NYC Samsung Experience Store has Verizon Galaxy Nexus on Display, not for Sale


If you live in or around the New York City area, the  Samsung Experience flagship store located in the Shops at Columbus Circle has the still unreleased Verizon Galaxy Nexus on display. With SIM cards absent, you won’t be able to take the premier Ice Cream Sandwich handset for a spin on Big Red’s 4G LTE network, but a WiFi connection provides enough functionality to get a pretty good idea of how the phone and OS will handle.

Before you go making a cross-country pilgrimage to worship at the altar of Nexus, it is worth noting that a release later this week (December 8th or 8th) is looking more and more likely for the handset. If you do make the trek over to the Samsung Experience, do us all a favor and wipe the drool off that 4.65-inch HD display before handing it off to the next person.

[via AndroidForums, image via DroidLife]

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  1. That is a sexy beast. 

  2. December 8th or 8th, huh? so… December 8th?

  3. yikes, i’m not diggin’ the lack of “Google” written on the back :(
    looking less like a Nexus, more like a Verizon lynch

    1. make a sticker

  4. Come to Papa. The OG is still kicking strong but it’s time for an upgrade.

  5. 8th or 8th…, is that code that it’s def the 8th? LOL

  6. 8th or 8th?

  7. I’m in Columbus Circle right now, will be going when they open!

    1. Which version was it Trollin? 16gb or 32gb?

  8. Pre Order would be nice you scumbags at Verizon.

  9. On the 8th OR the 8th? That’s good. :-)

  10. Do we know yet if this will have NFC and support Google Wallet? I really hate my George Castanza-esque lump in my pants…

    1. Yes to NFC. Google Wallet eventually I would imagine but I don’t think it’s coming out of the box. I could be wrong. I don’t think it works with Visa yet anyway so I’m still SOL even though the phone is capable.

  11. If there is any chance of this thing coming out this week, we have to see something “official” (infomanager screenshot, dummy units showing up, actual units showing up, etc) today or tomorrow, right? I mean, i’ve been following smartphone launches since like 04 and i’ve never seen anything like the mystery surrounding this release.

    1. Yeah, Id assume at least two days before hand similar to the Rezound or something. If its the 8th or 9th, we should get some notice on the 6th or 7th. Basically: we won’t know until its right about time to release it. 

    2. There was mystery surrounding the Bionic and Rezound.  If the Nexus does come out this week I would think Verizon would say something on Wednesday or Thursday after their web sale ends. 

  12. I can also display mine and it’s not for sale so this store isn’t special.

    1. liek OMG!!!11!! u r so kewl!!1!!!1!

      1. Thank you very much.

  13. Played with these on Saturday. The back cover is kinda flimsy/shadey. I’m a little concerned.

    1. The back cover doesn’t have to be stiff, because the structural integrity is provided by the phone body. The cover, only has to cover. The plastic used is resilient to bending.

      (Solid metal-everything as “premium” is not the answer)

      1. That’s fine and all. If you go and look where the camera shows through the back cover you’ll see that it’s not flush with the back. Meaning you can squeeze it and see it flex by noticing the gap between the camera and cover shrink and grow. I’m not worried it will break or give, just that it isn’t “perfect” which I really wanted it to be. The guy in the store told me it was a pre-production model so I’m hoping it’s not final.

        Summary: The display models had a back cover that wasn’t flush with the rest of the Nexus body and camera.

  14. At the rate Verizon’s moving I’ll have a phone running ICS before they do. As the pace of porting continues I keep thinking Verizon screwed Samsung by delaying release of the phone. Guess it took VZW an extra month to figure out how to load it up with bloatware.

    1. Go troll elsewhere. I’m so tired of hearing people complain about two apps and a Verizon logo. If you don’t like it don’t get it. Done. Now shut up.

      1. agreed. Besides, once you root, you can easily freeze bloatware, and it wont be an issue anymore… even though i dont like bloatware either, i dont think its a deal breaker

        1. I’m pretty sure in ICS you can freeze apps without being rooted. So that’s another reason people should quit complaining. Rooting would allow you to completely uninstall it though I assume.

  15. I don’t think I care about the galaxy nexus anymore… Yet I still read all the articles pertaining to it.

    1. I too am becoming a bit underwhelmed by this.  I could easily wait another month or 2 and get something either better, or something that’s equivalent to this and that comes with a µSD card slot and µHDMI out.

  16. So…. I propose, if this doesnt come out the 8th, I’m arming myself to the teeth with enough firepower to coup d’etat a small country, and raiding this store… Who’s with me?

  17. If units don’t start arriving tomorrow this phone is not coming out on the 8th

  18. I’m pretty sure i saw one yesterday at bestbuy but they were closing so i couldn’t make sure

  19. I played with it yesterday for 15 minutes at Samsung Experience and it is awesome! One of the reps there has the GSM version and their is a noticeable difference in thickness compared to Verizon’s version. It feels premium quality despite its weight. Ykuvguys are gonna love it. I’m frustrated about the wait too but man that thing is sweet!

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