  24. But you see that the mis-spelt word was still red after he corrected it. I have reported that as a bug to Google. What’s worse is that when you close the keyboard sometimes corrected words will revert to the incorrect spelling.
    Anyone else seen that?

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