ASUS Padfone to Debut at MWC 2012


Though the ASUS Padfone was announced earlier this year, we are still a bit away from any sort of release. With ever more time passing an focus shifted to other products such as the ASUS Transformer Prime, the tablet/phone combo has risked a slide into obscurity. Rest assured, ASUS still plans to release the handset — news broke this morning that a final announcement will be coming at Mobile World Congress in February of next year. While rumors have gone back and forth on the type of and number of cores possessed by the processor found in the upcoming device, word coming along with this latest scoop is that the Padfone will sport a quad-core Tegra 3 chip. The hardware should put the device in the same class as the Transformer Prime, but we’re excited to see what else ASUS has up their sleeve for MWC.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Asus should ditch the name and capitalize on their successful Transformer branding.

    On verizon… Droid Transformer
    On other carriers Transformer 4G
    But in general, anything but padphone would be better.

    1. Problem is, if they did that, they’d have to bend over and take it up the @$$ from Verizon in order to get their blessing to use the “Droid” brand name.  Which would inevitably come with mandatory Verizon bloatware or they would tell ASUS to GTFO.

      That said, “Padphone” is a retarded name.  Interesting concept, though.

  2. I agree, Padfone sounds like something from a Saturday Night Live skit.

  3. what the hell is it?

  4. It’s a great concept.  Especially with ICS bridging the gap between phone and tablet. I’d definitely be interested.  
    I also definitely agree that going with the name ‘Padfone’ is pretty horrible.  

    1. I agree. It’s genius. If Samsung came out with something like this for the Nexus, I would be all over it.

  5. Name none withstanding, this is truly an ambitious and innovative design. Probably the most remarkable advancement in mobile tech since the transition between the first tablets (even though they were burdened with windows and the hardware wasn’t where it was at) and the first gen ipad. I really don’t want to hear another apple fanboy state another word about how un-innovative the android platform is because they obviously wouldn’t be able to see the forest beyond the apple trees.

  6. Padfone is a bad name… that would be like calling the transformer prime the “laptab” (laptop/tablet) … I agree with Dsparil, they should stick the the “transformer” branding since this device follows a similar concept of “transforming” into a tablet like.

    1. I agree but iPad also sounds like a bad joke.

  7. Now, they’re planning to merge this device with the Transformer right? So that I buy one expensive phone and then two relatively inexpensive devices to give me the ultimate in flexibility and sheer awesomeness right? Having a phone that turned into a tablet that turned into a netbook. THAT I would buy.

    1. They could call it the Tabtop phone! Or perhaps some parody of Turducken.

    2. I’m hoping it will be compatible with the Transformer Prime’s keyboard dock.  It would make for a very good two pronged push in tablets.  If you have a phone and aren’t upgrading for some time, get the Transformer.  If you’re due for a new phone get the Padfone.

  8. This is one of those ideas that sounds wonderful on paper but flies like a lead balloon.  People want their choice of devices.  They don’t wan to tuck their phones into a slot to use their tablets (try loaning the tablet, or taking a call as you’re about to leave your apartment).

    It’s high school dork idealism that keeps bringing us these products and convincing people to write about them.  You have to admire the spirit and the effort that people put into them, but it is really an expensive way to make paperweights.

    1. Why don’t people want two devices for a substantial discout over buying them individually? You will be able to take calls with either the phone or the tablet, it will only take a few seconds to connect/disconnect the phone from the tablet, and if your biggest concern is loaning the tablet….. well….. I’m sorry but that’s just a lame argument.

      Also if they combined this with the idea of the transformer prime and added an optional keyboard dock I would be in heaven.

      1. You’re right in the theory part.  But in practice it winds up like that luggage that comes with a day pack you can attach or detach.  Great idea, but each piece is a compromise that winds up being not as good as purpose-built components.

        The tablet will have the weight of an extra screen, battery and hardware to fit the two together.  The phone’s case will have compromises to fit securely within the tablet.  You have to remember to keep the two together, and if the phone gets damaged you lose both devices.

        When you want to upgrade to a new phone or tablet, you’re looking at the cost of adding two new devices or losing something.

        From a marketing perspective, you’re working with a target market that thinks that both items are exactly what they want.  It’s hard enough in a fragmented market to make one device work, but to be shooting for customers who like your phone AND your tablet best is just suicide.

        I love the idea, but it tends not to work out well.

    2. how does having this product detract from choice? if anything it gives MORE choice. i personally think its a great idea – i think convergence of devices is the ideal to strive for.

  9. i’m exceedingly pleased with the transformer, and there’s still no word on the gn being sold in usa (not lte). this might be worth the wait.

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