AT&T Has Original Motorola Lapdock for Atrix on Sale at $50


Though most agreed that Motorola’s Webtop technology was one of the cooler things to emerge out of last year’s CES, the high price of accessories such as a Lapdock priced close to $500 kept many consumers from buying in. With an expanded lineup of Webtop-enabled phones and a new Lapdock range and adapted pricing on the way from Motorola, the original has seen a steep discount to a reasonable $50 when purchased through AT&T. That is a price more in line with what everyone had expected when the Lapdock concept was first announced. The site lists only the Atrix as compatible with the older model, though it might be worth further investigation to see if the device will also work with other handsets such as the Photon 4G on Sprint.

[AT&T via AndroidForums]

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  1. Too little too late.

  2. Unfortunately, the Photon 4G’s HDMI and Micro USB ports are switched when compared to the Atrix.

    But, fortunately, the fellows at XDA have found a way around that:

    1. I went ahead and picked one up. For $50, I’d say it’s worth it. My Cr-48 has been having weird wireless issues lately, so hopefully this will replace that :)

  3. REALLY Easy to make it work with the Photon.  The connectors can be easily switched and hopefully flipped (for the bionic).

    I’m looking for confirmation that it is that easy to modify it for the Bionic.

  4. anyway this can work with the evo? 

  5. You may be able to get it cheaper with the 25% discount on accessories ATT is offering.  so $37.50 instead of $50. 

    UPDATE: I’ve not been able to find one that works…It was worth a try.

    1. what is the Promo Code.  Also to use the Lapdock the user must have a 4GB data plan with tethering.

      1. Sorry,  Wasn’t able to find one that worked. 

        I used the 25% off for the $99 Entertainment package (Keyboard, mouse, dock) and it worked so I got that for around $75, shipped. 

        I was hoping it would work with this as well.  The data plan is not a requirment to purchase, (It may automatically apply once you hook up your phone, but someone said it only applies if you use the full firefox browser, but I can’t remember which forum I read that in.)

  6. I grabbed one too for that price. Cheap toy to play with.

  7. When I got to the site and saw the $50 price i clicked on it and it turned into $99. I talked with someone on the site they said the $50 price is a mistake and that it is actually $99.

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