Streak 7 Takes its Leave from Dell’s Product Lineup


With Dell contemplating its future in the Android tablet business, the Streak 7 has been discontinued, just as the Streak 5 before it. A quick visit to the Dell website reveals only a message that the Streak 7 is no longer available online when looking for the device. With the 10-inch Streak looking unlikely for a US release, the Streak 7, which received little attention from consumers despite an update to Honeycomb to match other currently available tablets, may have been the last chance for consumers in the States to pick up a Dell tablet. The company may still produce a few Windows 8 devices down the line, but the computer hardware manufacturer should move on from Android.

[Dell via The Verge]

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  1. Damn, I’ve been wanting that..

    1.  Best Buy had ’em for $149 the other day…

  2. Dell should remove itself from the product line.

  3. I would have bought one if it would have had a higher-resolution screen. What’s the point of a 800×480 tablet, when my phone is slightly higher resolution than that…

    Do tablet manufacturers think only old people with poor eyesight are buying tablets or what?

  4. I ordered one. Then I saw the iconia a100 for 30 bucks more. The Dell was returned hehe

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