Verizon Continues to Prep Site for Galaxy Nexus Launch, Hi-Res Image Uploaded


A couple days back a user YTram over at Android Forums uncovered new images of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus stored away in the backend of Verizon’s site. In his continued search for new info on the upcoming handset he has found yet another, this time a hi-res press shot (click to get an even bigger view) giving us a full-frontal look at G-Nex. Worth noting is that the header associated with the file logs a last-modified date of December 1st, showing that Verizon is actively preparing for the eventual announcement of the phone’s release date. The latest rumors put the Galaxy Nexus’ launch date towards the end of next week, and we have heard no information in recent days to say this isn’t still the case.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. Feed me

  2. Boy would I like to win this phone.. 

  3. I can’t wait; my b-day is on Dec. 6 make it happen big V

  4. Hopefully it does come out next week.

  5. I just ordered the unlocked one, I bet it gets here before the Verizon ass hats announce theirs.

    1. Probably spent 150 more than everyone too that’s willing to pay full retail and you pay 150 for 3 days of exclusiveness? Way to go man

      1. he payed $150 to get a real nexus. not some carrier branded “bloat ridden” galaxy running stock android. that being said i will be getting the verizon version, throwing a gsm back cover on it, rooting it, and uninstalling all of verizons apps day one.

        1. your not smart 2 apps that can actually be usefull is “bloat ridden” ya i think ill save 150 for 2 apps but hey its your money

          1. It’s not about them being useful or not, they could be the best apps ever. It’s about Verizon delaying updates over them.

  6. New rumors are flying that Verizon will not allow the Samsung Galaxy Nexus support Google Wallet.  That could be a deal breaker…

    1. Seems fishy to me. There’s been a million rumors surrounding this phone, most have so far been untrue. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for Google to strike that feature from their newest dev phone.

      Worst case I’m sure it can be hacked to work if things really are that lame.

    2. I thought Sprint had the exclusivity for Google Wallet?

  7. Sounds like

  8. Sounds like something root will fix.

  9. Google wallet its a horrible idea. Take it from an IT Security professional. It’s easily hacked and not safe at all. I will Never use it. I warned you!

    1. Joe, in the future, you should put “professional” in quotes.  Was your great great great great grandfather a navigation “professional”n who warned people not to travel too far by boat because the earth was flat and they could fall off?

      1. Guessing he went to DeVry or something too and skipped the English courses. If Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, hundreds of banks, etc. are safe, then Google Wallet is safe. Of course, safe is also relative, but I’m willing to bet it’s safer with Google than many of the other companies. Now if it were Sony Wallet then that would be a completely different story…

    2. I sat through a presentation on Google Wallet and thought it was pretty cool.  The fact that your credit card information is stored on a NXP PN65K chip which supposidly is a “secure element” that is isolated from the OS and the hardware sounds decent.  Memory protection isn’t all that easy to get by.  Google Wallet also requires a 4 digit pin which is the only way to transmit payment credentials.  Suppposedly only the Google Wallet app can access the data.  But this is Android and there is an excellent chance that hackers will find a way to compromise the data on that chip.    

    3. how is putting money on a gift card a horrible idea cuz basically right now thats how it works and if anything does happen to your money you contact google and get your shit back and right now you cant even use google wallet on your phone unless you hack it on the device

  10. Verizon rep told me Dec 14th when i went in to the store today

    1. And another said the 9th so lets just wait to see what the big dogs say on Monday which I’m sure it will be confirmed

      1. And another, but from *611 and he actually knows its the best phone to get, says it probably won’t show till the week of the 19th.

    2. And one says the 8th, one says the 9th, one says 11th, and the one I talked to last night had no idea what a Galaxy Nexus was… never heard of it…  They are mostly in the dark, have no idea what they are talking about, and just want to sell you a phone that they have in the store…

  11. Good way to end the week… I’m hoping Phandroid posts more Nexus news over the weekend as the gnex gets closer to rumored release date next week (please god let it be true)

  12. Was excited about this phone but camera suck compared to other phones and is taking way to long to get released the more i wait the more i find things i don’t like about it. GPU isnt the best they didnt use the samsung cpu. Some standard they are setting for other phones when there other phones better then it that came out before this phone is even being released.(Droid Razr)

    1. i wont buy into arguing with someone like you about whos phone is better… however, I will say, its pretty subjective, dude… and its just a phone. relax.. there is more to life. 

      1. More to life?  Than a phone?!  Are you pulling our collective legs on this one?

    2. Cpu = one of the best performing ones released to date. and they are setting the standard… When have you heard of a standard that is above all the others? That’s like saying your not impressed with the release of a “standard” car because its not a Ferrari. Samsung also probably wasn’t allowed to put their own chip in as you remember that Google partnered with TI for the processor of choice for ICS. Dunno about the camera as I have purposely cut myself off from Galaxy Nexus reviews. Don’t want to stare at some lucky bastard play with the phone I want….

    3. The reasoning they used that CPU is because 95%of all smartphones use that CPU which in turn means that every game will work and be developed for that old CPU you talk about…..another thing is this phine will do everything that any phone does but better because its not being bogged down by skins….by all means buy the rzor but don’t be misinformed, as I understand that tech junkies need the latest and greatest but that CPU will hold up and believe it or not it was a good decson to go with it because like I sàid every smartphone game dev will developed for this CPU because the most amount of people have it

      1. The bionic is realy fast it has the same CPU as the Razr The Nexus has a better CPU than both and is underclocked so when it gets clocked to its full 1.5 potential woooooooooooo!!!!!

        1. its “full potential” is probably closer to 1.8 or 2ghz

      2. Actually the Nexus’s CPU is the newest OMAP chip on the market…released in the 4th Quarter of this year. (ie. within the last few months).

      3. why are people saying this is an old cpu and then saying they are going to get a razor instead? The razors cpu is older than the nexus’

    4. The Razr blows!

    5. “but camera suck”?  Really?  One person did an article directly comparing the camera, both images and video, to the iPhone 4s camera.  He showed the images side by side and showed video from both.  He was of the opinion that the Nexus camera produced the better shots and video.  Just becuase its 5 mp does not mean it sucks.  Unless you are going to blow the image up to an 8X10 and print it out, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a 5 mp camera and a 8 mp camera.  Ignorance is bliss I guess.

      1. I saw a Nexus/iPhone 4S camera comparison. I hate to say it but the Nexus colors were very drab compared to the 4S. A little disappointing. The reviewer did give praise about Nexus’s zero lag shutter response. That’s pretty cool.

      2. the camera is awesome but in low light situations where most of us use the phones damn near 99% of reviews say the camera is not that good is more average than anything. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

        1. “In low light situations where most of us use the phones”… ???  I suppose it’s not very bright under that bridge…

    6. o no, another Dumb F comment on phone camera. let me guess, you think MP = better and clearer picture. 

      1. I know its not but i saw the sample pix and they suck

    7. I would much rather be able to instantly snap a picture that is great instead of one that is a little better but takes 3 seconds to focus… And I have the Razr now, and it is definitely not better than the GN. Last gen processor, lackluster gaming performance, and Blur. But yeah, it’s thin I guess.

    8. dude do you really need a better camera than 5 mp that records in 1080p? the nexus actually has one of the best cameras on any phone because of its short shutter lag, but either way why does the camera quality matter that much to you on a phone. also the phone has a dual core processor, is that not enough for you? if you want go with the ugly razr with its tinged screen that runs so hot it will melt the skin on your palm

  13. Rogvj you make absolutely no sense. I have been the network security auditor for Key bank for 7 years. And I didn’t go to college but my salary is plenty without a worthless degree. Certs are where its at in IT, not the name of school you partied at. Have fun with this sub-par phone gentlemen! (hurry and make comments about how you understand how network security works, so you can school me)

    1. Hence the saying opinions are like @ssholes. Everyone has one.

      And here is why most sites on the internet are getting hacked today. Not only poor system administration and well sh!tty network security personnel who like to school people on other things other than network security. First don’t assume you know everything, once you do that’s when things go terribly wrong for you. Second this is a blog site, not NYTimes. Worry more about what you write vs what other people are writing and third if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Is that simple. And like I stated in the beginning, I have an @sshole too so you can bash my opinion all you want. You’ll just be admitting the fact that I’m right.

    2. Since you think this is a “sub-par phone” what would you consider a great phone?    

    3. I’d like to know your great phone, too…  Considering sub-par would mean below average, I don’t see how such a knowledgeable guy like yourself would think the GN is anything less than top 10% of current phones.  It may not be THE BEST in your opinion, which is fine, but sub-par?!  Really?!

  14. Wow, I didn’t know Google wallet had nothing to do with network security (wonder how they make sure sensitive info isn’t stolen while traveling over network). My bad you’re right, Be happy! You won this argument!

  15. CONFIRMED!!!!  I just left my local Verizon store and I asked the salesman to show me the new Galaxy Nexus and…. he led me over to the area where all the phones are on display…. and…. started down the line, reading the names of all the phones, then looked back at me and I nodded and said “Galaxy Nexus”, he looked at his phones again, puzzled.  Then he tells me he doesn’t think they are getting any more phones before the end of the year… SO IT’S CONFIRMED… that there is no such thing as the Galaxy Nexus!!!  Because this guy is obviously smart and he’s a Verizon store rep, which means everything they say is law!  So everyone post new articles, it’s CONFIRMED… this guy is an rtard and anyone who posts that their local Verizon rep knows anything about the release is too.

  16. Brian, I agree with what you said. It is very secure, but any good hacker knows anything that can be coded, can be UN-coded. I wish wallet the best, but it is no more secure than any other hashed data.

  17. That is a sexy ass phone. Everything I could ask for in the looks department. If ATT gets this, please for the love of all that is holy, don’t put any branding on the front of it. 

  18. Got razr and love it. The blur its great, zero lag. and as far as gaming on a phone……..yeah guess I need more free time before I worry about gaming, especially on my phone. Battery laying me 13 hours. Not saying its better then the gn but can’t see a reason to buy the gn over this phone yet….better gaming? LOL

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