Samsung Launches Dual-Screened SCH-W999 for China Telecom


With two Super AMOLED displays, two SIM card slots, and two processor cores, the Samsung SCH-W999 is pretty much dual-everything. We first heard of the clamshell device a little over a month ago, but the W999 was recently officially announced for China Telecom. The unique form factor sees two 3.5-inch 480×800 Super AMOLED panels placed back to back, allowing the phone to be used as either a more traditional flip-phone or an all touch Android smartphone. It is powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8660 chipset and comes with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface atop of Android 2.3. The W999 features a 5MP camera, Bluetooth 3.0, and WAPI.

With two slots for SIM cards, the handset sports both GSM and CDMA2000 and features world-ready penta-band support. Release date and pricing have not been finalized, but the W999 is expected to launch in 2012. For reference, the phone it will succeed, the W899, was priced at ¥8990 ($1,410).

[Engadget via Samsung]

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  1. Looks different

  2. Priced not to sell, if they haven’t learned from the W899 pricing.  Otherwise this is an interesting take on a world phone with good specs.

  3. Flip phone back!  Flip phone back!  Where all my ppl at sayin flip phone back!

    Actually no they’re not… this phone is interesting tho…

  4. something about it just seems dumb,and its kinda ugly

  5. ibelieve something like this could indeed sell…maybe not THIS phone, but maybe something like it with a bigger screen.

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